A Voice For Animals

Lyricist – Author, Poet Suzanne Mondoux – SONGS / POEMS OF THE DAY April 2020

1 April 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Way too Young
Climbing the highest mountains before I could walk
Reaching for the stars before I could dream
Saying all that I desire before I knew who I was
They told me I was way too young
Hmm, La, La, La, they told me I was way too young
I had to live my life to know what I wanted
Their words conflicted with my feelings deep inside
I was way too young to ignore my inner feelings
Some people think they know you better than you know yourself
What do I know, I’m way too young
Not enough mistakes to fall back on to remind me where I went wrong
Not enough mistakes to show me the way
I’m way too young the know the difference anyway
What’s done is done and count your blessings they say
Don’t be so foolish to think dreams come true
I’m way too young to understand it seems what can and cannot be
Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Hmm, Hmm, Hmm
In someone else’s light I’m way too young to know my own soul
But they forget I am my own soul and I see my light
Shine more light on me instead of blowing out my candle
I’m way too young to give up on me
I’m way too young to forget who I am
I’m way too young to never explore my dreams
Hmm, La, La, La, Hmm, La, La, La
It’s a world of wonder for those who are way too young to join the world someone else created
I’m way too young to stop creating a world for me, a new world for me
I see you pray for something
I’m way too young not to be still and say thank you
I’m way too young to become anyone but me
Stand with me with a candle in one hand and guide me to me
I’m way too young to forget why you created me
I’m way too young for anything else but being me
Suzanne Mondoux
1 April 2020
2 April 2020 Song/Poem of the Year – Do Not Cry
A pale face in the mirror smiling back at me
I comb my finger through my hair to touch me and know I’m truly there
A bird lands on my widow seal singing the morning song
Do not cry at sunrise and sing with me instead
Do not cry, you waste your tears, save them for when they are really needed
Sing with me as the sun rises, let the sun warm your face
Put on your shoes and come walk with me
The trees are waiting for you, they’ve missed you
Look to at me and look to me to set you free
It’s like this you spread your wings and soar into the sky
Do not cry with your feet stuck to the ground
Raise yourself with your head up high and your wings spread wide
Do not cry for you too much, you drown our heart, it cannot breath
See the sunshine in your heart and feel the warmth on your face
Follow me to the trees, walk in the forest and touch all life
Do not cry for us we live no matter what, our soul soars
Do not cry, do not cry, do no cry
It’s but a moment in time this pain and sorrow
It’s but a moment soon forgotten
Something new will come tomorrow with a new sunrise
Do no cry for me or you
Suzanne Mondoux
2 April 2020
3 April 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Do not Pray
A prayer can be wasted on a broken heart
What came before me left you scared with little love for me or you
Do not pray for what was to get better to make work between you and me
We are new in this moment with something new to discover
Do not pray for a future that doesn’t exist
Be happy and thankful with the love we have now
Yesterday is gone and tomorrow doesn’t exist
Do not pray asking for something neither you or I can give
Come to a place in your heart where a prayer is not needed
Make good use of a your prayer to say thank you
Do not pray for our love to be better and I different
Instead, see all the good parts of you and the good parts of me
Do not pray for more time and less pain
Open your arms and receive the blessing of this day
Our love suffice right now, do not pray for more
Add to it being with me, that’s all
Do not pray looking up at the sky, look into your heart
That’s where you are, that’s where I am
Do not pray with hand clenched together, instead take me in your arms
What has been is gone, right now is where we are
Do not pray for angels, I’ll follow you wherever you go,
I’m always at your side even when you don’t pray
Take my hand in prayer and together we embrace the glory of our love
Yesterday is done, tomorrow doesn’t exist, do not pray for them
Every step we’ve taken on our own has lead us to us
It’s a new day, pray for this day
Do not pray for forgiveness of every misstep
It’s what made you, it’s what made me
Do not pray just yet for the troubles that may come our way
Only now do we exist in this grandeur of an exquisite love
It may or may not last, but do not pray for more than right now
Do not pray for anything better than just right now
Suzanne Mondoux
3 April 2020
4 April 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Pray with Glory
I read it in the cards that all was to fine
Then many things in life happened and everything changed
Too short the idea of what was to be
Then I found something better, better yet, I saw something different
Pray with glory in the instant the light is seen
Not all changes leave you hanging with less than what you had
Pray with the glory that life is there for the taking
It’s but a short life and you can make it hard or fun
No time like the present to pray with glory for what you have
No time like the present to pray with glory for the life that you have
It’s a hard life if you make it so
Some have conquered amazing feats worse than you can ever know
Turn on the lights and gather your loved ones
Pray with glory for the feast of love at the round table of life
Cradle this life in your arms and see it through the hard times
Be still in your heart and mind and let your soul decide
Pray with the glory of this one life in your hands
No one else to live it for you, for every moment you decide
Pray with glory when you dance
Pray with glory in the music you create
The melody of your heart is the glory to be sung
Bow to the grace of your heart and salute the your shining light
Pray with glory to refine your words
Speak hill of no one or yourself
Find the balance and let the wind in your sail
Pray with glory as you cross the journey the sea of life
It’s vastness and wonder is but a moment of creation
Embrace it, and take in all it has to give
Pray with glory your moment in this life
Suzanne Mondoux
4 April 2020
5 April 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Praise to You
Stand in the light for just a moment and see who looks your way
Stand in the dark for just a moment and see who looks your way
You decide what life you live and what you give this life
Is there something different out there than what you know
Be still and praise to you for noticing the difference
Be still and praise to you for wanting to see something new
Be still and praise to you for having the courage to be you
