A Voice For Animals

Anuk Book of Words

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Adorable Assisi Human Anuk, the Exploring Equine Human Hybrid embarks on a second life-changing journey to save the Orb’s Animal Beings from extinction. Guided by the mystical, priceless, and powerful Book of Words, Anuk and her faithful Crew risk everything trekking to the underside of the Orb. With her loyal friends and new mentors Anuk learns leadership as she confronts harsh truths of humanity, love and loss while navigating the joyful journey to personal power. Anuk discovers that it takes a universe to unite the Orb’s Animal Beings.

By communicating from the soul with the Poach, the exterminators and life-long enemies of the Animal Beings, Anuk forges new alliances between Human Beings and Animal Beings.

It has been six years since teenaged explorer Anuk and her faithful Animal Being friends chased her destiny, crossing continents through a perilous post-apocalyptic world to the idyllic Roese Island. Now at 23, a more mature Anuk is prompted to leave the comfort of Roese Island to bring the mystical Book of Words to the rightful owners. Risking life, limb and liberty, Anuk and her Crew of Animal Beings experience the wonders, secrets and the horrors of the brutal hunters whose greed destroyed entire species. Anuk: Book of Words informs, inspires and delights in equal measure.