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Lyricist – Author, Poet Suzanne Mondoux – SONGS / POEMS OF THE DAY August 2020

1 August 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Lost

It’s been a long while since I’ve known anything
This feeling of lost so deep in my skin it’s all I feel
The lost of it all for a moment of glory
For the fame of my vanity
For the hint of what I thought it would be
So lost I was in my shadow so close to me
All undecided I was in the willingness so grand
There I was alone with my fans
There I was in the spot light next to no one
I almost lost best part of me in this light
Where to go from here
Do I find myself in the lost and found
Rummaging through what’s left behind the box with my name on it
A touch of myself in the forever of my life still remains
Can this be so, to become found in myself
No more lost in the glory of my fame
How a forever can really be undone
I call to myself in a loving gentle way
I look for me in the real of me
Lost can be undone with my own truth
I want to be free of me, of what I’ve done to me
Once I was in the lost box in the corner of the room
Only to be found again
In the lost and found for just a moment
Lost was undone in my own truth

Suzanne Mondoux
1 August 2020

2 August 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Rescue

I was standing on the edge of the cliff
I heard a car driving singing out loud a rock n roll song
I turned to follow the sound
The car parked at the look out point
Echoed the rock n roll song
I stepped off the ledge
On that morning rock n roll rescued my soul
I followed the music and there he was sitting behind the wheel in his fancy convertible
He looked up at me and smiled
I smiled back with a tear in my eye
Turn up that radio was all I said
He leaned over and said jump in
I jumped into the rock n roll
He asked me what I was doing all the way out here
Someone was killed here and I came to say goodbye
I didn’t know I could be rescued
Rescued by rock n roll driving by
Until this moment I was someone else who thought had to die
Nobody knows this but me
I walked a fine line between life and death in the light of single life
Quiet and alone and unknown by many
‘Til I was rescued by this rock n roll song
So fine the song
I’ll keep a close watch now on this life of mind
Never to be rescued again
In this rock n roll band the angels sing
Rescued by the singing angels
Rock n roll rescuing a single soul
He asked me if I wanted to stay
Lets go and crank up the radio

Suzanne Mondoux
2 August 2020

3 August 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Breaking My Heart

When all the life has been kicked out of me
You pointed at me so savagely at the life we had
All that was left were the ashes you scattered at my feet
I never knew you had it so bad
Breaking your heart was not my dream
But breaking my heart seems to be yours
Hmm, baby how could I have been so wrong about you, about us
You’re breaking my heart in so many ways
Never did I know one could feel so much pain
Being in such despair never crossed my mind, my heart
Where did I go so wrong with us
You’re breaking my heart for the first time but how divine
How painful the words you say to me
Breaking my heart you do so well
There are no more tears left in me
Can’t you see what you’re doing
Hmm, baby how could I have been so wrong about you, about your love for me
All the dreams we shared, and the ones we talked about
Was breaking my heart so divinely one of them
How could I have not known
Oh, my love you’re breaking my heart
Please stop with the ugly words
Now I see how much you hurt, the pain you feel
But baby, my love, I am not the one who caused you such pain
Why are you breaking my heart for the pain you feel
Breaking my heart is not the way out
I hear you scream
I see you cry
How can we go on like this, so ugly we are like this
Hmm, baby could I have been so wrong
Show me it isn’t so
I’ve seen your heart, I know what you’re made of
I’ve felt your love, I’ve seen and felt all of your sadness
Breaking my heart my love is not the way out
Suzanne Mondoux
3 August 2020

4 August 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Twice You And Me

They say it will be alright this coming and going
There is still love there, so it’s not over yet
Once before we’ve packed our bags and went our separate ways
As much apart we were, as much together we were
Together again you and me
Twice you and me, twice lucky, this time forever
Twice you and me for keeps this time
Are we really staying together
Why did we part from one another
What do we see different time
Twice you and me
Why do we think it will work this time
You and me, we said these words before
You and me, we played these roles before
Twice you and me
Is it because of our greatest fear of being alone
Is it because of our greatest fear of being loved
Twice you and me, is it a new life to live
What of the past, the things we’ve said and done to one another
What of the future, can we really let go
Twice you and me just for today
Together you and me looking into the crystal ball for new memories
When twice you and me, can we really be new, live our dreams
Never two days the same, is this our good luck, our chance at you and me
Twice you and me, is this the trick, one day at a time
Let go of each others expectations
Instead embrace one another like when we were new lovers
Twice you and me as new lovers is the better place to be
Suzanne Mondoux
4 August 2020

