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Lyricist – Author, Poet Suzanne Mondoux – SONGS / POEMS OF THE DAY October 2020

1 October 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Don’t Try To Understand Me

Don’t be fooled by what you think you see
Don’t believe everything you think
Don’t try to understand me
It’s only what you want to see
I’m the fool you’ve created
And you don’t even see it
Don’t try to understand me
I’m apart from what’s been created
I’m no more than what I truly am
I’m no less than what’s been made of me
I’m every rumour whispered in the streets
Don’t try to understand me so easily
I’m no puzzle to be assembled
I’m nothing to be unravelled
It’s too easy to see me as you want me to be
It’s not so easy to see
The truth of me will flood your eyes with tears
Don’t try to understand me in your vision of a dream
In a vision of fear
In a vision of your disillusionment
Tick tock the clock is ticking
All is passing us by
Don’t try to understand me
What a waste of time
I’m a fable of everyone’s imagination
Succinct with everything and nothing
How well I am in my own expression
Don’t try to understand me
Suzanne Mondoux
1 October 2020

2 October 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – No More Conversation

It’s time to say in my defence no more conversation
All must stop and let the world go on
None will define the rules of the game
All is but a day with a sunrise and sunset
Never two day the same
So no more conversation
It’s the way of it  
Let it be and let us live the way we are meant to live
No more conversation in between the silence
Let the peace settle into the earth and the rain soak the soil
How can we ever right the wrongs of what’s been said and done
Please no more conservation on this earth for this earth
Lets please let it live how it was meant to be
We see the rainbow circling the earth
It’s the pretender of what’s keeping us well
No one can tell what’s been seen
No more conversation to fix what can’t be fixed
Nothing is concealed in the shadows of our lives
Lets pretend for a while that no more conversation is needed
We’ve done our best to take what we all believed was ours
And left nothing for another believing it was ours
They too want no more conversation
Sometimes they too walk in the lonely shadows of their lives
Alone and hungry with no shoulder to cry on
No ear to hear the silence of their voice
As they beg for no more conversation to get you to convince them otherwise
No more conversation pretending that you care
In a dream world that you’ve created
You’re living on your own while others die in your trenches
The screams are getting louder
Please no more conversation for what you want for the greater good
How is this so
Pardon me for my silence in this debate
No more conversation for this monkey business you call development
Heaven on earth is not for all who walk this earth
It’s what they say
Can’t you see no more conversation is needed to convince me otherwise
Suzanne Mondoux
2 October 2020

3 October 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Last Goodbye

It’s such a wonderful feeling knowing this is my last goodbye
I’m entering the world of my ancestors
In the grand of all existence
Seeing where I belonged all this time
Knowing my final destination
Hmm, my last goodbye
How divine
Hmm, whoa, whoa, whoa
So easy
Easier than I had ever imagined
More peaceful than a day on the beach
My last goodbye finally arrived
Birds fly by
They sing me their song
Whales breach waving goodbye
A last goodbye to all
Hmm, whoa, whoa, whoa
So long and farewell
Surrounded with love
Last goodbye
I step forward with ease
It’s the perfect day
The perfect sunrise
Light on my face
Waves splash at my feet
Salt on my lips
Last goodbye in bliss
Suzanne Mondoux
3 October 2020

