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Lyricist – Author, Poet Suzanne Mondoux – SONGS / POEMS OF THE DAY September 2020

1 September 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Oh My Love

Oh my love of all love that exist
What words can be said or sung to say I love you
To say Oh my love of life itself
What a wonderful life you shared with me
How lucky was I
How glorious this time together
I saw the light of day rise behind you
A glitter of gold on your face
A whisper of joy from your lips
Oh my love of all love
You’re the rose in my heart
The skip in my step
Oh my love
Hmm, darling my love
La, La, La, La, Hmm, La, La, La, La,
Whoa, my love
The charm of my name on your bracelet
I see you twirl it round and round
You smile, I smile
None of this could be true if you hadn’t smile at me that day
I saw you standing next to me
I waited till you looked at me
I would have waited all day, forever
Oh my love my darling
What a wonderful life you give me
I love you more each day
Each moment my heart grows fonder for you
Hmm, darling my love
La, La, La, La, hmm, La, La, La, La
Oh my love, you’re the love of my life
Suzanne Mondoux
1 September 2020

2 September 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – What Love Brings

What I’ve seen come and gone
In the light of a new day
In a the glow of your smile
What love brings is wondrous
Never could I have known had I not fallen in love with you
What love brings to someone like me
Full of hope, only where despair once resided
Now in the dawn of a new day
Love rises all around
What love brings in a simple smile
I’ve come close, and yet so far I’ve stood
Now standing next to you to say I do
What love brings to these vows
To my love for you
I want to know all that can be with you
What love brings for me and you
I wear this ring to remind me of what once was
I take your hand to guide me to where I want to live my life
I can only live in your heart
I can only see through your eyes
I can only love you, it’s all I know and ever want to know
What love brings let me rise from the ashes where I lay for so long
Where I found comfort in despair
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, rising through what love brings
I am no longer made of this dust
Instead, I am made of what love brings for me and you
Suzanne Mondoux
2 September 2020

3 September 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Welcome To My Prayer

No sooner are you a stranger to me
No truer I begged around to know the truth
Now a scavenger of the life I’ve lived
Feeding on the remains of the day
Welcome to my prayer of life and death
No depth in me and no nerve to ascend to anything
Life hauls me out by the ankles
No one risking life and limb to save me
Welcome to my prayer
No heroes at my side
They see me, giving me a wink of my own indiscretions
I am no trouble to them in my silence
I offer no remarks in my prayer
Welcome to my prayer of stillness
Muteness leaves no grudges
It would annoy them if I welcomed them to my prayer
Under a lofty archway they hold me in high regards in their secret lusty exchange
I am worthy of my penance
Welcome to my prayer of choice
My sin dictates the one who won me that night
Welcome to my prayer stuffed with immorality
The debauchery of the winning hand and takes the one most liked
Welcome to my prayer of estrangement to God
No one knows the suitors I’ve contended
Some discreet, others not so much
My soul naked for all to see
On display for the next exchange
Welcome to my prayer
Welcome to my prayer knowingly doing wrong to self
Welcome to my prayer in ropes of rags around my loins
Delicate and bruised
Below my waist they stand nearby
I give my power to the winner of the night
Suzanne Mondoux
3 September 2020

4 September 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – I’ll Continue To Excuse You

I sailed ashore with the wind in my sail
With salt on my lips
Welcomed by the towering cliffs
So kind they were, their mighty stance
Taking me from the wasteland from which I escaped
I’ll continue to excuse you for what you left behind
For sending me overseas beneath dark murky skies
With little air to breath
With little sun to see
That feeble mind of yours weak with fear of imagination
Should you think to see what comes beyond you
While we crawled through the apocalyptic storm created in your wake
We gaze at hollow lands and empty seas
I’ll continue to excuse you for what you left behind
Then the Gods can turn their gaze upon you
You can look us in our futuristic eyes
What wretched doom been struck for all to see
I’ll continue to excuse you for what you left behind
Blind folded you were to see what you didn’t want to see
What you knew and stared away so well
I’ll continue to excuse you for the sake of my humanity
For my heart that still yearns to stir in the world you left behind
The mothers and fathers of your future lie and grieve in their graves
We are ships with no oars
It’s the wind in our sails that drifts us apart from what you saw and what we see
What we live in the world you left behind for me to see
I’ll continue to excuse you for the beat in my heart
Beats for me, beats for you, and those who I’ll leave this world
For my humanity, their imagination
I’ll continue to excuse you with eyes wide open of what will come tomorrow
Suzanne Mondoux
4 September 2020