5 August 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – What Is Love

You say you love me over and over again
This time you say you really mean it
It’s not your words I need, it’s your love I need
You say one thing and you do another
What is love to you
What is love to you
What is love to me
Never does it meet in the middle
You stray, I stay
You beg forgiveness, I give it
You hold me, I cry
What is love in your heart
Can you feel my love for you
Do you want my love
I always give it to you so freely
What is love in our misery
Is it true what we say to each other
Is it true, I am, what is love to you
I’m your everything you say
What is love for you and me
What is love you keep from me
I feel I’m the stranger of the two
There’s no me in our us
What is love lingering between us
Always in reach, but never touching
What is love with us
Never have I seen it
Never have I felt it
How much I want to
You say I am what is love for you
Help me know this is true
What is love for me and you
Suzanne Mondoux
5 August 2020

6 August 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Take Me Back To My Grave

It’s so easy to see what they’ve done now
How things were and what was what
This little street where I roamed
In this small town once called home
How things were when I was here
I was so young when I met my grave
The angry hand that put me there
I roam the house where I once lived
I see the story play over and over again
How sad they were those that put me in my grave
Take me back to my grave where I can sleep now
No more unrest, no more questions
Take me back to my grave and leave them at peace
Their sin is done, forever this is where they will be
I want to rest in my dreams
Take me back to my grave and let me rest
I wait for them with open arms
They too have died, in prison their soul remains
I wish different for me so please take me back to my grave
No more walking down dark halls
No more standing over the living weeping on their knees
Their deed is done and there’s no returning for me
I wait patiently
Take me back to my grave
Suzanne Mondoux
6 August 2020

7 August 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – No Place Alone

I’m always home alone
And when I see you walking by
I turn away and close the blinds
And peek through the cracks
I stay hidden so afraid you’ll find me out
I’m no place alone
I fear you’ll turn away
I watch you walk by
You’re my sunrise and my sunset
What if I step out and you see me there
I’m ugly, I’m the beast next door
I live behind my scars
No place alone where it’s called home
Only tears to dreams what could be
So no place alone in this dreary castle next to yours
Do you even know I exist
No place alone in this paradise
Standing at the window in the shadow
I watch you laugh with your friends
No place alone where you would want to be with me
The flower at your door each morning, that’s me
Have you ever seen me, I wonder
I’m the beast next door, the scars are my face
No place alone is for me and not us
Seems like it would be a long time before I step out into the sunshine
My time is lonely, alone in this place called paradise
My castle next to yours, with no prince next door
No place alone for only the beast
I wish one day you could see me
Suzanne Mondoux
7 August 2020

8 August 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Finders Fee

He broke off the look when I looked his way
With his unpleasantness he will release me
Never to be found again, in an unknown place
He will search, and generously provide a finders fee
No words can comfort the ills he’s done
I look forward to what comes after him
I’m no man’s property, no man’s prize
A generous finders fee is what he’s made of me
No sparing his honour or his pride
I run and hide, a foreigner of my society I become
I appeal to his friends, they too turn away
A finders fee is what I’m worth
Many want to collect, a few more want me dead instead
And they give me away for a slice of bread
Who could be the beggar of life, me or them
I beg no more, a finders fees is what I’m worth
I know there’s a road ahead, I dare to take it
I dare to know my own strength
I dare to be more than his finders fee
No matter how hard or unpleasant it can be
I’m a prophet of my own life
I seek the right to live my life
No more appeal to live my life
I walk amongst the many other women with a finders fee on their heads
We spare ourselves of the dreary honour laid upon our souls
A finders fee I pay myself for the life I live no more
Suzanne Mondoux
8 August 2020

