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Lyricist – Author, Poet Suzanne Mondoux – SONGS / POEMS OF THE DAY June 2020

1 June 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Jealousy
Watch out for those thorns you put in your side
Carry your wounds in your back pocket
They are your own, and no others
This was the making of your own jealousy
You rose and then you fell, all to sudden
You watched as others got to where you wanted to be
Enraged with jealousy you stumbled and fell
The change was too much to bear
In a jealous fit you sought revenge
That day you rose to nothing
You saw the world as mad and unfair
Jealousy is your friend and comfort today, and for days to come
Jealousy is your companion to all that will fall around you
You need a break from yourself to get out of your own way
Free yourself from this jealousy and see it for what it is
Hmm, is that what you see
Your fear, your inner sadness to what you’ve created in your world
Take a breath, be your own way to where you want to be in this moment
Light up your own life, free from all jealousy
Jealousy is your friend today, use it wisely
It’s a fine line you walk in the midst of this jealous endeavour
Taken away from what you believe
Better yet, go where there is knowing, bask in the comfort of knowing
Jealousy is your friend in this, feel the contrast
You can choose wisely, only by feeling
Jealousy is your friend if you choose wisely
Hmm, Whoa, Whoa,
Hmm, now what do you see
Hmm, now what do you feel
Suzanne Mondoux
1 June 2020

2 June 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Fancy Face
Hey you, ya you, little fancy face on the sideline
Come out from where you are and sing with me
Come out from where you are and dance with me
Get those little feet tapping and your voice out in the crowd
Fancy face so wise and silent, I see you, so nice
You’ve taken all you can and come so far, come dance and sing with me
Let those things go, just for today
Fancy face you’ve paid your dues to society
You’ve paid your dues to you
Whoa, La, La, La, La
Whoa, La, La, La, La
Hmm, Fancy face in the crowd of one
No more in handcuffs, no more chains around your feet
Oh fancy face, look around, the world is at your feet
It’s a new day for you, so it’s a new day for me
You rejoice, I rejoice, we all rejoice
You made a new friend today
Fancy face so melancholy once
Now look at you, writing quill in one hand, your heart in the other
Your words glide, you dropped all shoulds and must
All doubts gone
All heart fancy face
Whoa, La, La, La, La
Whoa, La, La, La, La
Hmm, Fancy face in the crowd of one
No more in handcuffs, no more chains around your feet
Oh fancy face, look around, the world is at your feet
All heart fancy face
Hmm, La, La, La
Fancy face
Suzanne Mondoux
2 June 2020

3 June 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Food Chain
Filling the space of time with logic
What goes up, must come down
Bigger eats smaller, or something like that
Stronger dominates the weak, or something like that
Where am I in the grand scheme of this world
I’m afraid of what’s below me
I’m afraid of what’s above me
Which part of the food chain am I
What part do I play in the food chain
What am I to the food chain
Is my life that linear, am I truly linked from one to another
Is life so defined by the arrows showing the flow of thing, showing my flow
Does this food chain cause me to step out of line
What happens when I do
Does the structure collapse
Do we starve
Food chain, a human invention
Design by default for understanding, for making sense of something
For making sense of something not linear in nature, by nature
So complex the heart of humans, so fearful to knowing
What lies in these discoveries, what chants to us what we can’t see
Food chain of heaven and earth, one way or the other
Life for life, is this so
Is this so in all forms of life
It’s a beautiful day to know food without chains
It’s a magnificent day to know life without chains
It’s a splendid day to know love without chains
How easy to understand this food chain of life
What wonder it brings to big and the small
What clarity it brings to strong and the weak
Climb your highest mountain one chain link to the next
Take life when you need
Give life when you know
Is this food chain too simple it gets confused with complexity
Which arrow do I follow, which arrow shows me where I’m to flow
Which life do I take today
What do I give to life today
Suzanne Mondoux
3 June 2020