5 September 2020 Song/Poem of the Year – I’ll Always Remember Your Name

So vast your life and your smile
You sang us your songs and gave us your heart
Never did you ask for anything back
The tone of your voice resonates throughout time
With the wind on at your back and the sun on your face you gave life
I’ll always remember your name
I’ll always remember your name
I’ll always see your face
In your embrace I felt so well in a simple melody
You gave me hope and set me free
I love you so my dear old friend of songs and life
In the light of a new day the trumpets golden vibrant echoes your name
I’ll always remember your name
I’ll always remember the sweet taste of wine as your kiss
I’ll always remember your name next to mind
So long ago this was and yet only yesterday it seems you held my hand
I’ll always remember your name as the promise you gave me
As the love you gave me to see me through my hardest days
I’ll always remember your good and kind heart
Generous to all and most of all to me
The tale of your life unravelled in mystery
They called out your name
I’ll always remember your name
Cloaked in secrecy of the strangeness of this world
How divine your revelation of the man you were
The man you became
I’ll always remember your name
Together with love your name goes on for the light that you gave
I’ll always remember your name
Suzanne Mondoux
5 September 2020

6 September 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Turbulence

What’s all this commotion I’m feeling
The confusion of the silence within
The turmoil of the crazy laughter bursting from my mouth
What’s my disorder to unravel and discover
I’m on the turbulence ride of my life
I found the peace in the unrest
I’m sane in my instability
I feel the uproar in the beat of my heart
The turbulence of a life well traveled
Of a journey well experienced
A most unpredictable emotional sensation
The irregular motion of my stride
This turbulence of the mind somewhat insignificant
A momentarily change of my present state
No loss of control of my senses
Turbulence tosses me violently in my mind
I scramble to control the impossible
I’m the structural damage of my attempt to resolve the unresolved
I cease to detain the erratic change
I feel the friction of my feet on the ground
The strong wind on my back forcing me ahead
Turbulent eddies way beyond my reach to ease the motion
In search of this mysterious stability above and beyond my line of sight
Blowing warm and cold I feel the layers of desire
The call of the downdraft on my soul
I’m the bird in this wind
I’m the wind beneath my wings
I’m irregularity of all that is meant to be
I’m the calm you seek in all your despair of normalcy
Suzanne Mondoux
6 September 2020

7 September 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Believe Me

Hmm, ya, whoa, whoa, whoa
It’s me you’re talking to
It’s me you loved all these years
What’s changed to make you so unhappy with me
Believe me when I say I’m right where I want to be
You’re the one I want to be
Why won’t you believe me
Is it the old me your looking for
Believe me, I’m not the same as I was
Hmm, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa
Whoa, whoa, whoa
You’re breaking my heart when you don’t believe me
Over the years I’ve given you cause
But this time believe me I’m true to your heart
Why are you forsaking all that I’ve said and done
All that I’ve said and done for the sake of our love
Believe me
Believe me
Believe me for just a moment
Feel me in your heart in this instance
Look into my eyes and tell me who you see
I’m so in love with you, believe me
Believe me for the love that you know was true
For the love that is truer than ever
Believe me for another moment
What do you feel
What do you know
What is your heart telling you
Believe me I’m now who I always wanted to be
The difference is vast to our old life
Believe me, what you believe you saw was not what was
I’m so in love with you, believe me
Suzanne Mondoux
7 September 2020

