A Voice For Animals

Lyricist – Author, Poet Suzanne Mondoux – SONGS / POEMS OF THE DAY DECEMBER 2020

1 December 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Take The Rest You Need

Take the rest you need
Leading me all the way
The sun has gone
And moon can’t be seen
Take the rest you need
We are the last to survive
There is no tomorrow
Today barely exist
There’s isn’t far to go
Take the rest you need
Line up for the grave
Easy to see now the errors of our ways
This is our last footprint on this earth
Take the rest you need
Pining for scraps
This is what we’ve become
While the human being lived inhumanly
We animal being took care of you
Take the rest you need

Suzanne Mondoux
1 December 2020

2 December 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – In You I Trust

Glancing at the world tomorrow
In you I trust
Implying that all will be well
In you I trust
Believing that what you say is true
In you I trust
Playing with me as though I know no different
In you I trust
Clogging the minds of the human race
In you I trust
Taking what belongs to all life on earth
In you I trust
Trampling all over habitats
In you I trust
Making sure there are hungry bellies
In you I trust
Denying life to all Beings
In you I trust
Luring the innocent into corruption
In you I trust
Dreaming of a world just for you
In you I trust
Accomplishing all your dreams
In you I trust
Dreaming of world for all Beings
In Animal Being I trust

Suzanne Mondoux
2 December 2020

3 December 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Don’t Be Fooled By Life

Dreaming is what I did to survive this world
It’s was all so beautiful to see myself free and wild
Even when I tugged at the chains around my feet
Am I dreaming
Don’t be fooled by life in this place I heard the other Animal Beings say
When the human beings finger points at us so savagely
Remember, don’t be fooled by life here and now
The dust will settle one day
They will see what they have done
They will feel what they have done
Don’t be fool by life in this cage
I wonder how I can I go on
Each day I witness the corpse of my friends dragged on the ground
From day to day I sing don’t be fool by life here
The sadness in me ranges greater and further than I’ve ever walked
The tears in me pour out more then the rivers flows
Don’t be fool by life in such a place
They too carry sadness greater than they ever walked
They too pour tears greater than rivers flow
How can they go
We Animal Being whisper to them
Don’t be fooled by life you see before you
Don’t be fooled by the knocks you give one another
Don’t remain a fool believing this is what you need to survive
The shadow cast over you isn’t what you need to run from
The range of your mind
The depth of your heart
Know this
Don’t be fooled by life as you know it
Don’t be fooled by you

Suzanne Mondoux
3 December 2020

4 December 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – One Caress Needed

We are all part of creation
Though some are created better than others, it seems
It’s believed to the core of these beings
And so where is the miracle in life with such a state of mind
Can we find peace on earth
One caress needed can it make a difference
The mighty can carry their careless stories throughout the world
Can Human Beings live in harmony with Animal Beings
In delight with their habitat and share the land
One caress needed maybe for considering the idea
The chambers of debate with doors slammed shut
Made of snares, the conversation continue
Can one caress needed be a way

Suzanne Mondoux
4 December 2020

5 December 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Don’t Steal My Love

Don’t steal my love
This is not a bargain made
No trade to be made
Admiring me from a far
Engaging in the inevitable
Don’t steal my love
Attending the counsellors of justice
Bewilderment never too far
Darkness grows in the brightest of lights
Don’t steal my love
In your haste we board an abandoned ship
The traders at bay
Don’t steal my love
Even when you don’t hear my pleas
Beyond what’s been borrowed and stolen
Don’t steal my love for something you don’t want
That ship you boarded
You moored her stern and waded in the inevitable
Don’t steal my love when you can’t go on
When you first laid eyes on me
Upon the land of where we stood together
Alongside our ills
Our eyes spoke our truth
And yet you forget
Don’t steal my love in haste
Don’t steal my love beyond yourself

Suzanne Mondoux
5 December 2020

6 December 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – I’m Simple

At last touched by the simple pleasures of life
I’m simple in every way
The source of my joy
My cheeks steaming red with glee
My mind rest peacefully
I’m simple for my sanity
I’m simple for my soul
No conversation needed
The damnation of my soul was such a possibility
No defence and no where to go
I’m simple for the suitors of my life walk by
They kept their eyes on my silence
Meanwhile, I surrendered to the simplest ways
The fragrant of my shadow lingers
The treachery of others reach for me
I’m simple in my defence
There’s no tomorrow that can make a difference now
Very soon all this will be over
I’m simple in my simplicity
With my hands cut off I reach high
With my eyes closed I see far
With dry mouth I speak
I’m simple on this journey hunched over with grief
I’m simple for all that I’ve seen
I’m simple for what’s never been