4 October 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Very Soon

There’s been no indication of how very soon you would be leaving
I saw nothing but other future dreams for me and you
Nothing is stopping you from doing otherwise
Nothing is stopping us from going forward to together
What is it that’s setting us apart from what we want together
Very soon time will stop for both us
We won’t even see that is has arrived
No time like the present
So what’s the wait and why hesitate
You fear the inevitable
No one can avoid the inevitable
But there is always a turn for change
This too is very soon
It’s up to me and you
Is this how you always dreamed it would be
A love as this doesn’t show up every day
Or maybe it does for you
But it doesn’t for me
Listen to the sweet music we’ve created together
So very soon it will go silent even if you say you have many years ahead of you
So very soon you will look back and wonder
Wonder why decided to do this
Very soon I’ll be standing alone looking out the window
Waiting for you to come walking around the corner on your way home
Never again to see you there
Can we write a different scene
Craft an ending we love so well and see that very soon
Very soon we worry no more of an unhappy ending for me and you
Very soon we’ll learn that playing our games made for more tears than cheers
Isn’t this so my darling
Very soon we can face our fears and dive deep into us
Very soon is here I see
What do we do
Suzanne Mondoux
4 October 2020

5 October 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – I Drift Alone

So this is how it ends
Who would have guessed
So what I drift alone
It’s but a place of togetherness for some
For others a different story
And there’s one story
So many stories that sing their own song
Weave their own tales of deceit and truth
How did I come to drift alone
You there and me here
I see the shore of my great life lived
Then the passage of time with a curve
Through the black hole I find I drift alone
But with the sense of my sensibility
There is light at then end of the tunnel
I drift alone it seems until I find it
What more is there to do
I drift alone to see what was
I wrote this scene
I live it as I wished it
Come all the faithful to this place
No looking back
It’s not so bad
I drift alone with all these other souls
Searching for that fork in the road
That led them over here instead of over there
Some are more surprised than others
Others take in stride
I drift alone for my own sanity
I see now there’s no other place I’d want to be
I see better than I’ve ever seen
I drift alone amongst the many
So this is how it begins
Suzanne Mondoux
5 October 2020

6 October 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Love Me

So much has changed for you and me
Never twice did we kiss the same
Or held hands
Love me is all we would say
Nothing more, nothing less
No fancy this and that
Love me is all we wanted
I’m forever in love with you
You’re forever in love with me
Simply love me
Simply be together
So much is in change for you and me
I see what’s calling us
Take me with you
I’ll follow wherever you go
Love me from anywhere is ok with me
Love me from there especially
We are but a page away from the ending
Can we stay here
Can I keep you with me
Can you take me with you
Love me
Love me no more, no less than what your heart can bear
Is all you ever said to me
All that was ever needed
Suzanne Mondoux
6 October 2020

7 October 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Take Me By The Hand

What a strange feeling to know no different
To see nothing but what is there
And to sense anything but the life you want
Take me by the hand to where I want to be
Walk me to this place no one has ever seen
Where is it
Who wants it
Does it exist
How is it that such a place was created in my mind
Could it be that I was there before
Did you take me by the hand there once
And I can’t recall the journey
Did I walk it alone
Did I chart my own course
Did I follow the stars, the sunrise and sunset
Was it life that took me by the hand to a place far beyond my imagination
Was I too small to walk alone
Or was I too frightened to see this alone
I remember holding my hand out
Asking you to take me by the hand to somewhere new
Somewhere beyond the confines of what I knew
Beyond, just beyond
And there I was
I found myself standing somewhere I didn’t know or recognized
Yet I felt at home
I had been here before
I was all too young to never look back from which I came
I held my hand out again
Take me by the hand
One more step beyond right off the cliff
There I was beyond taking me by the hand
Right where I was meant to be
Suzanne Mondoux
7 October 2020

8 October 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – No More Offences

Oh so calm the sea that rages inside me
All too subtle the change for anyone to see, even me
What can I try to feel the changing seas
Hmm what’s this been all about for so long
No more offences to me I say to me
No more offences made to me I ask
Is this the sorrow of the soul I know no more
I find it hard to see the light I’m told is there
So it exist somewhere beyond my vision
I linger in the shadow of what’s seen
Seen only to me and in my dreams I watch awake
I pretend of the days gone by so different to what was
Can I conceal the likelihood of the me I’m to be
I’m still around in the crowd wandering without a sound
I cry out no more offences please
No more offences to me and you
My worries consume them all in the puddle of tears at my feet
Nothing has washed away this place
Nor do I want to if I tell the truth
All is crashing down and I like the pounding
The painful stain of the grey soul I know
I cry out to me, I hear nothing
I cry out to the crowd, even more silent shot out into nothing
Oh, what have I brought back to ask for no more offences
No more offences to what is seen by only me
Blurred by others, this I prefer
I wash my hands of this, I say
Is this my destiny, all these fake memories
And I dare ask for no more offences
Suzanne Mondoux
8 October 2020