4 June 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Generations
What is there to say about this generation of the world we love
Is it tearing itself apart from all that is good and kind
Are we a fading dream of humanity in the world we created
Do we listen to each other or is this a fading dream
In whose defense do we stand for and look to what we want
I’m just one human of this generation trying to live for me and you
In a memory I’ve created for a world we can hold hands
What is said about the love we destroy for wants and rights
I’m just one human of this generation grasping onto to my dream
Can this be so this life we created for one another
Man, woman and child of this generation let go the shots between us
Oh what on earth have we done to this generation
Oh what on earth have we forgotten for our future generations
Generations will look back at us and say what
Do we bow our heads is shame or in honour
I’m just one human of this generation remembering the love of me and for you
But to my shame and my regret I am not perfect in humanity
I’m wearing my heart on my sleeve for you and me, to love one another
Can this be so, we bow our head in honour to the generations to come
Or are we fools to remain far from glory
Do we speak of the good of humanity, what we know is good
Can we show the generations to come the good in you and me, we know exist
We know what lives in our hearts that desires to be seen, no matter the fears
Dismantle this fear, lets love openly, lets love for love of life
No need to walk so fast in fear of what we imagine will come down on our heads
Generations to come, forgive us for we know not what we are truly made of
Generations to come, love us for all that we came to be, for seeking love for one another
Generations to come, we bow to you in honour
Suzanne Mondoux
4 June 2020

5 June 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Whispered I love You
It was but one kiss on a summer night
You and me on beach, I was in heaven
Naked under the stars you smiled at me
Ooh, Ooh, Hmm, Hmm
You know what I like about you my love
No matter darling, you smiled
I kissed you for a long time
Too many words darling, you smiled
You whispered in my ear, I love you
Ooh, Ooh, Hmm, Hmm
The whisper of my life, I love you darling
I kissed you even longer, for the rest of my life
Whispered I love you, hmm, La, La, La, music to my ears
Whoa, La, La, La, Hmm, La, La, La, La, La, La
Hmm, whisper to me again
It was but one night for the rest of my days
So much in love, so much alive
You carried my heart so tenderly, like a whisper I floated
Whisper of love carried me away
Whispered I love you, hmm, La, La, La, music to my ears
You’re my creator, how life grew in me for you, with you
A whisper of love is all it took to find me, to know me
I walk in your footsteps to know you
I stand beside you to love you
I whisper I love you to shine
Ooh, Ooh, Hmm, Hmm
The whisper of my life, I love you darling
I kissed you even longer, for the rest of my life
You always looked my way
Hmm, how wonderful your love in my heart
Whispered I love you, hmm, La, La, La, music to my ears
Whoa, La, La, La, Hmm, La, La, La, La, La, La
Hmm, whisper to me again
Suzanne Mondoux
5 June 2020

6 June 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Interview with my Vampire
It was a dark night, no moon, no stars, all alone
Only my vampire to accompany me into the night
So quiet he was, so lovely his smile
His gentle touch full of life, he took me in his arms
He questioned my existence, he asked me why
So calm his words, such delight his scent
He seduced me into my reciting the accounts of my life
I left nothing untouched
Interview with my vampire on this night
He held me close to a single heart felt light
I was light as a feather in his arms
Hearing my story he took my life
A moment
Hmm, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa
Hmm, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa
Interview with my vampire, my only audience
A single soul to witness me
A moment with the keeper of my life
A divine friend at my side
A sensual knowing to feeling my existence
Hmm, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa
Hmm, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa
Interview with my vampire is near its end
The glow of dawn is soon upon us
Gently my feet touch the ground
He walks with me into the sunlight
Suzanne Mondoux
6 June 2020

7 June 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – This Feels Really Good

Wow, the wind in my hair and the sand between my toes
What a life, this feels really good
Life on the beach and the wind in my sail, oh what a life
This feels really good
Come join me and see what I mean, let your hair down
Sing with the whales
Oh ya, Whoa, Whoa, Oh ya, hmm,
La, La, La,
This feels really good
This sooths my soul
Crashing waves and birds songs
Oh what a life this is
This feels really good
No more fools to say what’s so
I could have had this life a long time ago
No looking back, no regrets
I’m on my beach with the sun on my face and the sea air in my lungs
Oh what a life, this feels so good
Oh ya, Whoa, Whoa, Oh, ya
I sit on the rocks with my guitar and sing along
I sing along with the birds and the whales
Oh what a life, this feels so good
Hmm, Hmm, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa
I sing with the ebb and flow of life
How sweet this is, it feels so good
A life well lived, I’ve come to see
I’ve come to know and feel so well
This feels really good to be in the swing of life
This sooths my soul
Crashing waves and birds songs
Oh what a life this is
This feels really good
Suzanne Mondoux
7 June 2020

