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I Believe I have confidence in myself just like Rocky, the musical dog


Coloring and Activity Book 7.

The series I Believe is a journey of discovery and gratitude with amazing Animal Beings.

Suzanne Narrates Book 7

Reviewed By Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite REVIEW RATING 5 STARS

I Believe – I have confidence in myself just like Rocky, the musical dog, Book 7 is a children’s animal coloring and activity book written by Suzanne Mondoux and illustrated by Gaetanne Mondoux. It was autumn, and Rocky’s first day of school had arrived. As he traveled with his friends, the horses Carlo and Teddy, Rocky wondered what school would be like, and if he would actually be able to become the musician he dreamed of being. As he approached the ranch where he would be studying, he saw a golden mare waiting for him at the gate. Her name was Jojo, and she wanted to know all about Rocky, his experiences and his music. Rocky had been rescued by Sophie, a kind woman who showed him a whole new world filled with other dogs, people and one man in particular who played the guitar and taught Rocky to compose songs and write his own music. Before that, Rocky had grown up in a cage, all alone, and with little to do except compose music in his head. Now, it was time for him to study in school and share his musical gifts at the Winter Festival. Would he have the confidence to do it all?

I Believe addresses several important issues while encouraging kids to create their own music and songs. Rocky’s story is not an unusual one — many companion animals are not given the loving homes they deserve, and rescue workers like Sophie make life-changing differences in their lives. Rocky’s therapy dog visits to the Senior Home help kids get past the graying hair, wrinkles and wheelchairs some older folks depend upon as Rocky and his new friends make music together, and Bob becomes Rocky’s musical mentor and friend. Bob’s passing introduces the subject of loss, and shows that it’s okay to grieve and cry when you lose a friend.

Rocky’s story will also resonate particularly with kids who are nervous about that all-important first day of school. His own positive experiences should serve allay the doubts and fears young readers may be feeling. Gaetanne Mondoux’s illustrations bring Rocky and his horse friends to life, and will inspire kids to be creative in their coloring efforts. The author’s 30-day activity for this book teaches kids how to make music an integral part of their lives. I Believe – I have confidence in myself just like Rocky, the musical dog, Book 7 is most highly recommended.