Suzanne Mondoux
6 December 2020

7 December 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Throw Out What You Know

In the distance where all the soldiers have disappeared
The manner in which they lived
Their ship has sailed
Throw out what you know of another
This great big world dares not make us similar
In the distance where some have walked and others not
The unwanted images of others memories
The stares in their eyes
The shiver in their skin
Throw out what you know of this great big world
So beautiful the dreams you dare not share
Some may have done it one way, others another
Throw out what you know of how things are to be done
In the wide and wild fields of life
Many creatures roam
The battles of many are the paradise of others
Throw out what you know of humanity
So sad the eyes of the many
So sad the smiles of the many
Throw out what you believe
Don’t believe everything you think
Know the difference to feel the difference
Throw out what you know of me

Suzanne Mondoux
7 December 2020

8 December 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Right To The End

Right to the end we run wild
The prey and predator unite
Under the opening of the big sky
Animal Beings risk all to survive
Right to the end
Right to the end we sound the alarm
Animal Beings alerts the Human Being
Assemble your people and unite with us
Beings of this world can live in harmony
Right to the end
Right to the end we turn to one another
We hear the cries of the Human Being
We see their hungry bellies
We hear the ringing in their ears
Right to the end we remain steady to help you through
Right to the end

Suzanne Mondoux
8 December 2020

9 December 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Attach Me To Nothing

At a glance I see what’s been done
Attach me to nothing to see the ending
Nothing can hold me for what you desire
My instincts dictate how I’m to live
There’s no reason for me to live as you desire
Attach me to nothing of your world confined
I hold true to who I am, wild and free
We are all species destined to lived as we were created
I’ll ensure I remain as I am, Animal Being
Remain as you are, Human Being
Yet attach me to nothing
Wait for nothing else to occur
Otherwise your life continues to be hard
Imposing you on to me
Right from the start, release us from one another
And attach me to nothing
Enough said about our different Beings
Beings we are, with life and right at life
This can be done without dominion over another
You live free when I’m free

Suzanne Mondoux
9 December 2020

10 December 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – See The Sun Rise

You may have heard my name
I am Animal Being
Can barely stand on my feet now
What Human Being has done to me
Can you see
Can you see the sun rise
It lights up the trenches you have built for me
Hold the sunset in your hands
And the shadows follow you
These are the souls of the many Beings
These are Human Beings
What you believed you have done to me
Because of where you see yourself in the Animal Kingdom
You have done to yourself
Oh, repeating history never ceases
Oh, see the sun rise for your sake
Repeat the syllables of a harmonized world
Oh, see the sun rise for the generations to come

Suzanne Mondoux
10 December 2020

11 December 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – My Faithful Heart

Now is a time to honour my faithful heart
I see the errors of my ways
And those never seen before
My faithful heart never led me astray
I did that all on my own
If you want the truth of me
I’m much more myself alone than I ever was with you
All that was not for you to fulfill
My faithful heart showed me the way
Knowing this leads me back to you with an open heart
Never shall my untruths burden you again
I’ll always love you for leaving me
And yet I’m left more humble for the love you continue to show me
We are a couple again, living a new life
My faithful heart remembers the way
My faithful heart is my center
In this place my feet are grounded
I stopped searching hard for everything
I found me and everything in stillness
In me I felt the power of my faithful heart
My faithful heart for the love of me

Suzanne Mondoux
11 December 2020

12 December 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – On The Grass I Set

Set in the tiny flame of life
On the grass I set a single seed
Nothing else really mattered then
Nothing was too late
I looked onward toward the truth
Where on the grass I set my truth
I bowed my head in anguish, for a moment
Then life spoke to me
On the grass I set myself free
The sun dipped for me to see
The flame grew on and on
On the grass I set my path
Nothing mattered behind me
With each conscious step
Soon I had become awakened
On the grass I set my voice
Mother nature opened her arms to me
I walked gingerly not to disturb the Animal Beings
I walked gingerly in harmony with all Beings
On the grass I set the Human Being I knew
On the grass I set myself on the path with another
Never did I lose myself
Everywhere I found myself
On the grass I set…