9 August 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Relief

Release me from this bondage of the life created for me
Let me live my life as I see fit
Can’t you see the struggles you created
Get some relief from knowing there’s joy in living life
Free me from the anxiety you seek
You say it’s normal, this way of life
There’s respite in each breath you take
It’s a new moment to seek some relief
Relief can be felt when you make it your normal
Factor the end of your anxiety in the life you live
Can you see this possibility
The reprieve of a new normal of day to day life
Relief can be seen in your face, in your day to day smile
What a stark contrast for creating a diversion
Relief from your belief that life is a struggle
How so, whose made this true for you
Aid to those in need of some relief
Start with you, liberate yourself
Replace your fears with relief
Liberation from the siege you placed yourself in
Be your work of art
Relief can be worn on your sleeve
Felt in your heart
Suzanne Mondoux
9 August 2020

10 August 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Rain No More

It’s a rainbow kind of life
Rain no more the shadows of the lives come and gone
Way up high above the clouds is where you will find me
Rain no more on my soul of every blinded colour
Wish upon me for my dreams is how it will be
Rain no more over the rainbow
In all its glow is where you will find me
Rain is needed for the colours of my souls
But rain no more despair for me to grow
In light and love in the glow of the rain is where I grow
Rain no more tears for me to see clearly who I am
What a delight to see me in my new reflection
Oh, I see
Trees and flowers bloom all around in the rain of no more pain
Big white clouds let go their teardrops
I open my arms to rain no more hate on me and you
When you’re ready join me in the rain no more that keeps you apart from you
How do you do my new friend colours of the rainbow
I think to myself rain no more parting contrast of despair
Keeping us apart from one another, what does that make of you and me
Rain no more colourless rainbow
Suzanne Mondoux
10 August 2020

11 August 2020 Song/Poem of the day – Cool Wind

So long the days and lonely nights
They take me to the darkest places
The moment you disappeared
Since then I’ve never seen the light of day
Only felt the cool wind on my face
The laces you left on edge of the bed
They are still there waiting for you
But you went away so far away into the stars
And sometimes I see you walking by
I let the cool wind wash over my face
Reminds me of you, your gentle kiss
The heavens took you away all for themselves
To leave me alone in a way I’ve ever known
The cool wind of you on my face is all I know
I remember it so well
The many ways you kissed me
The many ways you held me
The Gods are lucky to have you all to their own
They let me see you here and there
But you’re everywhere in this house and where we walked every day
The cool wind of you on my face is all I know
Lead me to where you are
I want to be with you to remain in the love that we are
Our children cry out so I must stay
So painful my alone with the cool with of you on my face
Suzanne Mondoux
11 August 2020

12 August 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Ocean Breeze

Light of the wind
Something easy to feel
Go somewhere briskly with ease
Accomplish your desires easily
I’m the ocean breeze on your back
Take to me easily and let me help you along the way
No need to struggle through your dreams
Let my gust of wind lift your feet
Ease into the draught
A cold burst of wind, a swig of lightness
Drink the ocean breeze to help with the heavy loads
And let me guide the depth of your ship below the surface of the water
My whisper is the puff of air you hear here and there
Close to your ear, straight into your heart
I’m the ocean breeze you seek
Your lightness of foot on your journey ahead
Light wind in the heat of the sun
Gentle wind on your knees before your God
Come and go in your dreams light hearted
Breeze on knowing all is alright
I’m that cool breeze that blows your hair around and rustles the leaves
I see how you feel
I feel the sound you love to hear
I move you along with your feet on the ground
I’m the ocean breeze that moves you
I’m your musical instrument that breaths through you
Sing to me the flow of you in your space
I want to hear the song your sing
I’m the air who carries your voice
Plays your instrument
I’m your ocean breeze
I’m the feeling you seek
Suzanne Mondoux
12 August 2020

13 August 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Chance At Love

So many times I saw you sitting at the end of the bar
I stayed on my side and watched you sip your wine
You swayed in your seat to rhythm and blues
One night you went to the dance floor and danced alone
I watched you move
I knew then you were my chance at love
The band vanished behind you
You parted the sea with a gentle pivot
You’re all I could see
You’re all I could dream
You were my chance at love
The lights grew dim and music slowed
My chance at love came with a dance
I put out my hand and you followed my steps
In that moment I embraced my chance at love
We danced all night
It was last call
You sipped your wine
And let me walk you home
I knew you where my chance at love  
So many years have gone by
You are my chance at love
Each day I watch you from morning to night
You’re in my arms
Each day I know my chance at love
Suzanne Mondoux
13 August 2020

