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I Believe I am courageous and an explorer just Carlo and Teddy, two amazing horses



Coloring and Activity Book 1.

The series I Believe is a journey of discovery and gratitude with amazing Animal Beings.

Suzanne Narrates I Believe

Reviewed By Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite REVIEW RATING 5 STARS

I Believe is a children’s animal coloring and activity book written by Suzanne Mondoux and illustrated by Gaetanne Mondoux. Carlo and Teddy were two horses who had each grown up alone. They each believed that they were the only horses in the world. Then one day, they set out from their barns and went exploring. Both of them hoped to discover that there were others just like them, and thought if they searched hard enough that they could find friends. As he explored the hilly countryside, Carlo was astonished to see another horse playing in a stream below him. Carlo was excited and galloped down to meet him. The new horse’s name was Teddy, and he even had a lunch ready for the two of them to share. And just like that, Carlo and Teddy had each found a friend.

Suzanne Mondoux’s book shows kids how sometimes all it takes to end feeling lonely is going outside and looking to find a new friend. This message is particularly important for kids who are naturally more introverted and less likely to have the confidence to go out and make friends. Mondoux’s horses each discovered that their fears about making friends were groundless. And while they had their differences, their friendship came quite easily. Each of Gaetanne Mondoux’s illustrations presents an opportunity for kids to provide the coloring for Carlo and Teddy’s world. The drawings are simple enough for kids to practice coloring within the lines, if they choose, and often the story gives clues about possible color choices for each picture. I especially appreciated the artist’s use of images that artistically inclined kids can use to learn to draw the animals and nature scenes as they see them. Mondoux also introduces maps to new readers, and she includes map-making activities in the back of the book. She also includes Believe affirmations and activities, as well as a motivational 30-day program for kids to work with. I Believe is most highly recommended.