8 June 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Cradle
What’s this balance I search for
Rocking left to right, front and back
Is there a middle, is there an end
I come to find I cradle
A starting place, to stand from, to hang from
I support myself within a protective frame
A planning device sought in the fabric of life
My cradle, I hold myself carefully
I put my body in the safety of my own hands
I’m to nurture myself
My soiled life, I wash my soul
I’ve disgraced myself
Hmm, whoa, whoa, whoa
Hmm, whoa, whoa, whoa
Cradle of life in a place with no sun, moon, or stars
I rest my head on the lap of my God
I seek forgiveness that’s nowhere to be found
Cradled in the hand of my God, I withstand the silence
Hmm, whoa, whoa, whoa
Hmm, Oh, Hmm, Oh, so loud my silence
Cradled so far from home, I stand naked all alone
My soul exposed, all to see and poke
No where to hide, no where to turn
Cradled so far from me
I’m to nurture myself, it seems
I’m to put me in the safety of my own hands
I cradle to ease my pain
So tight this corner I’ve made for me
I seek my own love
I feel God’s hand, my hand it seems
So gentle my touch, my hand cradles my heart
Hmm, whoa, whoa, whoa
Hmm, Oh, Hmm, Oh, with ease I’m in my silence
Suzanne Mondoux
8 June 2020

9 June 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Landslide
I hold myself in the vision of where I’ll land
I listen to the rustling of the trees for what I want to learn
So fast this life from years to years
How is it we live day to day instead
My finest hour was the landslide of what was said and done
So fine this moment to so love you
All came crumbling down on you and me
It was a very fine day
All light soaked in sorrow and doubt
Our landslide moment to me and you
Hmm, so grand this day, never to forget
Are you ready to cease all sleep and dig our bodies out of this mess
This is no party, this is shaking it up instead to rise out of our ashes
Hmm, so grand this landslide moment of our life
Hmm, Whoa, Whoa, Hmm
Reach high, scratch your way out, do what you must
Keep that fire in your gut, seek for no freedom
This is a tricky place we find you and me
Buried deep beneath the rubble of painful words
So we cried, so what, what a moment
Hmm, so grand our landslide, Hmm, Whoa
Too deep to reach in and remove us from us
This world filled with so many of us
Together we crouch in our wreckage
Ruined forever in this mess
Hmm, so grand this landslide moment of our life
Fragments remain and rough stones filled the space
Hmm, so grand this landslide moment of our life
So our dream has come true
Real to each other, no more painful words
Hmm, so grand this landslide moment of our life
Suzanne Mondoux
9 June 2020

2nd song 9 June 2020  – for Roger T.
A soul of troubles

When a soul of troubles lingers in the shadows so life begins to its end
Yet a single moment can bring a change to a wondering man seeking what was once his
How soon this can be – so close they say and yet so far

Hmm, hmm, whoa, whoa
A Wandering soul that seems to know where it goes
The fans shout out, but the light dim to one onlooker
The soul of troubles, the wanderer
Catch me in the sound of drums
Bing bang so silent the captured moment

Hmm, whoa, whoa, ha, hmm
In so a temptation to consume my soul away
Someone holds me close to some sense of sensibility
For a time all is fine
For a life all is pain

A soul of troubles
My friend so long gone
I cry for him
Alone, hmm, I cry for him
A soul of troubles
Take me home my friend

She’s a new friend, yet familiar
Together the old and the new
How to see as one
So fine I found her
Someone else all new and yet familiar

A soul of troubles
Bless me this night for my consumption, I’ll leave for just a moment, for a new blissful feeling of a soul of troubles
Hmm, ya, Hmm, whoa, whoa

A soul of troubles

For you my friend
Suzanne Mondoux
9 June 2020
My birthday- but for you

10 June 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Landscape
It can happen to me, it can happen to you
Hmm, oh what a story I’ve created for the sake of love
For the sake of hiding my shame, to rise from a place I know no more
All visible features no longer appealing
Can I alter the landscape of my life
Is the design set in stone, any room for ornamental features
Any room for beauty
In the manner in which my landscape is set
Can I turn the page to a wider and higher prospect
All I want to do is ride away from here
No more broken heart, broken life
Look out for me, I’m all around
So vast the scene of my existence
Scenery of such a landscape, loosing all control
Ya, scenery of a broken life, hmm, ya, hmm
A painting in your view, so fine the lines
Hmm, a landscape to avoid, a general situation easily found
Hmm, whoa, ya, hmm, look out for such a place
The range of mental anguish is vast and wide
Hmm, dare to explore, hmm, whoa, watch where you step
I may have no soul for such a place
This landscape is no place for the faint of heart
Beware where you tread, so easily I can find you here
Hmm, ya, look out for the horizontal lines of this landscape
Make this land look better with fine stroke of your brush
Hmm, whoa, whoa, ya, can I start over, a blank canvas
The collection of forms, imprint of society, which group do I belong
So descriptive, impressionistic, and abstract, I’m lost in such a landscape
Can I break free from such spatial imprisonment
Am I just fine art, a photograph, or both
Am I cognitive or the observer of the process of this landscape
Hmm, whoa, ya, what of this landscape that keeps me
Suzanne Mondoux
10 June 2020