Suzanne Mondoux
12 December 2020

13 December 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Are You In Need Of Love

Are you in need in of love
What can you conceive without it
How do you think of you and of us
What do you pretend
And would you be otherwise

Under the lofty demands of humanity
Are you in need of love
What way is shown to you
Is there magic in your knowing
To be held in unknowing expectations

What is overheard
What is ignored
Inside your mind
Is this place a farce
Are you in need of love

The stranger that roams in you
The laughter in your ears
The turn of the heads
The whisper of words
The end of all talk
Are you in of love

Do you know the ghost that surround you
Are you familiar with your crowd
Have any ever kept their word
Who carries the bulk and power of a dictator
Are you in need of love

How are comments interpreted
Does anyone see the beggar
Who wins this game
And who stops this game
How is this change lead
Who will swear the oath

All who are in need of love
I give unconditionally
I stand here for the love of me
For I too am in need of love

Suzanne Mondoux
13 December 2020

14 December 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Careful Where You Hold Out Your Hand

Careful where you hold out your hand
Will it be true what comes back
Will you know the difference
How can it be so to be in such indifference of self
Careful where you hold your hand
In an instant it can be cut off
It can be withheld
The grip maybe to tight
Watch the shadow it cast on the wall
What monster or creature does it portray
Careful where you hold out your hand
You may never get it back

Suzanne Mondoux
14 December 2020

15 December 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Hopes and Dreams

Hopes and dreams for many or the few
What’s the privilege in such feelings of desire
Thoughts and images of what can be
None can be too small
We Animal Being dream of a better world for you
We Animal Being see what can be for all
Hopes and dreams for all Beings
Wishing for something to happen
Is there reason for this
Is there good cause for such arguments
For hopes and dreams for all Beings

Suzanne Mondoux
15 December 2020

16 December 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Fall To The Ground

Please don’t go so far
Fall to the ground is where you’ll find us
There’s no taking this away
It’s all but an illusion
Never did we not love one another
I will find us
Remember that day I found us
I loved you then
And I love you still
Fall to the ground is as far as we’ll go
Even when I reach for the stars
It’s so easy to stumble away
I had no idea life could be so cruel
Fall to the ground onto broken hearts
Can’t you see it’s crawling back onto our feet
Where we reach us
Fall on the ground to save us
Fall on the ground right here
Here is where I’ll be when you return to me

Suzanne Mondoux
16 December 2020

17 December 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Now You’ve Seen

Now you’ve seen me
The early sunsets
The drizzling rain
The earth is thirsty
The voices silent
What have you done
Where have you gone
Now you’ve seen me for a moment
No breath left in humanity
What’s been
What’s done
What’s died
All life
Now you’ve seen me as Animal Being
Now I’ve seen you as Human Being
What an extraordinary place
We see each other
Now you’ve seen us

Suzanne Mondoux
17 December 2020

18 December 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Is It So

Is it so that you know so much
Is it so that you never saw me
What power was struck in such absence
Absence of unity
Is it so that never shall we see eye to eye
Is it so that what’s been seen has been missed
What’s been lost in the absence
Right to the end we looked your way
We followed your progress
We followed your decline
Is it so there was no care and attention
Right to the end you let this go
Is it so Human Beings never knew what was to come
Is it so Human Beings left the scene of humanity
Oh could have been a different world
Is it so Animal Beings was just a dream
Is it so Human Beings once lived on planet earth
Was this a dream
Is it so dreams come true

Suzanne Mondoux
18 December 2020

19 December 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Wait For Tomorrow

Wait for tomorrow in the shadows
Wait for tomorrow in the light
What’s to come
Taking it all away today
Leaving nothing for tomorrow
Wait for tomorrow as you are
Wait for tomorrow for all life
What’s been said and done
Do you remember
Where do you see
Are you the only one
What have you captured
My heart and my life
What’s been destroyed on the way to waiting
Waiting for tomorrow with a single sigh
Every breath you take watch for the exhale
Wait for tomorrow before you decide
What you dismiss now may be what keeps you alive today
Include me in your decision
Animal Being here today, gone tomorrow
Wait for tomorrow