14 August 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Lightning Bolt

I didn’t know what I was waiting for until you walked by
I caught a glimpse of what I wanted more
A lightning more right through my heart
I changed my ways and waited for you to walk into my life again
You changed me into something I didn’t know could go
I turned a page for the lightning bolt
Oh ya baby it felt so good I want some more
Now you’re always on my mind
But I’m not worried I know I’ll see you again
Hmm, oh ya baby you’re my lightning bolt
I love the way you move
Soon you’ll walk down my street
I get to feel you’re lightning bolt all over again
You can stop any train
The leaves tremble when you walk by
All eyes on you so fine you are
The birds in the trees sing out loud
You’re our lightning bolt
Give us some more of your beauty
Once my friend, now my wife
You showed me how love could be
Forever my lightning bolt
But better yet I love your goodness
How kind you are
So gentle your touch to all life
I love the sound of your footsteps and your laughter
I know you’re nearby
The lightning bolt of love and goodness arrives
I rise to my feet and bow to the love of my love
Suzanne Mondoux
14 August 2020

15 August 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – A Friendship Love

I want to be where you want to be
I want to see what you want to see
You’re my best friend
A friendship love of you and me
You’re my heart and my soul
I love this life with you and me
Sometimes we don’t see each other for a very long time
Sometimes we don’t talk for a very long time
But I always know you’re there with me
I feel you
You’re my friendship love
A love that no other can ever replace
That no other who loves you and me would want to replace
A friendship love with you is a walk in the park
A garden of wild flowers
A great wine
And a joy of my life
You’re the laughter I feel in my heart
The hand that wipes my tears
The arms that hug my soul
You’re a friendship love of a life I want to live
No matter our troubles
No matter our sorrows
Our friendship love knows it all
I know when you think of me
I feel when you smile at me
I love when you send me a kiss
My friendship love
Forever you and me
Suzanne Mondoux
15 August 2020

16 August 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – My Love For You

Oh my love for you what a feeling
I look into your eyes and I know who I am
I know who you are from the way you kiss me
The first time I saw you
The first time we laughed together
They were the best moments of my life
I love you like no other
My love for you I want to know forever
I see the way you look at me
I love those moments when I catch you staring at me
I’ll follow you where ever you go
You’re in my heart no matter how far apart we are
Oh my love for you is that kiss on my cheek
I sleep so peacefully when you’re next to me
I dream in colour
I love you in colour
Never have I known such love could be as good
You and me what a feeling
I love that our love started so young
They said it would never last
I knew the day I saw you it was forever you and me
My love for you only grew
Our colours grew brighter
Our dreams got bigger
Oh my love for you is forever
It’s a magic everyone should know
Some are lucky twice
But I’m happy with just this once
My love for you never too much
Never to young it was
Suzanne Mondoux
16 August 2020

17 August 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Hand Picked For Paradise

You were hand picked for paradise
The paradise on this earth and the ones with the Gods
You lived your life unapologetically
Filled with laughter and even filled with tears
Your loneliness was paramount
I could see it
Your heart yearning for love
I could feel it
Your body ached for a loving touch
I saw you
You were hand picked for paradise of the world of songs and music
For a world where you could be free to be yourself
In a world still yet unsure of itself
I knew you well
I loved you well as you loved me so
We were friends
Lovers in another world
Lovers in another life
I saw you see me in the mix of who you were
You were hand picked for paradise of a world that still remembers you
In a world you never knew
In a world that may have been more forgiving of you
You were my friend
We remember you has you were
I sometimes see you here and there
I sometimes feel you next to me
The sound of your voice on the radio sooths me
Photos of you are always in view
I loved you then
I love you still my friend
My lover, my best friend
You were hand picked for a paradise just for you
Suzanne Mondoux
17 August 2020