11 June 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Optimist
I’m a dreamer of the friend in you
Hmm, my friend, I believe in you, I see your light
I’m hopeful of you, despite that needle in your arm
Despite that white line of torment at your fingertips
You’re my friend, my optimist of life
Hmm, my optimist of life, a friend of all friends
I know you are the best of all possible worlds
Even when I found you dead
The good in you came back to life
The good always prevails, no matter your demons
Whoa, Hmm, Hmm, you’re my optimist of life
You want it all to end, but your light shines bright
You’ve come and gone, earth to heaven you seem to travel
The optimist in you refuses to say goodbye
You want to come clean, you shame away
No matter my friend, my optimist of life
Hmm, Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa
You shame away for what seems the only place to look
Oh my friend, my optimist of love, of friendship
Today is a new day, let it be so
Tell me where to find you, heaven or earth
Hmm, Hmm, Whoa, Whoa, La, La, La
Where you decide I hold out my hand
Always my friend, always my optimist of love and life
Your friendship is life
Suzanne Mondoux
11 June 2020

12 June 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – How Come
Take me back to a time where I knew who I was
What happened to the moon, the stars, and the sun
There’s no salt left in the sea
How come the days have changed
How come my reflection is gone
How come the passage of time is but a whisper in space
Where have I been to find myself here
Is this all there is in this space and time
There is no more tomorrow
How come this is so
How come there are no more places to go
How come birds don’t fly anymore
All the ice is melted
There’s too much water but no more ships
There is no more wind
How come flow of life ceased
How come momentum stagnant
How come air suffocates
My galaxy is gone to a far away place
I looked onto its last glimmer of light
So magnificent, such delight
How come no more day and only night
How come all sound silenced
How come the Milky Way fades away
In a place I once knew so well
Where’s my reflection, where’s my footprints
What is this place now my home
How come I seek the wonder where I am
How come I seek to know who I’ve become
How come I fear to know who I am
Suzanne Mondoux
12 June 2020

13 June 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Catch Me
For so long I was all that I could be to me and you
I walked in my shadow into a world unknown
I found joy in what I imagined
I jumped and I caught me
Catch me in the highest falls I caught me
So strong I was in free fall of my life
Catch me is my finest act
I walked on stage into the light
So fine the audience waiting for me
I smiled with delight
Should I stumble and fall
Catch me is reserved just for me
In my free fall like a feather I floated here and there
I look beyond and above to places I never gone
Catch me is reserved just for me should I fall
When I fall I look forward to the day I catch me
No sitting quietly in the days to come
The audience await to witness the grandest show of their life
I look beyond and ahead to a place I know so well
What a splendid moment it will be when I fall and catch me
Trick of the trade is to know ahead where you’ll stumble
Trip and fall with glee and stand on your feet with grace
Catch me is reserved just for this moment of me
I’m reserved just for me in my fallen day for the grandest days
I look ahead and all around to places I once was
I caught me in my free falls, so fine my stumbles
I tripped and fell on many of occasions
Catch me is reserved just for me
Suzanne Mondoux
13 June 2020

14 June 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – What About
Oh ya this ship has sailed, again
Ya I see this now, again
What about a second chance with no looking back
Oh why is this the way for me
What about what’s left in me
I see the shadow of my life
Never have I been free
What about what I want to see
What about what I want to feel
I’ve come and gone so many times I lost count
I charged in so willingly so fearlessly
It’s time to arrive at this one thing called love
Whose loving me no more
What about a second chance at life
What about some answers to my questions
What about the fool you take me for
What about the cracks in floor
I had it once you know
I wasn’t always so alone
I had it all it seems
It seems easily to let it all go
I crashed the car, head on, so easy it was
What about that all to be so easy
What about that ship that sailed
What about that
What about that I ask again
I call out, no one answers
What about this silence
What about this voice in a void
What about this place I find myself
What about that
What about that ship that sailed
Suzanne Mondoux
14 June 2020