9 October 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – So Bleak This Life

And yet ask the question once more
Whom am I to say what is and was isn’t so bleak in this life
What power do I will in such a big sea of lies
Of foolish dreams and deceit of myself in the fallacy I created
So bleak this life alright all too big for me to conquer
Yet each day I look to reach beyond what is
What is in this space and the horizon at my fingertip
I don’t want to seek beyond at the best of time
The colours of the day fade from bright to grays
From grays to nothing until all is invisible
Until so bleak this life is all too bright
Too bright to look away
Too curious to not see what lies ahead of me
I search as the last human would in search of other life
Of others to see, to know a touch, to know another
So bleak this life at the best of times
The best of times, what a funny chain of words
Best of times, I know so little of this, and yet I seek them
I seek this telling of time that say all will be better in the morning
Tomorrow is another day
Look to the future
So bleak this life in this regard
What about now in this moment where I’m searching
Where I’m at my best of pain and despair for what I’m meant to be
Meant to be seeing anything but so bleak a life
How does another consider the alternative to such a life
How does one even know the alternative exist
What does actually exist in this search
How do I know the difference but the bleak life I know so well exist just for me
Suzanne Mondoux
9 October 2020

10 October 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Tell Me Of Your Conscious

How so this exist just for me
Tell me of your conscious
What’s all so clear in this matter you call your mind
I’m free in this, as it is all mind
All conscious thoughts of a truth I seek
Of a reason for all of this
Of the purpose of my existence
I asked myself – tell me of your conscious
What worth is it to anything that is
To me especially
No matter left, no matter right, nowhere I end up
Same place, but worse because I’ve been here before
I know it all too well
I say hey you, ya me, tell me of your conscious
It is of no matter to me anymore
For I see no sense in it
No reason for the worth it is meant to be of meaning to me
I was wrong to believe otherwise all that I dreamed
All that I imagined
All that I did
There is no free will after all it seems
This is the most freeing thought I’ve ever had
The only belief that makes any sense
No free will tells me everything of your conscious
Of me especially
Tell me of your conscious
It is but the least free of all
Suzanne Mondoux
10 October 2020

11 October 2020 Song/Poem of the Year – Where Do I Stand

And there in lies the evil of all this believing in something bigger than yourself
Follow your conscious
Follow your instincts
And really, who’s the puppet
Who’s really controlling the strings
And all this time you thought it was you
Well, I’m the biggest fool of them all for believing otherwise
Now where do I stand in all this mess
It’s a mess alright
Where do I stand on the curve of my own pendulum
I’ve swung so far one way and just as far the other
I’ve put my faith into it all, especially myself
And woops I find myself right back where I began
So is this where I stand
Always at the start line with just a few more belongings
But really nothing gained
Where do I stand amongst all those around me
They seem happy, but they don’t
What did I miss
What did I do wrong to end up in my pile of shit
It all looks good on the outside
But you wouldn’t dare peek inside
You won’t like what you find
I assure you
You don’t want to be where I’m standing
What I’m looking at
The constant pounding
The constant planning to end it
The constant disbelieving all dreams
Even the ones lived
So where do I stand
With me, or with reality
Suzanne Mondoux
11 October 2020