8 September 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Tulip

I forged my way through the winter of my life
Remaining still and quiet until the ground thawed
I wake to the sun on my face and rise to the sky
I’m the tulip that awakened from a sleep
I’m the tulip that stayed and found her way
I had no need to be moved
I planted myself in the ground where I knew I wanted to grow
I let the bees and butterflies visit me
I’m the tulip of time past, present and future with no time gone by
My cup shape heart grows with the rain
I start as the bulb of life and remain as the bloom of time
Flower of the land for many to see
I’m plucked and I’m watered in many homes
I’m the colour you choose that reflects your mood
Tulip to remind you of the new day
Where life begins and finds its way to its end
The blossom of a stem with a flower
I colour parts of the planet
I’m developed in the wild and in your gardens
Where do you see me best
Where is the bud when I’m at rest
What’s the best of me
Tulip in the spring
Or do you see me already in the bud that’s soon to be the bloom of your new day
Tulip of many parts of me and you
I plant me where I soon will be
Suzanne Mondoux
8 September 2020

9 September 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – So Much I Want To Say

Being at your side has been the best part of my life
You held me up when I couldn’t walk alone
I hid my scars and you uncovered my face
So tender your hands and so kind your heart
So much I want to say to you
You saved my life when all the joy seized in my heart
Your finger tapped gently on my anguish
The mad words I let escape you captured with a kiss
So much I want to say about my loss and sorrow
But you take me back home where my heart resides
So much I want to say in the long quiet hours of my day
I stay beside you seeing the life waiting for me
Through the longest nights of bitter cold and nightmares
The fearing crowds in my mind subside by your side
So much I want to say on the growth of my heart
Long gone this slumber weaving through my breath
I think how you captured my heart with a simple
I think how I left myself slide away from life I wanted
So much I want to say to me
To remind me of all that life waits for me
I’m the mother and father of my dreams
I’m the one chance at the life you give me
So much I want to say in love and words can only repeat
I warn me of what once was
So much I want to say in these quiet moments our life
Take my hand and let me lead the way to our hearts
So much I want to say to me
So much I want to say to us
The mad words I now let escape without a sound
My heart captures before your gentle kiss
Suzanne Mondoux
9 September 2020

10 September 2020 Song/Poem of the day – Je t’aime encore

I’d walk to the moon and back just for a kiss
I love your great laugh, deep from your belly
So bright you shine
And when you cry, you cry a river of tears
That’s how I remember you
I loved you then, and je t’aime encore
Je t’aime encore even with all these years gone by
Seeing you standing there I felt love all over again
No one has ever filled the hole in my heart
We were young when parted from one another
My heart told me I’d see you again
You’re children have your smile
The best part of you is in them, I see this in their eyes
They smiled when you told them my name
They know our story
They watched you kiss me and smiled when you said
Je t’aime encore
Je t’aime encore mon amour
Life was lived and we embraced those moments
I thank the stars every night for the crossing of our paths
Every morning I wake to your smile
Your children now mind
The best part of you wrapped in my arms
Je t’aime encore
A new life to live with the love of my life
No more kiss goodbye
Je t’aime encore
Suzanne Mondoux
10 September 2020

11 September 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Got Everybody Thinking

Once upon a time
There lived a monk named Ustan
He told stories of what was to come
What was to go
The world on fire
And the world surrounded with flowers
He got everybody thinking of this and that
He got everybody thinking me, myself and I
He got everybody thinking of you, me and us
He got everybody thinking of who are them
A short time passed before he continued his story
Less and less of us were listening
More and more of us were gone forever
Fewer and fewer of them were them
Then one day he got everybody thinking
Some listened
Some talked
Some turned the other way
Then there were fewer and fewer of us listening
More and more of use were them
Fewer and fewer were us
Then one day he stopped telling his story
Once upon a time had arrived
This time he sang a song of their stories gone by
And he got everybody thinking
There was no more despair
Everyone was gone
There were no more us and them
All life had gone
Only souls drifted by singing along
Once upon a time
There lived a many good people
Some were them
Some were us
Together they got everybody thinking
Together they extinguished everything that was
Suzanne Mondoux
11 September 2020