15 June 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – What About Love
It’s where I want to be, oh ya my baby
When you turn away you leave me cold
I turn away when they speak of you, my love
So close we were without a doubt
Now it’s an old story
What about love in this story
Does love get old
What’s made this so
What part of me grew too old for you
I’m but a young soul, young at heart
What about love in this part of me, part of you
And when you walk away you never look back
I’m standing there naked and alone on the shores of life
Absent in a place forced to go, to live alone
What about love at the end of our story
Baby there’s no need for an ending in sight
Not long ago I was all you wanted, said you loved me
What happened to our story, what about love
No glimmer of hope for you and me, you say quietly
What about love in this story of you and me
Somewhere in there something remains
Something alive to what was said and done
I love you baby, even when you turn away
All that is you remains with me
Never too old a story, its all about love
What about love in the history of our life
So clumsy at times, so fun at times, so nice at times
It’s always been you and me
For today can we pretend there is no yesterday and no tomorrow
Can we be in this story of love for now
What about love never gets old
What about love like no other for me and you
Suzanne Mondoux
15 June 2020

16 June 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Honeymoon
You’ve never changed your mind
And I remember then so well, you stole my heart
You’re love was crazy, I couldn’t get away from you
I was the happiest fool, it was the start of my honeymoon
I lived such a honeymoon all alone
Here and there you come along
I was so young a fool in love, in my honeymoon of you
So sweet this was, I could see nothing else
I’m gonna grieve you baby, I know this
In my honeymoon of you, so sweet this is
I love you so, ya, hmm, ya, hmm, whoa, ya
It’s such a shame I was so young, I’m gonna grieve you
In my honeymoon of you
I saw you walking down the street
You looked at me, you smiled
I was in my honeymoon of you, I grieved you all over again
You turned and walked away
I’m older now, I’m still in my honeymoon of you
I listened long enough your voice in me
I know it’s time I move on but I still grieve you
I’m in the honeymoon of you
Someone like you doesn’t make it easy to leave
I was so young, I love you, I know I was a like a puppy to you
Yet you stole my heart
I was in my honeymoon of you
I love you so, ya, hmm, ya, hmm, whoa, ya
I see you time to time
I walk away, I’m older now
I still grieve you, my honeymoon of you
I have a wife now
My children ask me about love
I tell them of the honeymoon of you
I see you see me from time to time, and smile
I let the honeymoon of you in me subside
I was so young, I loved you so
Honeymoon of you
Suzanne Mondoux
16 June 2020

17 June 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Smoke
Hey baby come here next me
I swear I don’t sleep around, anymore
I inhale our burning smoke
Smouldering is the grey dusty mist
Be on fire next to me
So lost in the fog without you
Up in smoke is my soul when you’re not next to me
Something blinds me, so obscure this new place
I come find you, I want to inhale your perfume
The burning smoke in my throat, without you
An never did I lie to you
Oh ya my truth so clear
I swear no more truth of me
I’m all yours, no more smoky mirrors to shield the truth
Darken in the light beats me to the core
So lonely without you
I don’t want to run free without you
Oh baby, the burning smoke in my throat
Ashes of my truth, vapours of my truth lingers
My body up in smoke
I’m but a pile of ashes without you
Oh baby, the burning smoke of my truth in my throat
I swear no more losing my temper
Can you please come next to me
Oh baby, the burning smoke of my truth in my throat
I see it does not serve me well
To burn so much, I beg you baby come next to me
My heart is in flames
I’m reduced to ashes without you
Don’t let me smolder alone
Oh baby, the burning smoke of my truth in my throat
There’s no sunshine in this grey glow of my soul
Of what I’ve done to you
I’ve withered away on my own truth
I wanted to be free, and so I am with the burning smoke in my throat
Suzanne Mondoux
17 June 2020

18 June 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Dragonfly

Oh this world gives me so much
In change and meaning of my life
I search for more transformation
It is my source of my understanding
Hmm, I’m the dragonfly in my dreams
In my realization of my world in my dreams
I’m the dragonfly in my dreams
A single meaning, a single change I believed
I was all but a wandering soul until you came along
A sign of an angel to bring me love
Hmm, oh ya, I’m the dragonfly in my dream
I absorb your light, I beg you to shine through me
I’m drawn to you, to me
My dragonfly you remind me to reflect light and love
Hmm, whoa, whoa, ya, my dragonfly
Oh this world gives me so much
Oh this paradise all created just for me
I begin my life in water and end my life near by
So gentle you are, never careless with my touch
I’m the dragonfly in my dream
Never break the skin
Oh this world gives me so much
Oh, Oh, Oh, great gentle creatures of this world
Dive into your emotions for fuller understanding of yourself
Your personal journey as the dragonfly of this great world
Change direction quickly, and fly without any effort
In this beautiful world were creating
I hear you when you’re in my presence
Your life, my life is very short
So when you take the time to be with me I know
I know, hmm, it’s because it’s very short
My dragonfly, I won’t waste your time
I won’t waste my time for this beautiful world we’ve created
I am the master of my way
Others are drawn to you, you remind us of light and love
In a dark world we created into a beautiful world we create
I’m the dragonfly in my dreams to shine through light and love
Hmm, oh, oh, you land on me
Oh, such luck, but love of inspiration
You’re my sign of caution, something my dragonfly is hidden from view
In this world we created, what truth is kept from me and you
We come from water, our life is short, and we return
Hmm, my dragonfly in my dreams
For this beautiful world created for me and you
Suzanne Mondoux
18 June 2020