12 October 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – I’m Just Ordinary

Everything is sought and nothing is found
I’m just ordinary it seems
Me or reality makes no difference
Neither mean anything to me or anyone
I’m just ordinary in every way and that’s the best news
It’s so ok with me and everyone else
It means no effort from either sides
No curiosity from anyone at anytime
It’s the best place to hide
Out of sight and out of mind from everyone including me
No need to look any further, I’m not here or there
I’m just ordinary to all that ever wondered if there was more
I dare not disappoint, why do such a thing
Suzanne Mondoux
12 October 2020

13 October 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – My Feelings Are True
And with all this compelling self realization and nothing to show for it
My feelings are true of this journey wasted
This existence without cause or effect to me or anything
Others gained at my benefit and I return to where I came from
Looking into the abyss of what I created
My feelings are true of such an existence
I want for nothing from me or anyone
To want is to waste away in dreams and desires
To chase all that does not exist
All this is cruel to what you believe is better out there
Nothing is found when sought
Everything experienced when let go
My feelings are true of a life not well lived
Of dreams not coming true
And never knowing love of self or anyone
All my feelings are true of everything and of everyone
Nothing is felt in the end
The hollow is deep
The pain is endless
My feelings are true of everything that is and was never felt
Suzanne Mondoux
13 October 2020

14 October 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Sweet Kiss

In the imagination of this person I’ve come to know
The darker the image the more familiar she is to me
The clearer the illusion the more comforting she is to me
The sweet kiss of the mind in its own creation of life
Of the stumbling around in a world made of imaginations
The collision of illusions making for more troubles of the souls
Making for more fantastic creations of worlds
Everyone jokeying for position with no start and no end
I wait for the sweet kiss of life and death in one breath
As I watch the clash of the egos and of the wills to live
There is no limit to such destruction and illusion to live as such
All is simple in the complexity of the war of the minds
Of the wants to want more and be more for those watching
They watch without words and never truly looking for the truth
They watch for what fits their illusion and feeds their needs only
No one else is critical in the game that’s played
All are dispensable and all are replaceable without charge
That is the key to be expendable to all and indispensible to none
To be vital may be the death of you, it was the death of me
It was the sweet kiss life that launched me there
I never looked twice ahead and always behind
Never could I run fast and far enough only to find myself where I started
Can so much reward be granted for the work done and the changes
Was this all necessary to what I see today
To what I feel today in my illusion of what I created just for me to survive
No it is not the sweet kiss of my illusion that makes me glow in darkness
It is the sorrow of my soul that drags me away from the light they say to follow
Make no mistake screams my soul, you are not what you think and what you want
Let the sweet kiss of a dying you take you where you really want to go
Know the difference from this place and that place
And let the illusion carry you away
So far away that never again you return to this place
Suzanne Mondoux
14 October 2020

15 October 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Underneath the Moonlight
Am I dreaming underneath the moonlight
There’s no looking back at the day gone by
All are gathered at the foot of the hills waiting for the something
Each dream is different for one and all
All life in the palm of your hand, so easy at your fingertips it seems
But not for all it seems
Dreaming underneath the moonlight is there for all
This extraordinary place we call the heavens above
Is it all so beautiful for me and you
Some dream of food, while others dream of dreams
Is it truly bliss when dreams come true
Underneath the moonlight I look all around and see but empty space
This empty space is to be filled with what
Our thoughts or our dreams or our desires
Who is the only one to know the difference between them
Underneath the moonlight everyone looks away for just that moment
For just that moment to return our gaze to dreams floating up above
So please let me linger underneath the moonlight for more than just a moment
It seems I can go to the end of this earth and gaze upon the same dreams
The moonlit path is right there in my every footstep
Underneath the moonlight some things are true and some are not
Do you know what it means to me to stand here and look beyond myself
To see what I deserve but never in reach except for underneath the moonlight
What it means to me to reach up and touch the gentle face of the moon
To flick at the falling stars whizzing around at my moon
There are no two moons the same
Each night I gaze up a new face smiling back
I watch the drifting clouds stop at the moon to say goodnight
The wind lingers to cradle the moon
Where I belong is underneath the moonlight to dream my dreams
So little strength is needed to be in this place
I’m guided with ease by the moonlit path at my feet
Underneath the moonlight who will find me here
Who will walk by me and never know I was here
How dare I go on this way they say
Anywhere but stepping onto this moonlit path is quicksand
That would mean no tomorrow with not far to go
And so there ends the story of one soul defined by another
How for do we go this way in the shadows of others
Underneath the moonlight anything can happen in just one night
So let me be, to be me, and never forget that once you loved me
Suzanne Mondoux
15 October 2020