12 September 2020 Song / Poem of the Day – Willing To Pay

Take me home where I once recognized myself
Where I found my strength to be free
Where I belonged all this time
I’ve wandered this great land of ours
I was willing to pay for what I sought
For what called me
Willing to pay for where I belonged
Once more I seek to go where I’m called
I stand naked to all that judged me
And me worst of all
From one day to the next I was willing to pay to be me
How can I forget what I wanted and what was calling me
How can I go on without being willing to pay for turning the other way
I’m willing to pay for my soul at peace
I’m willing to pay for my heart singing with joy
The beautiful dreams I’ve shared with this world was meant for me
And only me, am I willing to pay for my dreams
Hmm, hmm, hmm, whoa, whoa, whoa
This life of mind willing to pay for my eternity
I’m no longer the fool I was in search of something I would never find
What I found on my journey has lead me back home
The world heard my screams
I found every echo
I felt every thought
Seeking to be found in a place where I thought I belonged
Willing to pay for being found
Willing to pay for turning round and round
Willing to pay to find my way back home
Back to me, where I belong
Suzanne Mondoux
12 September 2020

12 September 2020 2nd Song/Poem of the Day – The blue eye prince

The blue eye prince
Next to his king
In love with his soul
The king gives him a kiss
Forever they remain hidden in the castle
Together as one a love grows like a flower in their garden
Some daffodils and many roses
In the years to come the prince ventures out of the castle
On his journey in search of his king
No where to be found but his heart
The prince returns to his castle and king
The blue eye prince with a twinkle in his heart looks beyond the towering walls
In the light of the morning sun he gazes in the spirit of his king
The blue eye prince falls to his knees and rejoices in the glory of their first kiss
Suzanne Mondoux
12 September 2020

13 September 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Meant To Be

What a palace you’ve made for yourself
You shot your rockets of desires into the universe
Sparkles rained down on you
Then you find yourself behind bars
Was this meant to be
Was this meant to be your soul confined
Your last goodbye so far
You decided to break free and escape
Our demons are never far behind
You killed a man in self defense
Was this his destiny
Meant to be for you it seems
You ran and ran into oblivion
Meant to be a road never traveled
The obscurity of your journey
Meant to be
Wanting to be forgotten
Meant to be
Overlooking all your offences
Is this meant to be
The stupor of your mind
Racing here and there
No stopping the insanity of the situation
You killed a man in self defense
You say this is so
How was this meant to be
Running for your life
Forgetting all that was
Your shadow right behind
Your thoughts all too close
Your sense and sensibility of your rockets of desire
Ashes rain on you
Is this meant to be
Suzanne Mondoux
13 September 2020

14 September 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – History of Love

The past has given us so many stories
The accounts of our lives
And the antiquity of where we began
Time has gone by with you in my arms
Times past without a whisper of where we were headed
This is the history of love of our wildest dreams lived together
The history of love for this present moment
What has happened holds all the virtue of you and me
We’ve studied our past to see us here
The records of these events mattered to this very moment
History of love was the fabric of our background for you and me
Interesting past of what was in a time when we were searching for one another
The historical play of the scenes of our lives
Too fantastical to have unravelled so plainly
The ancient history of love
To be something that happened a long time ago for this very moment
Or perhaps only recently the history of love was the past our future
And is no longer important to see what’s ahead
But to be in this moment
The history of our love
I’m in love with you more today than yesterday
The history of love the influence of my life
The importance of something or anything
Abruptly brought to an end for a new history of love
A new beginning, a new day to fall in love with you all over again
I’m in love with the history of our love
Every step I took to this day marks my history of love
Forever the accounts of our glorious love
A simple narration of our history of love
The story of my tender affections for you
The dearest of desires for us in the history of love
Suzanne Mondoux
14 September 2020

