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Ongoing Poem started 14 August 2020 – There goes the lunatic

There goes the lunatic
There goes the lunatic they say
Off she goes on her own in her finest dress
Face painted with too much makeup
Knotted hair and smelling of cheap perfume
She says she comes from the stars
Lived on the moon
And swam with the sharks
She says she will forever be young in this world and the one she really comes from
Every morning she smiles as she walks by the shops
She knows they laugh behind her back
But she slows her pace and waits for the sound of their laughter
As they whisper, there goes the lunatic
Too kind for words
Too humble for tears
She looks down at her feet and smiles
She taps the tips of her gold shoes on the sidewalk
Tap dances as she goes
Looking up at the sky
Singing out loud
There goes the lunatic
Children run by and sing with her
There goes the lunatic
Some spit at her, others kick her
She remains humble and stares at the sky
I’ve come here to this place you call earth
To live amongst the human beings of this planet
To experience humanity at its best
To create my life and feel the joy of what humans are meant to feel
To feel life
To know life
To experience life in all of its contrast
I know mankind can be kind
I know mankind can be cruel
But I know mankind can be like me and not know they are me
Many turn away from fear of themselves
To see their true reflection and see what’s really there
I like to see whom smiles back at me
My mirror reflects no lies
There I go again, smiling at me
That’s me, the lunatic in the mirror
Suzanne Mondoux
14 August 2020
See you tomorrow

15 August 2020
My real name is Luna
And I come from a planet not of your universe
But from a universe with only one planet
One star and one moon
I like to sing, and I think I sing very well
I like to dance, and I think I dance very well
My favourite singer on your planet is Freddie Mercury
I see him here and there on occasion
I see many humans who want to sore free in their every day life
But I see that they fear their greatest freedom
But I’m here to experience my own life
I’m the lunatic they say
I’m the freak everyone talks about
I’m famous I suppose for who I am and not who I pretend to be
This morning during my walk I saw bird on the ground
It had fallen from its nest in the tree
Mother bird cried from above
I picked up the bird and stretched my arm to reach the nest
And placed the bird back in its nest
I continued walking to where I was going that morning
And that could be where I decided I would go that day
When I reached the end of the sidewalk I turned right and headed for the beach
I could smell the sea
I could taste the salt on my lips
I could hear the waves crashing on the beach
The gulls sung out loud
The seals called out my name
From the distance I could see the sharks swim by
They poked out their dorsal fin to let me know they were there
The seals dare not go in
Instead they waited until the coast was real
The songs of whales caught my ear
I turned and there they were breaching just for me
I joined the seals
Sat amongst them and watched the show

There goes the lunatic
16 August 2020
It was a warm summer day
Seawater splashed on my face
The waves rolled up to my feet
I lay there until sunset waiting for the million little crabs to come up from beneath the sand
There they were all around me heading for the water
I watched the stars poke through the sky
I looked up at my planet
Only I could see the other universe with its one planet
My planet is orange and yellow
It is made mostly of sand and trees
The trees are orange and the sand is yellow
There are many like me that have traveled to different universes
I chose this place you called earth because I had heard so many wonderful things about your blue planet
I’m searching for these wonderful things every day and I find something wonderful every day
Sometime I don’t even have to leave the house or my back yard
I listen to the song written for this blue planet by Freddie Mercury
You may have heard of it, There Must Be More To Life Than This
Why is your world so full of hate?
Why do you destroy what you create?
Yes, in the end we all must die.
But aren’t you curious about living a better life than you’ve created
Some say C’est la vie…
Is it?
Anyway this is my moment of reflection
It’s time for me to go swim with the sharks again
I removed my shoes and my dress
I stand naked on the beach under the full moon
I stepped into the water and follow the moon lit path
I dove beneath the water
There they wait for me, the great white shark
I grabbed a dorsal fin and off we swam in the deep blue sea
Suzanne Mondoux
16 August 2020