19 June 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Ride Fast
I ran to you, I ran to you
I was carried by the wind
I had to ride fast to keep up
It was all said and done in a blink of an eye
Ride fast you said, ride like the wind
It was all I could do to keep my feet on the ground
Let your hair down, and ride like the wind
Ride fast into the hills
Ya, it’s what I did, ride fast into the darkness
There was no afterlife after you and me
Cette amour, c’est la fin de moi
Hmm, whoa, whoa, whoa
Ride fast into paradise
A dash of demise with no exit
Remnants of old graves
I saw you standing there
The engine died in silence
The tomb exposed for all to see
Ride fast into eternal rest
I sleep with the others, as you pass over
Carry me away with the parting of what was
Ride fast to the end of our road
I vanish into oblivion
Without a doubt, ride fast you sealed my faith
In the beginning there was light
Coming together the gates of love opened
It was the birth of a new creation
I revved those gears, ride fast was life
From the start to the finish line, all I did was ride fast
Tragedy of this tale
Cette amour, c’est la fin de moi
Hmm, whoa, whoa, whoa
Suzanne Mondoux
19 June 2020

20 June 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Infamous
How well I’m known for my bad quality and deeds
I was wicked to the bone
Deprived of all rights as a consequence of my crimes
Overnight I was infamous, you saw to this
Notorious for such a life I lived
All punishable by serious penalty
Infamous without a doubt
A reputation of the worst kind, you saw to this
The infamous road you set before me
Inflamed with lust you made infamous proposals to me
No near repulsed, I took you in my arms
No matter how shocking
No one would care to be as you and me
Infamous is reserved for a select few
Scandalous affair of the heart
Shameful journey of the lonely
Corruption of the heart
Foul stench of my soul
Heinous my mind
My heart seeks redemption for an infamous soul
A dignified life can be in my line of sight
Glorious is this day
A good, kind, and gentle day
Me, infamous, you saw to this
Defame my image of who I am
Malign me to others, you see to this
Praise me, you assured this never be
Infamous me, commend me for seeing you
I see to this
Suzanne Mondoux
20 June 2020

21 June 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Celestial

It’s so beautiful the day you bring to me
All the glitter of the sun, the moon, and stars
It’s a celestial world you create for me
I love you so in this dreamy world of what all I desire, all is wonderful
For a the sake of simple pleasure and joy, it’s so easy to try
Our world of celestial glory for just today, a wonder of a day
Feel of the wind in my face in place a slap, for taking my life for granted
How much a fool I was in a place of a celestial creation so easy to attain
I’m made from heaven and earth for the sake of a today in this world
It’s meant to be deep in my heart, I feel it so easily
The celestial feeling of turning all round at the speed of light
Catch a falling star, you see it’s so easy
It’s what’s written on the wall, this celestial world for you and me
It’s meant to be that way, all the way in the stormy days
The calm before the storm, clashes of the stars
What glow it gives to our celestial world
Living for today, for a simple day of pleasure, to be free even in its audacity
Look at in straight on, it’s made in heaven and earth for you and me
Take in all your misery for a pure celestial moment of living free
No chance taken, no life taken, no life to give, it’s so plain
Tell you so what’s meant to be in a celestial word
Written in the stars for all to see
All shame and humility expose
Naked before the Gods, for all to see
For you and me, on display, no turning away
Catch a glimpse of this world we’ve created
Shining bright in a celestial glow, a piece of your heart
All to hurt, to kick around, take a brand new kick at life
Kick back and make a brand new start
No soul to give away for free
Make a brand new start in a celestial world created for you and me
Just for you, it’s ok, take what you create and make something of you
You are the celestial world we are waiting for
Suzanne Mondoux
21 June 2020