18 August 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – I’m On A Platform

Here I am standing tall and bright
Looking forward and into the light
I like the sound of the silent all around
I’m a on a platform of the ride of my life
No two birds the same fly by with wingspans as wide as the sky
With ease they glide into the horizon, into the center of the sun
It’s neither day, neither night
I’m in between the moon rise and the sun rise
I’m on a platform of the end of a life
A new life arises, a new moon rise and new sun rise
Where in the circle of life am I
How did I begin, how did I end
I’m on a road leading me onto a platform where I’ve never been
A bird returns and lands on my head
There is no sound, no light ahead
The bird waits for the rise of the new moon and the new sun
Wait in this moment, sang the bird
My feet feel wet
I’m in the sea
I’m on a platform with no beginning or end
A peacock floats by, a second and a third
And on and on they fill the sea
To my surprise I’m walking on water
To my surprise I’m on platform where no man has gone before
And I’m still alive and doing well
So magnificent is my life
So magnificent is the ride of my life
Suzanne Mondoux
18 August 2020

18 August 2020 2nd Song of the day – In The Shadow Of Your Love
I walk in the shadow of your love
So far I’ve come
Is this where I belong in a story of love
I seek myself in the bliss of what I believed was love
Oh please let me see the difference and let me know how to find it
It’s all but blur in the shadow of your love

Nowhere or any time did you say I love you
Nowhere or any time did you say I do not love you
You held me so well and you kissed me like no other
I believed you and every tender moment
I gave you all that was me, all that was true
I’ve come so far on my own to find myself in the shadow of your love

What a place to be when you know no differently
Do you remember me the one you held so close
The one you said to I will never let you go
You let go and now I find myself in the shadow of your love

Is there anything left for me to hang onto, to grip
What were those words you said to me that made me believed you loved me
What were those things you did to me that made me feel you loved me
Where did you go and what did you do to leave me in the shadow of your love

Suzanne Mondoux
18 August 2020

19 August 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Life Never Goes

It’s so brilliant what you’ve done
What mystery you’ve created
I see it now and I want to know how it’s done
Life never goes in one direction
Thank goodness for that
Only now can I say hooray to that
Life never goes the same way twice
It may seem as so but when I looked closely
I’ve stepped on a different road
It may not be as I hoped
Sometimes better, sometimes worse
But I never cease to take a good look at where it goes
I found my magic in my line of sight
Life never goes in a spiral unless I made it so
I jumped through hoops and skipped a step
I’ve turned back the clock to find it tick-tock back ahead
Hooray for what sets me forward
I dive into the deep end where life never goes without my soul
No matter what I’ve done
No matter who I’ve hurt
Life never goes beyond what I know
What I see, unless I make it so
For good or bad, life never goes on without me
Against me, or for just me
Life never goes astray
I’m the writer of my life
Life never goes to far from me
Never goes into a spiral unless I make it so
Suzanne Mondoux
19 August 2020

20 August 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – What’s Love To you

Sing me a song of what’s love to you
Let me hear the melody of your heart
I drum to the beat of your heart
You’re my divine existence
My divine inspiration of love to me
To sing me a song of what’s love to you
Is a message from heaven
From all the angels of love
All that I know is you
All that is in me is you
What’s love to you
Is there ever too much love
You’re never too far away from me
You never went wrong with you and me
Never torn between what could be
And it seems you’re always on the edge of sunshine
Never too bright, always by the light
Just right in your own light
What’s love to you in your darkest days I’ve seen you cry
How can this ever be made up to you
What’s love to you
Does it make you alive
Or does it kill you
Sing to me your melody
Let me know your heart as it ought to be
As you know it and want it to be
What’s love to you
No fooling
What’s love to you
You’re eyes can tell no lie
Sing me your glory of what is love to you
Suzanne Mondoux
20 August 2020

21 August 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – See The World

Gonna ride a train and see the world
I’m gonna find the magic at every stop
I’m gonna see the world
Smell every flower and shake every hand
And give away every smile
I’m gonna see the world with eyes wide open
With heart bursting wide
And listen for the trail of laughter
Follow the sunrise to sunset
And keep rolling on that train to see the world
I’ll be as good as I can
I’ll play and laugh as I see all the world
When I hear that whistle blower I’ll jump on the next train
I’ll see the world in all its glory
In style with a smile
And if there’s any unexpected stops I’ll jump
I’ll live all the way and listen for that whistle
No blues along the way
Just tap dance along the rail with a smile on my face
I’m seeing the world in style
I travel with pride to see this world of ours
I’m making all my memories, even the ones that make me cry
I’m gonna see the world with eyes wide open
I may lose a sweetheart here and there but one will stick along the way
I’m gonna see all the world
Creating my sweetest memories
All dreams are in my hands
I’m seeing the world for the first time
No misery on this ride
I’m seeing the world in style
I hear the whistle blowing
Time to go see the world
Suzanne Mondoux
21 August 2020

