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I Believe I can learn to draw and paint, just like Sara, the golden mare


Coloring and Activity Book 3.

The series I Believe is a journey of discovery and gratitude with amazing Animal Beings.

Suzanne Narrates Book 3

Reviewed By Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite REVIEW RATING 5 STARS

I Believe – I can learn to draw and paint, just like Sara, the golden mare, Book 3 is a children’s animal coloring and activity book written by Suzanne Mondoux and illustrated by Gaetanne Mondoux. Teddy and Carlo, the adventurous horses, were ready to explore a new part of their world. They unrolled their map and noticed that they were actually near the desert. By the time they arrived there, it was dark, and a gigantic moon shone down upon them. Stars blazed from every part of the sky. They slept soundly that night and awoke with the dawn. As they gazed at the sunrise, they saw a horse’s silhouette that almost seemed to be a part of the sun. She ran wild and free, and clouds of dust gathered as she began running directly towards them. She seemed to be leading a herd of wild horses, and Carlo and Teddy marveled at the sight. The golden mare introduced herself as Sara, and she explained that the horses she traveled with were the Mustangs. They had taken her in and taught her to be an artist like themselves. Sara said she was frightened she wouldn’t be able to draw or paint, that maybe she just wasn’t artistic, but the Mustangs taught her to work hard and practice. All it takes, she said, is a desire to create and a willingness to work at it.

I Believe Book 3 follows the explorer horses, Carlo and Teddy, as they visit the desert. Anyone who’s been fortunate enough to live in or visit the desert knows how magnificent and magical the environment and the desert’s dwellers are, especially the wild horses, reptiles and soaring raptors. Gaetanne Mondoux’s line drawings capture the essence of the desert with its great Saguaro cacti, rattlesnakes and exotic insects. The two horses, in meeting Sara, also discover that they too can be artists like Sara and the Mustangs, and by extension, so can young readers. The follow-the-numbers drawing of a red-tailed hawk is a magical way of showing kids that their actual pencil strokes can result in a picture. That first step, even with the assists, is often all that’s needed to build trust and confidence in one’s abilities. I loved the interactive introduction to color theory for kids as they learn about combining colors and making new ones. Likewise the sketching and painting instructions are spot-on for getting kids excited about art and giving them confidence in their abilities. Teachers and caregivers should consider sharing this book before an art session to get kids excited and ready to create. I Believe Book 3 is most highly recommended.