15 September 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Amazing

It’s so easy to see the insignificance of each other
To search for credibility worthy of each others love
And hide the wonder of you
How amazing we are against one another
How amazing we can be for each other
The stunning frenzy of the hidden you in you
The incredible reflection of your shadow
It’s amazing to be ordinary
The poor vision of another
You walk in your own footsteps and no other
Your truth takes account of the bad they see
And the stories of you all plausible
The startling ending of the one and only story
The astonishment of the cruelness of ones closest to you
Amazing the events leading you to this place
Your mortal journey on such insignificant a start
The poor expected outcome upon the dreams secretly tucked away
You paused in a moment grappling at an amazing revelation
How amazing you’ve grown in the judgement of others
You appear amazed that you could walk with your head up eye
To life your spirit with a skip in your stride
They all believed you wouldn’t amount to anything
Amazing of all these unamazing ordinary mortals in judgment of others
Among us is the fancy of an astonishing place
Our soul bewildered to common standard of the unkind in this world
Amazing your strange and wonderful you
Curious to know you
Suzanne Mondoux
15 September 2020

16 September 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Anytime You and Me

Anytime you and me
Forever in harmony
In love once, enough for me
You’re the light of my life
Love of my heart
I smile only because you love me
They said I was a fool
Never would you see me
Never would you give your heart to someone like me
I knew in my heart it was anytime you and me
Time was on my side
Because I waited for you
I was forever at your side
Always listening
Each day learning more and more of who I was in love with
I knew it was anytime for you and me
No two days were the same
No two days did I see you the same
So plain they said I was
Too ordinary for the likes of someone like you
My heart whispered anytime now you and me
Never once did I doubt
Always twice I looked your way
I saw you in the shop that day
You looked my way
You smiled
I invited you to tea
Not today, but anytime
Anytime you and me was right around the corner
Ever since then it’s been you and me
Suzanne Mondoux
16 September 2020

17 September 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – You’re Leaving Me

I know what you’re doing
I can see the love for me draining from you heart
You’re eyes stopped smiling at me
I know you’re leaving me
Can you tell me
You’re silence is killing me
You don’t touch me anymore
I’m so lonely with you next to me
You’re back to me in bed is too cruel
Why are you torturing me
You’re leaving me
I know you’re leaving me
Why don’t you say it
Why haven’t you done it already
What do you want to say or do
You’re leaving me in agony
I can’t take this anymore
My heart is breaking
I can’t stand the pain
I don’t know how much more I can take
Why, why, why
Why are you killing me this way
You’re leaving me
I see it in the way you stare at me
I see it when you look away from me
You’re leaving me
Hmm, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa
You’re hurting me
You’re leaving me when you say you love me
You love me, how so
You’re hurting me
Suzanne Mondoux
17 September 2020

18 September 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Believe That It’s True

Believe that it’s true
Know what you’ve done to me and you
It’s so simple all the lying and cheating
Such great stories to keep me loving you
Believe that it’s true the wrong you done
What’s been said and done is not forgotten
What’s been cried over is now over
What’s been painful to do is now easy
Believe that it’s true that I’m leaving you
There’s no turning back
No more wishing for things to be different
It’s spent half my life wanted you to be different
I’m now spending the rest of my life being me, different
Me being me for the love of me
This time believe that it’s true that I have what it takes to make it on my own
That I have what it takes to be better then I was
Believe that it’s true that I’m walking out that door happier than I’ve ever been
I’ve lived much too long a life of misery
A life knowing the wrong you were doing to me, to us
The wrong I was doing to myself
Believe that it’s true I’ve forsaken nothing to make it right for me
Believe that it’s true that you’ll come knocking and I’ll be gone
No more crawling back
No more shedding tears
Believe that’s it true you have condemn yourself to a longer life of misery
Believe that it’s true you will be lonely without me
Believe that it’s true you will now know how loved you were
Believe that it’s true you will for the first time know you without me
Suzanne Mondoux
18 September 2020

19 September 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Into My Heart

I know what I want to say to make this right
I fought so hard to get us here
What could I have done to make it different
It took but a moment for you to get into my heart
What tragedy is greater than us apart
They forced my hand to keep you far from me
The battle now into my heart is not your fault
All that’s left are your letters
I dare not get you closer and into my heart
I love you too much to forsaken you to such a life
My darling you are better off to find another
Never again can I let you into my heart, so close
Better for you to walk the other way
I will always long for you and me
I will dream of you in my heart
I will nurture our memories and remember you before this day
I beg you keep a small piece of me into your heart
But I must set you free
Never shall you reach into my heart with your kiss
With a single touch for both of us to survive this day
To survive what’s to come
I do this because I love you
Only you can get into my heart
Only you can take this love and make a life
Without us you will survive
I will survive because I’ll remember you in my heart
Into my heart is forsaken forever for you and me
Because I love you more
Suzanne Mondoux
19 September 2020