22 August 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Without You

It’s just a matter of fact that without you I’m lost
I’m lost in space with no compass to point me in any direction
It’s just a matter of truth that you light up my day
Without you I’m just a drop of water in the vast sea
It’s all but a blur when you’re not with me
I look for you in everything I see
I feel your warmth when you sat in this chair
I feel your touch when you slept in our bed
Without you a fog lingers all around me
I follow your voice in the mist
The smell of your perfume lets me know you’re there
I’ve come to you when you called
I’m here to continue this journey with you
Wake up my darling I know you can hear me
I know you can feel my touch
Stay here with me
Without you there’s no where to go
You can make it my darling, just follow the sound of my voice
Follow me this time
Take my hand for without you I can’t make it on my own
Wake up my darling, it’s not your time
I know because the way you’re holding my hand
I know you can hear my voice
There’s something to be said for a love such as ours
Without you our history of love is forgotten
You’re smile tells me you’ve decided to return to me
I’ll be here when you wake up my darling
For without you love will cease to be
Suzanne Mondoux
22 August 2020

23 August 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – How Can This Be

I was born in the land of plenty
I saw many come and go
The whole world at our fingertips
How can this be to be so free
Live light
Live in ecstasy
Jumping through hoops ceased
Taking orders gone
Giving orders vanished
How can this be to breeze through life
Windows of opportunities everywhere you see
No bumps in the road
No hunger pains of desires
You’re wish is my command
What you ask is what you get
How can this be to see such a world
To want for nothing
To take from no one
Dismantling the seven deadly sins
Lust abolished
Gluttony extinguished
Greed denied
Sloth forbidden
Wrath unwarranted
Envy no more
Pride subsided
How can this be in a world of human beings
How can this be a world of no wonder
Can we marvel at the expected
Is there sensation in the knowing
Is there curiosity in only goodness
Would there be spectacular in such a life
How could this be amazed admiration for wanting to live
To know where to find the surprise
To know everything that will be
How could this be
Suzanne Mondoux
23 August 2020

24 August 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Stuck For So Long

Hmm, ya, what’s going on
Stuck for so long in this place called love
She won’t have me but I can’t stop thinking of her
They say move on but my heart is stuck on her
I play my guitar and sing her my love song
Oh ya, stuck for so long
She won’t even look at me
How do I win her heart
Stuck on her for so long I’m blind to all others
My best friend said did you tell her you’re sweet on her
Did you let her know you exist
Does she know you’re name
You’re stuck for so long in the story you created of her
I could not argue with my friend
I went to the supermarket where she worked
When I got to her check out I looked up at her and smiled
Each day I returned
On the seventh day I told her my name
It was the end of her shift and I waited for her outside the store
She smiled at me and asked me how was I doing today
I played this game for a while
She continued to smile at me until she said I had to walk her home
Stuck for so long in me
Stuck for so long in the creation of her
The next summer we were married
It’s been fifty years and I’m still stuck on her
For so long I played my guitar and sang her my long
Every morning she smiles at me
Every night I kiss her goodnight
Suzanne Mondoux
24 August 2020

25 August 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – How Much I Need You

What is it that I’ve been doing
What is it that I’ve not been seeing
What is it that I’ve not been feeling
Don’t you know how much I need you
All those things were the foolish silly me
Can I be forgiven now that I know differently
Now that I can love differently
Now that I see differently
Don’t you know how much I need you
I know that wasn’t so for so long
This time I saw you cry
How much I need you to be happy
And if you want me to go I’ll go
As long as it makes you happy
That’s how much I love you
How much I need you to be happy
I’ll do whatever say
I’ll stay, I’ll go
It’s your heart that decides
How much I need you to feel love is all I want
How much I need you to feel alive is all I want
You’re the love of my life
Can I say I’m sorry, again
Can I say you deserve better, again
Can I say how much I need you to fall in love
To hear you laugh
To see you giddy is how much I need you to smile
How I need you to know how much I love you
Suzanne Mondoux
25 August 2020

