A Voice For Animals

A Voice for Animals

To all the young girls out there — there are many dreams to dream and many outcomes. How can you find your way through all the school homework, the bullying, the crying and fighting with your friends? What do you want to know about the world beyond your backyard, your parents fighting, and sometimes hurting you with their words or their fist? Where do you see yourself going tomorrow, tonight and in one year from now? How do you know you are making the right decision about anything?


I chose to answer those questions for myself in many different ways. Sometimes I would watch ants works for hours on end. I would listen to the birds in the back yard and talk to my cats about every thing. I watched how other peopled lived, how they did not live and how they made others happy and made some cry. I let myself be influenced in good and back ways. I let myself hurt others and never apologized to them. I wondered why I was stupid and others were smart. Why them and not me? What was special about them? I believed I deserved every bad thing that came my way. I believed I was never going to be happy or know love. I believed many things that were not true.


When I was a girl I scribbled stories here and there. I didn’t know what I was writing about or who I was writing too and why I was writing it. I just did it then. I had a curiosity for many things. I dreamed of being an explorer. I dreamed of being a veterinarian because I loved animals and their well-being in every possible way – and I love them still! But I never became a veterinarian because I was told I was stupid, I was not smart enough to go to university or do anything like that. I believed it! I believed it all! So I found my way towards this and that, here and there looking to fit in anything remotely close to what my heart was yearning for. I went to college and I graduated with a Masters degree at university. I was laughed at and criticized along the way by those I worked with and trusted to teach. I learned exactly how not to be and what not to do. They were great teachers.


So, throughout all my decisions that lead me to where I am today I am still growing and learning. I am proud to call myself a writer, to be A Voice for Animals.


You too can be whatever you want to be. Begin by believing in yourself no matter how untrue this feels at first. There is no secret recipe out there for those you believe have it all. They too have their story to tell and no doubt have worked for everything they have in their life, and I don’t just mean the nice car and the nice house. I mean, what they have in their heart, what they choose to connect with every day, every moment of their life. Their authentic self, without fear of judgement but with trust and belief that this is the best way forward for them. To want goodness in your life you must be goodness. Be what you crave. Give what you desire. Love those you hate. Respect yourself always! Respect other always!


As I said earlier, I poured my heart and soul out to the beautiful Animal Beings in my life. I am many wonderful things because of all the people in my life and all the amazing Animal Beings I have had the honour of meeting. I am a writer today because I made the decision to believe I am a writer and to ‘just’ write. I will and am forever grateful to my high school teacher whom I’ve had the pleasure of saying ‘thank you’ for believing in me then. I shared with him my poems. He knew before me I was a writer. Thank you again.


Find such people in your life that you do not yet see or know yet that are there supporting you. Thank those people in your life who are telling you ‘you can’t!’ They are only reinforcing ‘You Can!’


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