20 September 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Next To Nothing

It’s impossible to be this alone and without love for so long
What was believed so long ago is now keeping me apart from you and everyone
So close I came to choosing something else
It was next to nothing thinking I could be happy without you
I was flawed in my perception of who I was and wanted to be
It was next to nothing to deny myself unwavering love
To be seen in the fanfare and fancy free society
In the lunacy of bright lights and socialites
It was nothing thinking I was free in the world I created
It was nothing being blind to the bondage imposed of such a life
I saw you in the shadow of my life
Free of all emotional involvement
Free of commitment to you or anyone
Especially free of commitment to myself
It was nothing being untouchable by anyone or anything
Till that one day facing myself alone in the mirror
It was next to nothing worshiping the stranger before me
It was next to nothing turning the other cheek
But this failed so miserably
I wasn’t there
I just wanted to hurt me
I searched for my consciousness
It was everything to do something different
It was possible to see me with love
To believe in an open heart and embracing a new life I created
Soon it became next to impossible to deny myself all love
I shut the door to my lunatic world
It was next to impossible to be as I was
Instead, it became next to nothing to be with you and me
Suzanne Mondoux
20 September 2020

21 September 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – A Little Happiness

It started with no hope in sight
Nowhere to go and nothing to see
All was dead and gone
The only thing left was tomorrow
With certainty the sun would rise
And that was a little happiness to get us through to tomorrow
A little happiness of witnessed in the wonders of life
All it took was to look here and there
A bounty of a little happiness right before our eyes
Every moment of the day
A world once known we saw no more
Its end shown bright at sunset
Waiting for the sunrise replenished that little bit of hope
A little happiness sprinkled in the early morning glow
Never again this world will return to us
Never again shall we know what was given to us
A little happiness precious as gold we let go
Precious as the souls of all lives once known
No man, no animal, no plant, no life more equal now than ever
But never shall it return in this world we let go
A little happiness in the morning sun is all we have
Who’s left to see the glory of a world others will never know
No stories will capture that creation
No stories will tell the truth of what ended our creation
A little happiness in the staring up a the sun
A lingering light once recognized as life
All gone when it sets itself to sleep
Yet a little happiness when it decides to return to us each tomorrow
Suzanne Mondoux
21 September 2020

22 September 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Chasing Rainbows

I’ve been everywhere chasing rainbows
No two the same and never on the same day
All roads leading to nowhere
Yet all I knew was chasing rainbows
What did I know so certainly to lead me here
What was I blind to
Chasing rainbows was a no no in my circle
But I couldn’t let go
I dangled from arcs
I launched all of me from its bow
Was there really false hope in chasing rainbows
Was there not an assortment of life out there for me
I’m made of many different things
Chasing rainbows is one of them
It’s what I know than just what’s in my circle
I have a variety of colour in me
They span moving in and out of what I know
Chasing rainbows isn’t all that bad
My bridge is the arch curving where I need to go
Where I want to go
Chasing rainbows is in pursuit of me
Making me run towards where I want to be
I’ve stopped wasting time and got on with chasing more rainbows
I see now all the roads lead somewhere
Chasing rainbows has lead me out of my circle
I’m in my own frame
Easy to step out when I chose to chase my next rainbow
Engrave my footsteps in this world
I decorate it with all colours of the rainbow
With all the possibilities I know exist out there for me
Suzanne Mondoux
22 September 2020