26 August 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Strangers All Around

Right through my heart the piercing pain of strangers all around
All I can do is surrender to their will
To their love
No more strangers all around
What come and goes
What’s said and done
A lifetime alone with everyone I know
I surrender to the strangers all around
I fall apart at the sight of me
My heart searches for some relief
My lips wondered what a gentle kiss feels like
All I can do is surrender to the strangers all around
Those I kept as strangers for so long
No one ever showed me what real love feels like
To such love I surrender to my strangers all around me
The sentimental moments of this life unfair to me only
All around me surrendering to the thieves of my love
To loveless lives of abounding sadness
To a life of knowingly taking from me
My innocence once hid me
Unhappy with my situation I never looked away
Until I returned to the ones I made strangers all around
I faced the blues of all I knew, of all I hurt
Especially me, so see me, to face me
Become familiar with the stranger I’ve created
Let me back into my own heart
Forgive my innocence stolen from me
Strangers all around I’ve created
They talked of me only with love
Strangers all around made of love
Protected my innocence until I believed I broke free
Their reach saved me, my strangers all around me
Strangers all around created a way back home for me
Once those I kept as strangers all around me
Suzanne Mondoux
26 August 2020

27 August 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – The Light In My Heart

It’s the darkness that lead me to you
To the light in my heart not seen or felt for so long
I never knew it was there
Could be found in the dark
The light in my heart so soft your glow
So gentle your warmth
You flicker with the beat of my heart
Even when it wanted to stop
You kept the light on in the depth of my soul
The darkest corners of my life
Like magic you appeared
I missed the trick to where I could disappear forever
Never to be seen again
The light in my heart appeared when I could see me
You entered without my noticing before I let go
You watched me from inside my heart knowing where I would go
In such a lonely place where darkness prevailed
Where all life dwindled away
No where be found, no desire to be seen
Light of my heart tricked me to seeing whose there
To see where I was
And to feel no more my despair
The cringe on my face now mimics a smile
I know I’ll make it one day
I remember a smile on my face
I recall the light in my heart
I know the days of no dark clouds all around
And the day I stepped on my shadow wishing I was gone
The light in my heart how far you’ve gone
How far I’ve sent you away only to return
Only to bring a smile on my face
To know a true feeling of happiness in my glory of being me
In my life, as I once wanted to be
To know me in the light of my heart
Suzanne Mondoux
27 August 2020

28 August 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Standing On My Head

It’s one of those days
All seems well and looks ok
Then I realized I’m standing on my head
No wonder everything seems just as it should be
A different view, a new perspective
As a matter of fact I’m getting used to this new life
In need of all that’s new including love
But I’ll keep my old friends
It’s a beautiful day in this upside down world I’ve created
Standing on my head makes it so easy to see
When I’m in need of anything standing on my head is what’s needed
The others see me from where I stand
Others try to flip me back on my feet
They say it’s for my own good
But I always land standing on my head
There’s just always more than two ways about it
I’ve had my share of unfulfilled dreams not to go a different way
Not to live from the perspective I can actually see
But now it’s time to dismiss all that kept me spinning on my head
Never seeing, all unravelling
Now I’m making this right, standing on my head for all the world to see
For me to see all the world
All that makes up this world all around me
Oh, now what view to see upside down to make it right
Let me be on my axis for as long as I want to see
To see no more troubled days
To exploit all the strangest days and rejoice in them from where I stand
Standing on my head, thank goodness
Standing on my head, the best view in the house
Suzanne Mondoux
28 August 2020

