A Voice For Animals

Lyricist – Author, Poet Suzanne Mondoux – SONGS / POEMS OF THE DAY June 2020

1 June 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Jealousy   Watch out for those thorns you put in your side Carry your wounds in your back pocket They are your own, and no others This was the making of your own jealousy You rose and then you fell, all to sudden   You watched as […] Read more»


27 APRIL 2020 BLOG 20 The day I had come to truly understand this, I changed my language – how I used words, what I said to myself, and others, immediately. For example, instead of saying ‘I don’t want to be poor’ which is where my focus, where my energy was vibrating – that’s where […] Read more»

27 April 2020 Blog 3 – Let Go and Let God…And Then What? continue Chapter 1 …and then nothing

A couple months before writing this book, I chatted with my friend Kath who took a job I thought would be offered to me. Kath had turned down this position because she had extended her existing contract. I was recommended for the position. I travelled to the country of Georgia. I met everyone. Every day […] Read more»

A Voice for Animals

To all the young girls out there — there are many dreams to dream and many outcomes. How can you find your way through all the school homework, the bullying, the crying and fighting with your friends? What do you want to know about the world beyond your backyard, your parents fighting, and sometimes hurting […] Read more»