23 September 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Spread My Wings

All I wanted to do was ride my banana seat bike
And spin around in my go-cart
I was the tomboy of the town
But didn’t feel I was a boy
I was just a girl who did what she felt
Mother said never mind the other and do what you want
That day I spread my wings
I rode my bike as far away from this town
And bought go-cart for grown ups
No one knew how far I was gone
I spread my wings in the vastest of plains
You’re a beautiful woman they would say
How unusual you look
One of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen
I still dreamed of banana seat bike
And I was always behind the wheel of my go-cart
I spread my wings away from what they wanted
With the wind beneath my wings I followed the trail of my dreams
It was time to go home when mother died
Even though she said to stay on my trail of dreams
Nobody expected to see me
They saw what they remembered of me
How surprised they were to know how wrong they were of me
I spread my wings so far way from this town I had not recognized them either
Together we rekindled the glory of the banana seat bike
I found my old go-cart and whizzed around this old town of mind
I spread my wings in the world that lead me to my dreams
It was time to leave again
But this time I looked behind and kissed them goodbye
Time for me to spread my wings while walking towards my dreams
I’m the woman they never knew
I’m the woman I discovered along the way
Suzanne Mondoux
23 September 2020

24 September 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Gaze Into

Hmm, so bright the sky tonight
So many stars gazing over me
I can reach up and touch the sky
Into my hand they fall
I gaze into the stars and they sing back to me
I gaze into the light of a life once lived
Into the window of a soul once known
And beyond a single dream of the footsteps before me
So long ago was only yesterday
And today I gaze into the story of the beginning of one life
Each star a soul
Each soul a story untold
One never knows the wonder of the tales
A spirit surviving in death gazes into the depth of life
I gaze into this unknown
The emotion of the sphere of my possession to see
My passion the essence of my perfection
The essential gaze into my individual
So long this regard to seek a steady look at me
To gape at the shape of my humanity
And gawk at the fixed society
Ordinary in its men and women
Who gaze into a collective sense
Hmm, so bright my eyes gaze into the unfamiliar
All too familiar and strange
With no entity or identity
I remain nameless
New as I gaze into somebody widely known to me alone
Suzanne Mondoux
24 September 2020

25 September 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Lemonade

Hey when I get the blues
Suppressing those feelings deep into my pit of sorrow
How do I satisfy my thirst for a bit of relief from the blues
To know a little exhilaration, just a bit
Then I come by that familiar lemonade stand
The joys of my childhood
My sweetheart from so long ago
All the love was there in that lemonade stand
The first time I bought her a lemonade
So sweet she squint those big brown eyes
I wanted to kiss her right there and then
She smiled and skipped away to the next lemonade stand
I was right behind
Hey when I get the blues
I search for that lemonade stand
I know I can’t be free from where I’ve been
But I can remember that sweet lemonade kiss
The single blissful feeling to get me back from the blues
That memory always just around the corner from my pit of sorrow
I feel that heartbeat that kept me alive and well back then
Hmm that familiar lemonade stand
My sweetheart from so long ago in every dream
This misery does not want this company to get me out of the blues
I’m not that cruel
I want my sweetheart to see me as I was
I’ll follow every lemonade stand until I’m rid of the blues
I want one more lemonade kiss to appease the beast inside me
Hmm suppressing those feelings deep into my pit of sorrow
No longer serving me
Hmm I’ll get back to that lemonade stand
For one more lemonade kiss
Suzanne Mondoux
25 September 2020 

26 September 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Marmalade

What’s been up and down in this crazy world of mind
Marmalade and toast is all that feels good
It’s but a great day when you can have marmalade
With a nice cup of tea
So divine the combined taste
A hint of its spell on my lips
Seasoned with the Gods of citrus
A zest of marmalade in the air
The tang of its verb of its savour
Oh, la, la, la, la
Whoa, la, la, la
The aroma of my marmalade
Makes this crazy world all the better
Relish in the hearty punch of marmalade
Exciting this hearty gusto of oranges
Passion for the piquant of flavours
Appetite of a beast
Never too much marmalade on my toast
With a nice cup of tea
Oh, la, la, la, la
Whoa, la, la, la
What a delight this blissful food
A strong taste of citrus on my tongue
I like all too much this marmalade
A simple pleasure from the Gods of the orange
Delight, delightful,
Oh, la, la, la, la
Whoa, la, la, la
MMMM marmalade on my toast
Suzanne Mondoux
26 September 2020