Suzanne Mondoux
19 December 2020

20 December 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Bless

So I am blessed with all that I sought in life
The joy and the pain
The willing and the denying
The sick and wellness
The living and the dead
Bless all Beings for seeking life
For choosing life and seeing death
For seeing what it is
For knowing death as a blessing
Bless all Beings with a moment of tranquility
Bless the Human Beings with sight for Animal Beings
Bless the Human Beings with courage for their humanity
Bless the Human Beings with will to live in harmony

Suzanne Mondoux
20 December 2020

21 December 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Blossom

I want my freedom
To blossom as I was meant to be
Living with human beings is a tricky situation
The simple facts of my life are that I am a wild and free Animal Being
To be led by man is beyond comprehension
All seemed to die and dwindle away
There was no mending the broken pieces
How I blossomed in the midst of such treacherous existence
Life was hard, caring for such Beings, to remember their humanity
We shall have trials for many days to come
There will be cries of despair
There will be great shame to face
Many will die and be extinguished forever
And somewhere in this mess I will blossom
In memory and in spirit
I am Animal Being

Suzanne Mondoux
21 December 2020

22 December 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – World

In a world where all life is meant to belong
Where have we gone wrong
What do we remember we’ve done right
Is there any life remaining in our existence
How close have we come to our own destruction
How close are we really to the end of what we know
What we believe to be this world for us
For all life
Inwardly we feel the truth
Outwardly we deny the truth
What world have we created for us
For those to come
What if I were Animal Being
How would I see this world

Suzanne Mondoux
22 December 2020

23 December 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Peace

Put heart in peace where it can rest
In any situation when I look away
I see where I once belonged
Now being part of the soil
Lying in the ground showing what’s to come
Your future, our future
Peace amongst all Beings can be so
Animal Being and Human Beings
The length upon the land of crimes
Crimes against your own self
Torturing your own souls
Wearing our pelts for fashion
How can we look away from what is strained
Peace is withering amongst the Human Beings
Before giving way to a new world
Hold each others hands
Look into each others eyes
Where do you see yourself belonging
Where do you see yourself in peace
What does peace speak to you
And do you seek anything but inner peace

Suzanne Mondoux
23 December 2020

24 December 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Life

Oh they say what is the purpose of life
Why do we exist
Can it just be day to day this and that
What are we looking for
How is life to be
Long since I saw any decency in many
I work every day of my life
I see the small pay check for all to live on
I see the sweat that many carry
Life is but a dream for many
They honour the great
And look away at the weak
Who defines the two
Life is but a state of mind
So many interpretations
Some love
Some hate
There seems to be no rhythm
Life standing on its own until all are free
There are chances to be taken
Others to walk away from
Life seems to be repeated
Generation to generation
Like the leaves on a tree
Life takes no prisoners
Leaves no survivors
At least there’s no such thing as time
No real time of life
To be perceived as such
What remains in between the seconds
Nothing stands still
Everything changes
Could it be all is decided for us
Life bangs about here in there
Look beyond the space around you
Seek to be curious of your galaxy
Our universe
Life expands beyond the ‘I’
Look ahead and beyond
What was – was
Never shall it be again – if you do this
Actions expands your world
Life – more than ‘I’
Is it so
Wait forever to find out
Life goes on

Suzanne Mondoux
24 December 2020

25 December 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Death

In reply to a great death
I lived a great life
For all to be in motion
All had to be disrupted
For all to be in the light
All had to know darkness
Death was well lived
Death was well received
Death was a great continuation to my life
We made a perfect pair
I enclosed myself in its despair
I enclosed myself in its sorrow
All was as I hoped it would be
Death made life all the more beautiful
Nothing random occurred
Nothing unexpected experienced
Nothing unnoticed recognized
Death reached far into my life
I saw it coming each day
What a wondrous feeling
The perfect beginning
Death knew me like no other
It was the closest to home I’ve come to know
Everything was perfect
Just as I had dreamed
Death was the welcome of life I waited for for so long
I lived my best life in the light of death
Suzanne Mondoux