22 June 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – All It Is

I say take it, it’s a piece of my heart
No one to remind me of all that’s forgotten
Time and time again, all it is is time
What you made of it, what power you struck
What life you gave to days of your time
All it is is a piece of you
Some friends remain, that’s what friends are for
You forget this from time to time
Friends remain, that’s all it is, what you feared you lost
Fear not my friend, no lack of time for us
You saw to your suffering of those days gone by
No matter your pain, what you found ugly, friends remain
All it is is this my friend
All it is for the time that remains
Watch for the signs of the ticking clock of goodbyes
All it is is friends in need of friends
Stay close to them, they’re your home
All it is is remembering the good times
All it is is this life of friendship
To need for love and affection, no shame in this
All it is is a friend in need
You find yourself in the deep end, I put out my hand
Take all your worries and your stress into my hand
Come away from nothingness, knowing only loneliness
All it is is a friend in need
All it is is friendship from time to time
No need to fall so far, say what you need to a friend
All it is is a friend in need
Suzanne Mondoux
22 June 2020

23 June 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – All I Can Take

If I said I loved you would you stay a little longer
What do I need to say for this life to go on
You said you were happy with me
All I can take is that you stay
Tell me what to say, what you need
Why quiet for so long and then you leave
All I can take is nothing less than this
What’s the tragedy that’s causing you to leave
I’ve said and done everything you asked of me
Now you’re leaving me for no one else
Where did I go wrong before this day
All I can take is just one more moment
Nothing to lose by staying for another day
What’s taking you so far away
You stopped smiling so long ago, is it really me
What lies have you told me, what lies have you told yourself
All I can take is the truth you conceal so well
No more hiding in yourself to run away
Did I ever have a chance with you
Was there ever going to be a forever
All I can take is the dream I saved for you and me
Was I foolish to take this further than a dream
All I can take is to wake up to a reality you want for me and you
Sing to me like you used to, all I can take is a whisper of your voice
All I can take you’ve taken away
What’s left in this life so far from you
All I can take is no more tears
You made me smile once
All I can take is the joy of you
Suzanne Mondoux
23 June 2020

25 June 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – So Strong

Oh so strong, sing to me the tale of your story
Of you, skilled in the ways of love, I breath so easily with you
I, a wanderer, believed this my fate to the end of time
After you saw me, oh so strong, I heard you sing, for me
For me, I saw the land from which you came
Weathered by many bitter cold nights
The long lonely days of the recklessness destroyed little bit of sunlight
Oh so strong, sing to me the tale of our story
Of our adventures, fill the air with the greatest song there is
Begin with the day on the steps
Headlong in the mist of destruction
Oh so strong, sing to me of our home, you my love
I cling to the memory of the immortal and most beautiful you
I crave you for my own, no other fills my soul
And when the years and seasons of our life come to an end
At what point in time the trials of our life will glow or shame
Oh so strong, sing to me those loving words of your heart
Tell the Gods to be kind with us, we were so strong
I lingered delighted at the way you sing in the cold and raging sea
Oh so strong, my words carry your tone
Oh so strong, how mortal our tale of love
May the Gods forgive us, heal our afflictions and our failings
The suffering of the heart in a land so far lost
Oh so strong in sight of our doom laying in wait for us
Sent down from the heavens the seal of our fate
In the face of darkness the day has come
No friendly advice, what strange remarks escape the Gods
There is no mortal life to give us hope
Oh so strong you, sing to me the tale of our story
Open the sky and let the Gods fall to their knees
Let them bear witness to your beauty, to our love story
Oh so strong, the mortals of this life
Suzanne Mondoux
25 June 2020

26 June 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Quill
It’s so easy to write words on a page
To let it flow with little meaning
The writer’s quill is but the tool of a writer’s kit
So soft the feather on the spine
Hollow shaft isn’t for hollow words
Careful to the writer of these words
Headliners of spiky words of a spiky reader
Tranquil the folds of the words
The wind threading the sequence of quill
The formation of so many words, with no spine
Quill the writer’s kit
No two the same, no two desires
The writer’s words lead with its passions
Not much to say, but plenty to write about
The quill holds me in my vision of what I want
Of what I want to say, not so easily
Carry me away on the wings of a bird
Giving me a quill to express my new vision
No simple words from hollow shafts
It’s weightless pressure in my hand
The quill of life carries me away
Cramming words on paper
Cramming words in your thoughts
Headliner’s delight, careful of such simple alluring words
Writer’s kit holds no poison
Simple words dripping from a feathering shaft
Add new words to the quill
The magic box of the writer’s kit
Suzanne Mondoux
26 June 2020