16 October 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – I Feel Like Dancing
So you remember there was love at one point in time
No matter whether time stood still or it whizzed by
All I remember is that I was loved, at least once
I feel like dancing to the melody of this love
It makes my feet tap and my body move
I feel like dancing to what I remember was good and joyous
Those days did exist at one point in time in my mind
My imagination made it all possible for me to survive the apocalypse of my truth
The place I knew so well to be home and family
What happened in this tragedy that made me so
I feel like dancing when I let the worries of the world go by
Never seeing them and knowing that any ever existed
I’m but a being of many forms in this animal kingdom
I’m to be dominated and tamed and and and and and
What more is there to be of me in this form and they having dominion over me
This comes in too many forms to know who is telling the truth and who is the illusionist
I feel like dancing in the memory of my many dreams never to come true
I feel like dancing to the tune of a single beat I created to get through the food chain
And what is seen and experience along this restraint in this series of life
All too little to even remember and want to repeat ever again
I feel like dancing even with the shackles around my feet
I’m owned it seems by my master in disguised as a loving and caring being
I feel like dancing in this place I now call home
I look beyond my prison bars designed to keep you safe
And yet you dare taunt me for your pleasure
And when I lash out you put a bullet in my head
Ah, I feel like dancing in the world I created
Remember, I was loved once
Not by you, but by someone who resembles you
I feel like dancing and it’s what I do to stay on my moonlit path
One step away from you
But I’m Being with life and soul
Thus, I make room for you next to me
For one day you will find the courage for us to walk side by side
For this, I feel like dancing
Suzanne Mondoux
16 October 2020

17 October Song/Poem of the Day – The Madman
They say what goes up must come down
But that is not always the case
I’ve seen this for myself and many others too
And yet we keep this truth hidden from ourselves and others
The madman within each one of use is the guardian of all evil
The evil of good and the evil of kindness and the evil of all that can be
Shall we dare enter through this gate of sanity without understand what awaits us
How can we know anything of this other side without consulting the madman
The madman is all knowing and our greatest protector
Yet we fear the madman for reason we don’t even understand
We’ve made up all sorts of story to keep the madman away
And yet the madman man follows us everywhere we go
No matter your efforts to escape your truth and yourself as far away as possible
Far away has always been too close anyway to really get that far away
The damage is done and what else can be done
The struggle of the sane mind searches for the one escape to save it
It looks everywhere and even within
And within is where the madman reside, all so very close
Never wanting to go to far, and who would that serve anyway
No one but the others who say so
The madman is far from a figment of your imagination
All too real and all too close
The madman too feels like dancing all over your soul
Never once releasing his grip on what’s so easily freeing
Can this be you and me in this same dream, in this same mind
Captured in by the same madman without ever knowing the difference
How can this be so in such a sane and civilized world, it seems
It seems we’ve been disillusioned and fooled by our own sanity
We’ve reasoned ourselves into insanity of a lucid world we created
The good sense of all held in the only sane hands of the madman
For that we must forever be thankful, otherwise we would be aware of all
Aware of our own demise
Suzanne Mondoux
17 October 2020