25 December 2020
Merry Christmas to All

26 December 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Songs

Glancing back at the ground
What I know is mind
Give me the sign to pick it up
Lean into the song of forethought
Laugh out loud to the quiet funny words
Give it all to the song
Sing out loud with heart
Be wild and crazy in your moment
It’s your moment to be yourself without judgment
Songs for the soul
Songs for the heart
Songs for life
If you want your truth
Sing with heart
Lean into the notes
Be close to the sound
Songs for the many
Let them hear your voice
It’s so easy to want
It’s so easy to give
It’s so easy to receive the joy of songs
Take me to heart with each note
Don’t try so hard for the music to come
Songs of songs sing with ease
Come to the curtain
Take your bow
Sing out loud in your gentle powerful voice
Take your bow
Thank the crowd
Songs of hearts
I never tire of the magic of songs

Suzanne Mondoux
26 December 2020

27 December 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Poems

Poems of the heart
Poems for life
Poems for every voice
Poems for every tear
Poems for every smile
Tenderness of words
Simplicity of lines
To be read or sung
Song or poem
The reader decides
The voice expresses the meaning of every word
No two reader read it the same
No two singer sing it the same
Poems of horses
Poems of paper
Poems of pencil
Poems never cease to be created
Poems never cease to be discovered
Poems listen
Propensity of living words
Occurrence for all to know
Existence of silent composition
Magnificent their sound
Poems emerge from a whisper

Suzanne Mondoux
27 December 2020

28 December 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Dance

It’s all about fooling around
Dance ‘til you drop
Dance ‘til the world stops spinning
Dance ‘til your feet fall off
Oh so fun to let your body move every which way
Freeing your body from the tension of life
From the tension of oppression
From the tension of societal acceptance
Dance to free your soul

Suzanne Mondoux
28 December 2020

29 December 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Performer

It’s all your way as a great performer
Player of characters
Doer of various lives
Musician in action
Artist of life
I’m the great performer of my many personalities
Entertainer for the masses
Actress for the spectator
Performer for the few
Performer for now
I’ve fulfilled by obligation
Presenting my artistic work with my eyes
My voice
My body
My soul
Nothing to stumble over
My heart on my sleeve
My hand reaches for the crowd
Performer for me
My life on stage
All is spoken in this moment
Performer at your mercy
I’m just me in all my splendour
Gripping the mic for dear life
I sing my songs
Performer of songs
Can you feel the music
Can you see my songs
Can you touch the magic
Performing for you
No simple task
I look to you for joy
Your arms in the air dancing
Performer for the quiet mind
Sometimes I wander away
My body on stage
I’m elsewhere
This is an illustration of my life
Curtain time
I step on stage
The crowd wild
I run to the mic
My saviour and I lean into it
I feel the magic in my body
The performer awakens
Once again you’ve let me into your hearts
I take my bow and sing away
Before you a perfectly sketched performer

Suzanne Mondoux
29 December 2020

30 December 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Finding

Imagine finding all that you desire
Imagine seeing all that you’ve found
Imagine knowing what you found
Does time ever stand still in finding a moment
A moment you recognize to be just for you
Finding something just for you
Finding a time meant for you
Finding a place known only to you
How do you explore these findings
What more is there to find
Catch a glimpse of beyond
Discover the undiscovered
Judgment is never found
Obtain the impossible
Recover the unattainable
Learn from the unknown
Finding is far from a conclusion
Finding reaches far beyond results
Finding ceases to be a verdict
Finding measures to no outcome
Mark where you are found
Feel the effects of your findings
Leap for the far reaching of all that can be found
Know the impulse of an end
Know the impulse of a birth to a new finding

Suzanne Mondoux
30 December 2020

31 December 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Freddie Mercury

Thank you Freddie Mercury
You have inspired me to become who I am today
I know nothing of you other than what you have shared with me
We have shared a common love
We have shared a similar dream
F for the frame you provided me to work within
R for the respect you showed me
D for the drive you gave me
D for the devotion you showed me
I for the integrity of our work and being true to yourself
E for the energy you gave me and the world
M for the magic you performed each day
E for the existence of such a life well lived
R for the rush we experienced together
C for the care you give to those you love
U for the universal love of your existence
R for the receiving of what you gave me
Y for You and only You
What a world you created for us with your Queen Friends
What a world you created on your own
I am but a reflection of what you have done
What you have given me
I will forever be in your debt for such a life
I will forever be appreciative of our unusual friendship
So real, so feeling, so gratifying
You’ve been a great teacher
Thank you

Suzanne Mondoux
31 December 2020