27 September 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Things We Do For Love

They say all you need is a little bit of love
Give a little, take a little
It’s so easy
Love is everywhere
You just have to want it
You just have to give it
Hmm, things we do for love
What don’t we do for love
What we sacrifice for love
It seems everything
Every part of ever thing
Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa
Hmm, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa
Things we do for love
Sometimes it comes
Sometimes it doesn’t
Yet we still search for love
No matter if we never find it
What’s it all about this silly life of ours
What’s the point for any of it
When you don’t know love
And yet willing to do anything for it
Things we do for love sometimes leaves tears behind
Sometime too much sorrow
And if lucky a little joy
Things we do for love
Never the same thing twice it seems
What’s the thing we wouldn’t do for love
Who would dare to be so bold
Suzanne Mondoux
27 September 2020

28 September 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Love Is Blind

So you want to run away from me
From all that love that we’ve shown one another
I used to feel this was all there was
And I see there’s more to life that just you and me
Love is blind from someone who doesn’t want to love
Love is blind to all that doesn’t want it
But love can be blind to the flaws of one’s heart
When all there is is truly love
Hmm, whoa, whoa, whoa
Love is blind in all the best stories of love
We see what want to see
We love what we want to love
We ignore what will bring us pain
I see why you are running from me
You say your love is blind to my flaws
But yet you leave
You leave me for another
Love is blind
Hmm, whoa, whoa, whoa
No matter which way you look
Love is bind to me and you
We’ve searched so hard for one another
In our blind fury we found each other
You caught me when I crumbled
And caught me when I fell for another
Love is blind to our demise
No rules of love for you and me
Love is blind from day to day in this day we’ve created
I hold you strong now and forever when you walk away
You hold my hand as I walk the other way
Love is blind to the flaws we’ve held on so tight
To love we did have that was true
Love is blind for you and me
Suzanne Mondoux
28 September 2020

29 September 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Sometimes I Feel Sometimes I Don’t

What more can I say
Sometimes I feel sometimes I don’t
It’s just the way it’s always been
An ocean of tears one day
Buckets of laughter the other
Then nothing
It’s all I can say
Sometimes I feel sometimes I don’t
It’s no wonder I don’t know where I’m going or what I’m doing
It’s a mystery to my soul
I’m stone cold one day
I’m all kisses the next
What am I made of
What are feelings
I’m so jittery
I wobble so easily
Sometimes I feel sometimes I don’t
Carry me away into another world
I want to know what’s to come
I want to feel the feeling of knowing
Sometimes I feel sometimes I don’t
What’s the use of trying to be stable
What’s the use of trying to be sane
Crazy is what I feel most of the time
Worry is what consumes me most
Panic of the unknown takes my breath away
Yet sometimes I feel sometimes I don’t
Am I made of stone
Am I made of something but of someone of this world
Too sane to know the different
Too sane to see the answer right before my eyes
What’s this something of feelings I feel sometimes and sometime I don’t

Suzanne Mondoux
29 September 2020

30 September 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – No Warning

No warning for this kind of love
Much to my surprise I fell in love with you
Right there and then
No questions needed
I knew you  
No warning for such love is fine with me
Hmm, Whoa, Whoa, La, La, La
No warning for such love is fine with me
It’s the magic of love
It’s the splendour of our existence
Who could want for more
No warning for me and you
That’s the magic of love
La, la, la, la, la
No warning my darling of what was given to us
The affection you give with no warning
Blissful is my life
I adore you beyond words
My dearest no warning for any of our desires
Passionate affection requires no warning
Eliciting only my enthusiasm for a kiss
Your gentle touch
As I worship our God of love
Giving us no warning of what was to come
No warning of such a romance
Lasted a lifetime
My sweetheart, my love
I like you so very much my dearest
No warning to loving you so deeply
The adoration of your kiss
Of your soul you leave so gently in my hands
Hmm, Whoa, Whoa, La, La, La
La, la, la, la
No warning for such love is fine with me
Suzanne Mondoux
30 September 2020