26 June 2020 – 2nd Song / Poem of the Day – In My Me

In my me I see what’s meant to be
I go with the flow and feel the way to me
I know what to do in me for this day
Yesterday vanish, today a glow
In my me, I find my way in me
So troubled I used to be, away from me
Hmm, how that felt to be so far away
In the shadow of a never ending day
Hmm, in my me, it was no place to be
Hmm, what a mystery this used to be
In my me, what a clever way to be
In the being of me, in the sight to me
Hmm, what a place to be, a place to see
Now being me, I could not help consenting to me
Being me
So I went down to this depth of my soul
Where I found all of me weeping in despair
Oh, in my me just the way I want to be
My face wet with tears, all I knew was weeping
Oh, in my me, what joy I seek
But tell me now of this place I seek
In my me, when I hear this, my mind screams
We leave you here, when you say these words
Oh, in my me, hmm, fearing my hands at rest
Fearing the rough edges of my tongue speak to me
I found me on the edge of the cliff, sobbing
In the loveliest of mortals I stood before me
In my me, I consent to be me
Feeling the pang I rejoiced
Oh, in my me what pain
I consent to be me
Suzanne Mondoux
26 June 2020

27 June 2020 Song / Poem of the Day – Bay
For so long I waited by the bay for you to come home
The days were short, the nights were long
So lonesome the drifting years apart
I remember your face, you waved goodbye and sailed away
This bay is us you said the night we met
It was our beginning and our end
The worry of life unlived, no wind in my sail
The children are grown, they to sailed away
I watch our sunset every night, I see you smiling in the distance
So close to home, yet so far, we survived most storms
Our last goodbye, a child unborn
This bay is us you said that night
This story told to me so long ago
Mother too has sailed away
My only hope and dream, to know this bay
To know such love
The wind in my sail with salt on my lips
So grand my life you left me
The bay of life, the beauty of its tides
I’ve come and gone
I follow your stars to find my home
I talk to this bay, our story
Of the bay that gives us life
Suzanne Mondoux
27 June 2020

28 June 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Baffled
Tick the box to the way things must be
Do this, do that and all will be right
Don’t do this, don’t do that, you’ll pay the price
Who are these fools creating all these rules
Life is not so hard, do this or that
I’m so baffled when playing this game
One knows this, another knows that
I’m right, they’re wrong
Bla bla la, I’m baffled by this game
The ego puzzle, who wants to play
Lost in the here and there, listen to me, not them
Frustrated by the sound of their voice
I’m baffled at this device they say is needed for life
Stumped at the illusion easily swallowed
And no one notices their choking on just the bits they swallowed
Bewildered at the best of time
Bemused most of the time
Is there any enlightenment in this mess
Watch where you step, there’s lots of it
Take what you must, drop the rest
My baffled little mind in this necessary device of for life
Oh faraway dream world take me away
I’m mystified by this fuzzy world
Baffled my little mind in search of relief
It eludes me
Suzanne Mondoux
28 June 2020

29 June 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Ancient
From a distant past you showed up
Of the early days when I was young, naïve it seems
Taken advantaged of my innocence and good looks
Ancient are those days of simple love
Loveless now it seems
Primal fear I felt when you left me
Consumed by such deceit
Trickery of the heart you were
Leaving nothing but treachery behind
Ancient are those feelings mislead
Ancient is that broken heart
Unable to breath in such duplicity
I was but a young lover, in bloom before you
Such a sham almost carried me away in shame
Ancient are those pains of my soul, my darkest days
Oh how I loved you, that I remember
So long ago, my ancient heart still clings to love
I never forgot, my love was real
I gave it to another
Your ancient love gave me honesty in my life
The honour of my life took away my shame
Funny, I still have love for you
Ancient is my heart for a life once lived
You no longer resemble those days, here before me
Your heart has changed
Ancient are our memories of places we’ve been
However we loved, what we thought was love
I loved once, I was able to love twice
Makes me lucky
Ancient tears watched away
Can I kiss you hello
Suzanne Mondoux
29 June 2020

30 June 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – What Was

What was the point of us, of our story
You and me together always, now it’s ended
What were those words you said to me, you said you meant
Where are they now, what was the truth of them
What was this life you imagined, what was the truth of this
What was done, pales in comparison to what was said
Is this the truth of you, hidden from me
Hidden for you, what was true of you
I close my eyes to the pain I feel
I know your heart, what was it I knew of you
What was it I said so long ago, can only be and do our best
So forgiving such words well meant
A life together in the arms of another
What was forgotten, what was needed
Only yesterday you were in love with me
What was this feeling you let me feel
What was this kiss so lovingly embraced
What was it you let me see
What was this life we lived
Only yesterday you said you loved me
What was the feeling of those words
Tears of joy, no more
What was this love you feel no more
Suzanne Mondoux
30 June 2020