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I Believe I can learn something new just like Cody, the best dog swimmer


Coloring and Activity Book 5.

The series I Believe is a journey of discovery and gratitude with amazing Animal Beings.

Suzanne Narrates Book 5

Reviewed By Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite REVIEW RATING 5 STARS

I Believe – I can learn something new just like Cody, the best dog swimmer, Book 5 is a children’s animal coloring and activity book written by Suzanne Mondoux and illustrated by Gaetanne Mondoux. Carlo and Teddy were two horses who had become good friends and loved having adventures together. One day as they were walking along, they discovered a line of sand dunes, and beyond them, a vast blue ocean with waves that crashed along the shore. As they ate their lunch and watched the waves, a small dog ran out into the water and began swimming and playing. He seemed to be having such a good time. His name was Cody, and he introduced himself to the two horses after he finished his swim. Cody offered to teach them to swim if they didn’t know how. Teddy was ready to learn, but Carlo wasn’t so sure. Cody soon had them aware of the swimming safety rules and, before they knew it, Teddy and Carlo were happily swimming in the waves.

I Believe challenges kids to explore their world and learn about those things that interest them. In the activity section of the book, Mondoux and Cody suggest writing those things down in a list and then spending the next 30 days learning about one of those interesting things or activities each day. Swimming is probably my favorite outdoor activity, and I loved how well Cody introduces the basic swimming safety rules for outdoor swimming. This book sends kids the message that there is never a reason to feel embarrassed about not knowing how to do something — just believe in yourself and learn about what interests you. It also impresses on younger children that animals are real and have personalities, feelings and interests, just like people do. Gaetanne Mondoux’s maritime-themed illustrations had me wistfully imagining a day at the beach. Her illustrations are perfectly designed for coloring and will tempt those interested in art to try their own sketches of Cody, Carlo and Teddy. I Believe is most highly recommended.