29 August 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – I see the bottom of the bottle

There I was flopped over my bed
The floor stared back at me
Dust bunnies swirled around dancing from one end of the room to the next
I looked beneath my bed and there I was staring back at me
A sea of empty bottles pushed up through the bed springs
I’ve seen the bottom of many bottles
Ten for each day of my life it seems
I remember the dry days and looking up at the stars
Then I was gone again diving deep in the bottom of my favourite bottle
Never disappointing this fine bottle of mind
Until it led me to the twelve steps
I’ve been at this doorstep many times before
I wasted my time over step one over and over again
I admitted nothing even when the words came out of my mouth
I believed in no greater power
I made no decisions to turn my will, my life to the Gods
I made no moral inventory of myself
I admitted nothing to the Gods
I held my defects close to me, no God could take them away
I asked nothing of a God to remove my shortcomings
I listed all whom I had harmed but said nothing
I made no amends to them or myself
I ignored my personal inventory and never admitted when I was wrong
I sought nothing from prayer
I had no spiritual awakening except when I see the bottom of the bottle
I saw the sun go down
I cried, cried and cried some more
Then I was back seeing the bottom of the bottle
I was overwhelmed with my shame
I found no comfort in my own soul
I tried to see anything other than the bottom of the bottle
Then one day I had to choose which view would remain with me forever
I cried some more staring at the bottle in my hand
I praised it and forgave it
I thank it for the journey but wanted to walk alone now
I wasted no time to get back to step one
I admitted everything when my words came out of my mouth
I believed in me
I made the decision for my will, for my life
I sketched the moral inventory of my new path
I admitted to the Gods, my higher self who I was and wanted to be
I held my defects close to my heart and forgave myself
I asked everything of me
I hugged all whom I harmed, and me
I made amends first to my heart and soul and family and friends
I said when I was wrong
I sought everything from my inner prayer, my highest self
I experienced my spiritual awakening when I see the bottle staring back at me
I see the bottom of the bottle in my dreams
I see my dreams when I stare back at the bottle and walk away
I walk alone with this bottle at my side, tapping me on the shoulder
I say thank you for my dreams, and goodbye my old friend
Suzanne Mondoux
29 August 2020

30 August 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Shadow Of My Soul

I find myself in the land where all the shadows align
In a place of wonder and illusion where wizards reside
I search for the homeland where the shadow of my soul resides
Which of the wizards am I
Shadow of my soul forgotten
Shadow of my soul the wonderer
Shadow of my soul the illusionist
In the backyard of my dreams where the lights dim
In the foreground of my imagination where the sun rises
In the shadow of my soul where I lay my head to rest
How far do I need to go to forgo the light that casts a shadow on my soul
What’s the illusion of this show
Who is the imaginarium of my puppet show
In the shadow of my soul I step aside
I stand still, I watch my shadow dance left to right
I look beyond the setting sun into the heavens far and wide
Unusual sight these peacocks flying by
The puppeteer of my imagination stands near
Stepping into the shadow of my soul
I look up and find my hands on the strings
In the shadow of my soul I look down at my feet
Tap dancing to the strings
Catching a glimpse of my illusion
The wizard reveals the magic
The illusion dismantled
In the shadow of my soul I look behind the curtain
I am the forgotten wizard
The wonderer and my illusion
Suzanne Mondoux
30 August 2020

31 August 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – What’s This Passion

Hmm, ya, this feels good
What’s this passion I feel
Where does it come from
How was it discovered
Hmm, ya, this passion feels so good
Such a desire for ones story
The rage of my curiosity
The fervour of my human nature
Hmm, ya, what’s this passion unleashing my hunger
It leaves me thirsty for more
Where in my appetite did I experience such intense emotions
Strong desires of a funny enthusiasm
My outburst of feelings for what this passion feeds me
I fall on my knees to meet my craving
To lust over my oddity to know what lies beneath and all around me
Hmm, ya, what’s this passion that urges me to wipe the muck from my eyes
Who is the object of my desire
What is the object of my passion
Where can I find those emotions
What’s this passion so well hidden inside of me
Do I dare reveal it
Do I dare discover its secrets
How did this become possible to know oneself so well
What’s this passion for feeling good
For focusing on self
For loving thyself in the midst of a discovery
What’s this passion for me and you
How well I’ve fallen just to see what lies ahead
What crippling belief I’ve unearth about myself, about you
What’s this passion I’ve discover
What a way to end a life
What a way to start again
Suzanne Mondoux
31 August 2020