18 October 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – You Won’t Remember Me
Aware of your own demise, how so, do you remember
You won’t remember me either way
It’s not that you don’t want to, it’s that you believe you don’t need to
How so can such a feeling exist within any of us
No need to remember anyone for anything
Unless there was value we believe was given us
What we feel we must gain to give others value
With such a view you won’t remember me
You won’t remember the others and here’s the best part
You won’t remember you
How can this be, you wonder
You won’t remember me for all that was said and done
You’ll remember only all the times I said no
All the times I stepped away and stayed away
To be remembered, for what reason
What is there to gain to being remembered
Does the world change for the better or worse
What does remembering do to our humanity towards one another
To all beings that live in this same life as we do
You won’t remember me
And I worry not of this glorious gift already received
You won’t remember me unless
Suzanne Mondoux
18 October 2020

19 October 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – You’ve Taken My Love
I can see you won’t remember me as I was
You’ve taken my love with such fury there’s no escaping for me
How can I go on with such a lonely heart and grieving soul
I sleep all day and walk the streets alone all night
You’ve taken my love and left me with a broken heart that will never mend
They say you win some and lose some
I believed we were true lovers, forever together
Could I have been so fooled of such a life
This does not happen to everyone, no matter what they say
You’ve taken my love and never left me with a grain of hope
And yet it’s all I search for and sometimes I catch a glimpse of us
Of someone that reminds me of you, of us
I walk the streets all night searching for us, all for love
For the love you’ve taken from me, from us
I never wanted out of this life for us
I saw no troubles and hints of unhappiness from you
Yet you’ve ripped my love right out of our my heart
Leaving me to bleed to death alone and cold in our bed
I was never one to seek for more than what I had
I loved everything about you, about us
It was all just right, no tears in the forecast, I believed
I let this go too far it seems, my illusion of such a life
How could I not see you were gone before I woke alone in our bed
You’ve taken my love so far away I can never find it again
I don’t want no other and all the different lovers that come with the storm after us
My heart is heavy from such an ending I never foresaw
Where was I in your demise
Where you so alone I could not find you, could not see you
See you in such a place I dare not look
In the end, you’ve taken my love and moved on to another
Where was I in your time of pain
You’ve taken my love in your time of pain
You made a new life for yourself
You’ve taken my love and I
You’ve taken my love and you
My darling, you’ve taken our love
Suzanne Mondoux
19 October 2020

20 October 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Be Watchful of Fools
And never would I have known this to be true
To know that I could be a fool
Be watchful of fools
You never know when they will show up
I have to answer to this day and night
For ever in the simple state of my existence
I watch for the white dove to fly above
To free me from the love that never will be
I know it’s so silly to be in the glory of another
I watch this fool smile back at me
And I say be watchful of fools they are too near
Never can you turn away and be too far
It’s messing me up beyond recognition
I’m out of my neighbourhood when I try to kill this fool
Be watchful of fools they are wedged in where you least expect
Escaping love is impossible and yet I keep fleeing at every opportunity
Be watchful of fools in love with you, they never see what’s true
Oh what is love to a fool in love
Keep on loving is all the fool knows to do
In times of revelation the ego never knows the time of day
Going far from home and never says goodbye
Be watchful of fools who want to change
They guide you to where you want to go
They love you as you are
And in their heart you will always remain as they want you to be
Never denying love no matter the events of the day
Be watchful of fools who love for love
Who live to fly away in bliss with the doves above
Suzanne Mondoux
20 October 2020

21 October 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – There Is Really No One But Me
With the doves above to look ahead for me
I seek the paths available to me, here and there
Some days the rain falls hard on me
The fog veiled around me takes my sight away
Yet, there is really no one but me to find my way
Even with all the voices around me
In so dark a place some days I know there’s only really me
In the shadow of those that walked this path before me
I look for their footsteps and step aside and let them show me where not to step
There is really no one but me in this grand scheme
I know this from all the voices around me
From all the footsteps leading me off the cliff ahead
I was but a single soul made up of other souls
I’m the puzzle of million tiny pieces forever to assemble
In an imagine predestined to please the eye
And left somewhere to never be looked at again
Here, there is really no one but me to reflect back the pieces
I like this place and my fragmented echo
A reproduction of my likeness carefully thought out
Bending into its structure designed for me
There is really no one but me to consider this idea
To embrace my transformation and arc myself into a replication of me
Suzanne Mondoux
21 October 2020

