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I Believe I can be thankful and grateful every day for one thing in my life, just like Carlo and Teddy and all their friends at the ranch


Coloring and Activity Book 10.

The series I Believe is a journey of discovery and gratitude with amazing Animal Beings.

Suzanne Narrates Book 10

Reviewed By Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite REVIEW RATING 5 STARS

I Believe – I can be thankful and grateful every day for one thing in my life, just like Carlo and Teddy and all their friends at the ranch, Book 10 is a children’s animal coloring and activity book written by Suzanne Mondoux and illustrated by Gaetanne Mondoux. When Carlo and Teddy woke up early that morning, they were surprised to see that there was snow on the ground, even though it was not yet Halloween. The two horses looked out at the landscape and marvelled at the contrasts of the bright colors of the fall leaves and the crisp whiteness of the newly fallen snow. Except for those bright oranges, reds and yellows, the world seemed blanketed in pristine white, even the sky. But it was time to get up. The four mice who lived in the loft above heard Carlo and Teddy and came down to join them. They listened as the two horses looked at the map they had drawn of their adventures. Carlo and Teddy had had such good times together, and they were looking forward to even more. Soon, ten-year old Paul and Suzie joined them, and Sparky, Lulu and Baxter. Even Cody left his beloved beach to be there — for today was the day of the Harvest Fest. It was also a good day for everyone to consider all the good things in their lives, and how grateful they were to be together at the ranch.

In Suzanne Mondoux’s I Believe Book 10, young readers have the opportunity to see all the amazing animals and people who live at or near the ranch, as they reflect on their lives and their hopes for the future. Suzie’s statements about what really matters resonated quite strongly with me, and will no doubt affect young readers and their caregivers as well. Paul’s statements, however, seemed to cap, for me, the underlying message of this series – that we are all, animals and humans, beings with fears, hopes, dreams and feelings. Each of the animals in this series learned and grew as they experienced challenges, and their examples help kids do likewise. This book includes a marvelous and motivational statement of beliefs, and Mondoux’s 60-day Gratitude Challenge will make the simple task of finding one thing each day to be grateful for into an automatic and life-altering practice. Gaetanne Mondoux’s line drawings fit the story so well, and impart an interactive feel to this festive book. I Believe Book 10 is most highly recommended.