22 October 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – My Insane Life
Take me to a place I know so well
Where I’ll recognize myself and forget what I’ve become
I’ve searched within for the good, the bad and the ugly
And all too often I find more of one than the good
My insane life keeps me secret from myself
What of this place I know so well
What of this place that calls to me so often
My insane life has yet to disappoint
And yet the whispers it sends are all too loud to ignore
My insane life just a step away from me
And here I stand only a step away to where I want to be
Like shadows in the night my soul always close
Never am I abandoned and never am I truly alone
My insane life has searched for me
When found I tend to ease the imprisonment
Always willing to place my feet where I will tumble and scream
My insane life I like so much
Suzanne Mondoux
22 October 2020

23 October 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – The Fantasy Of My Life
Into the wild I fly and see my world in every shades of blues
I hear the voices of Animal Beings and songs of the forest
The fantasy of my life is but a hint of my existence
A constellation of stars illustrating my imaginary self
All is make-believe in the best places of my mind
The fantasy of my life a most impractical ideal of my world
All Beings supreme and dominion over another no longer exist
A time when all functions as one and the same
Recognizing each unique life cycle for one and all to live
The fantasy of my life in which somebody lives in life for another
The world can invent all and any fiction into reality
The power of the imagination most impractical at the best of time
Yet a necessary reality to be realized for the sake of the human race
Suzanne Mondoux
23 October 2020

24 October 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Anywhere
I am washed up on the shores of our seas
I fall from the sky
And I rot in the soil of our earth
Anywhere I find myself I’m forever in decay
I search for life anywhere
I find myself amongst the many deteriorated before me
Decreased in numbers rapidly is too simply said
Decomposed only to be seen another way
Anywhere is the gradual decline of all life
The dwindling of minds spoiling in parts
The waning of your existence sounding preposterous
You shout out No such outrageous outcome can be so
Anywhere exist the absurdity of the human pride
Ludicrous its conceit of eternal presence when seeing only the moment
Ignoring future generations
the ultimate demise of the human race
Anywhere the outlandish and unreasonable lack of sensibility
Anywhere biodiversity of your soul you find laughable
Keep watch on what you call a lunacy way of life
I am but one of the Animal Beings in decay as I roam in search of a tomorrow
Suzanne Mondoux
24 October 2020

25 October 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – I Go Where The Wind Blows
It’s an easy road when roaming the sustainable plains of my existence
I go where the wind blows the seeds of my life
I graze the land and feed the mighty
I go where the wind blows the streams that quench my thirst
I migrate where I’m meant to be
I hesitate only when I reach the end
The plains are unattainable
I go where the wind blows away all the seeds of my life
I graze for land and starve the mighty
I go where the wind blows over our corpses
I remain where I don’t belong forever
I go where the wind blows
Suzanne Mondoux
25 October 2020

26 October 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Too Late For Take Back
In my dreams I remain close to where I came from and dare not wander too far
I look behind the mysterious veil concealing the secrete beyond my eyes
I watch the birds fly by and the people laughing as they walk by
Too late for take back from this mysterious place I reside
I see what’s left of me in this garden
A conservatory of beast, a place to learn they say
A kingdom of creatures barricaded with splendour
Too late for take back from where I came from
Does it still exist, I wonder
I had a name I hear no more
Instead, I’m given a name I know nothing about
Too late for take back, they took my family away
I heard them say something about genetic diversity
They bring me other creatures like me
I hope they will mate, they say
I dream of my home in the trees sleeping beneath the stars
I dream of smells when the flowers bloom
I dream of a with so many trees
I dream of the other creatures I see no more
I dream of the sound the stream where I drank
Too late for take back
Each night the one who says I love you calls me to my cage and wishes me goodnight
With the  turn of the key in the keyhole I look in their eyes
Too late for take back
Suzanne Mondoux
26 October 2020

27 October 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – You Put Me Aside
I am but one of many of these Animal Beings watching and dying
You put me aside for your gains and advancement for humanity you say
Yet all the while you fail to see it is you and your kind you put aside
You put me aside for the sake of growth and everything else you convince yourself
You put me aside to see change and what else did you say
I fail to remember all the lies you tell yourself and others
You put me aside to shape a landscape into perfect geometric shapes
You call this pretty and civilized after communities have vanished
Many starve in this pretty and civilized world you’ve created
You put me aside for a glance at yourself you believe is your best
You put me aside for you believe this is how you must survive
Careful where you take your next step for there will be nothing left to put aside
Suzanne Mondoux
27 October 2020

28 October 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – My Good Composer
I watched you cut down the trees to the ground
All earth exposed and the creeks run dry
My good composer designing this new world
What do you desire to remain
A chance at recreation of life through death of all
My good composer find me another way so my children can see another day
I watched you do differently before
My good composer, intelligent they say you are
Why do you stand alone after all is gone
No life, no fauna, no flora, no water, dusty plains remains
My good composer seeking someone else like you
We are all gone
We are all but a memory of what the human race decided for us
Suzanne Mondoux
28 October 2020

29 October 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Swan
Plump in its self-important image
You believe yourself to be a swan
Yet you fail to see this animal being as more than the image portrayed
Unruffled by change and ideologies of others
Always harsh and unpleasant to the changes before you
How different you are to others
How different others are to you
The swan of your existence can be graceful
Mysterious you are, as are others
Sweet and stupid we all can be
Majestic in our own way
The swan in you and me
Suzanne Mondoux
29 October 2020

30 October 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Lion’s Feast
I’ve read that life marries death
I’ve read that human beings are the only beings that kill for the sake of killing
Killing replaces their pain, their fears
Unlike a lion’s feast, humans feast on everything, especially what isn’t there’s to feast on
I’ve read that animal beings know what human beings are doing
I’ve read that disease is every human being doing, not animal beings
Unlike a lion’s feast humans tip the balance towards destruction
Stripping the eco from the system of life, apart
I am but the last remaining being reading from the book of human and being
I’m the lion I read about
I’m the soil I walked on
I’m what the lion feast on to survive
I’m what the human feast on to endure its own existence
Suzanne Mondoux
30 October 2020

31 October 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Fairies Song
It’s a new day, it’s a new song for one and for all
So it seems, to be in this new day before me, before us
Can this be conceived as such instead of a fantasy seen by all
Pretend that you’re in this new day of wonder and mystery
To be discovered without fairies song in your ear
Impossible I say, and why would you want to live as such
Fairies songs is what keeps me alive and curious and interested in such a world
I look for others in this non fairy world, terribly boring I say
I like the look of fairies and the sound the their voices
I like the world they’ve created for me amongst the ones they call human beings
I like the fairies songs at the tip of my tongue and always in my step
And I like when I take flight with them
The fairies songs are the life of this world, many don’t know this
They live in the trees and the flowers
You see their faces in the icicles hanging from trees
Fairy songs are the new world amongst the one humans have created
I prefer the fairy world to all that we’ve seen
Can such fairies song be real to everyone
I say – of course – let all wondrous and fantastical things be real
Let the imagination of the fairies and their songs and animal beings be seen as you want to see them as beings amongst this world as you and me
Together we can live together, as fantastical as you wish it to be
Human being, animal being, and fairy songs — such a stormy imagination
What if, it can all be real, we live together
Suzanne Mondoux
31 October 2020