Lean into the music in your heart and dance free with your arms in the air
Set yourself free and praise to you for feeling the ecstasy
Dance from dawn to dusk like no one is watching
Praise to you for setting yourself free
It’s but a moment in time we ignite and light up the sky
Praise to you for doing this in every moment of your life
It’s a call to the wild and run free around the trees
Smell the leaves and dig your hands in the dirt
Praise to you for noticing today is a new day
Suzanne Mondoux
5 April 2020
6 April 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Move
Move your body, move your body, move your body
Get crazy and dance like no one is watching
Run like the wind and jump up until you reach the sky
Move your body until you can’t move any more
It’s but a great joy to swing your arms and kick your legs high in the air
Dance like the Rockettes and shake your head to rock n roll
Move your body all day and all night low
Swing with your partner and waltz with your lover
Move your body, move your body, move your body
Take a step to the right, take a step, and giggle that body all around
Laugh ‘til you drop, then laugh some more
Take my hand and stand on my feet and let me dance you around
Take a chance to laugh and have fun while you move your body
Feel the wind in your hair and sweat on your face
Disco dance from room to room as the dancing queen
Move your body to any old tune
Make up your own music and your own dancing moves
Carry yourself off your feet to your own beat
Move your body, move your, move your body
Be free with yourself, be kind with yourself
Move your body, move your body, move your body
Suzanne Mondoux
6 April 2020
7 April 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Music Heart
Dance to the music in your heart and sing out loud
You make me want to shout out love for you
My heart is like music with you, you’re my music heart
It’s a love composed of so many melodies
Music heart of my life I love you so
The touch of your finger on my skin is like the gentle stroke of the harp
My heart vibrates different notes of love for you my darling
I never loved anyone as much as I love you, my music heart
With practice we dance in unison, flawless together we are
Music heart but a chance in a lifetime, so lucky am I
Music heart, music heart, one in the same for me
So precious this instrument of love
Music heart to hold so softly in my hands
With each embrace I feel the music in our hearts
If feel your heart as much as mind
Music heart, so much more than just a beating heart
You’ve given me all your love and so much more
I give you all my love and want to give you so much more
Our music heart grows each day and yet so light
Music heart, so precious this instrument of love
Suzanne Mondoux
7 April 2020
8 April 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Dance
Get up off that chair and shake your body all around
Dance, Dance, Dance
Let the sillies take over and raise your arms in the air
And Dance, Dance, Dance
Be wild and free and move to the music in your heart
Move to the music of your soul
Dance, Dance, Dance
Let your hair down and get crazy to your rhythm
Fill the air with laugher and the space with smiles on your face
Open your arms to another and Dance, Dance, Dance
Be free with yourself and be free with others
See who you are and see who they are,
Dance, Dance, Dance to someone else’s music, learn who they are
Take someone else’s hand and show them your dance
Mix the dances and Dance to the music you create together
Dance, Dance, Dance to the rhythm of harmony
Dance, Dance, Dance to the rhythm of friendship
Dance, Dance, Dance to the rhythm of kindness
Dance, Dance, Dance to the rhythm of love for all
Shake that body all around and dance like a fool
Be foolish in your moves and sway to the beat your heart
Laugh out loud and let the joy soar through your soul
Dance, Dance, Dance to the rhythm of you
Suzanne Mondoux
8 April 2020
9 April 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Play
Play in the music of your heart and soul and set yourself free
Play all around in and out of the crowds of your life
Play to the rhythm that moves you
Catch every falling star and reach for every star in your dreams
Stay cool and calm in every storm and watch the lightning storm
Play in the rain and puddles of water at your feet
Stop all noise from coming in with the silence of your mind
Today is playtime all day and all night, you decide
Find what makes you laugh out loud and keep it close to your heart
Play for the sake of playing in whatever you do
If you forgot what play feels like, watch the children around you
Play in the name of play
Play, play, play
Suzanne Mondoux
9 April 2020
10 April 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – My Birthright
Release me from any vows or promises of poverty or celibacy I have made throughout time, past, present, or future
I ask for this energy to be replaced with abundance and prosperity
I do not dim my light to fit in
This is my birthright
I do not get my energy stuck to their lower level frequency
Golden light of energy expands around me
I’m here to see the beauty of life, the beauty of the animals in this world
I raise my energy, I’m in my power
This is my birthright
My teacher appears, what is she teaching me
This is not my place anymore, my energy is no long aligned with what I need to do and finally be myself
Though this has changed in time, and that’s ok
This is my birthright
I’m on a double mission, experiencing pain and love
This needs to be purified
Golden shield around me, I am in a pillar of light
I trust my path and know that I am supported
Look at all the forms of a love perspective
Keep my focus and trust in me
This is my birthright
My body remembers pain of all lives I’ve lived
This is my birthright
This is my soul plane
Clear all the weak energy and frequency from other life’s journey
A true priestess never shows her power. She just feels it.
Walk the path. I will be pulled. I hold my own.
My feet are firm on the ground
Clear all those past traumas
My soul mission recovers my soul
It is my birthright to be here
Clear this pain, purify
Pull from the land, the trees, and not from the people
Me maintaining my purpose, my mission
Breaking the chains
I am rewriting my future
This is my birthright
Suzanne Mondoux
10 April 2020
11 April 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Connect
Connect to the dream world, to dream time
I do not have to stick to past life, even if just yesterday
I trust what I am feeling from the spirit world and my dreams
I know that I am here from the highest good of who I am
I say thank you when everything happens
I connect to the souls around me who I connect with
Energy in my sphere keeps my light clear
I’m on a shamanistic journey, coming here with fresh eyes to see things differently
Connect to a new world I created
I’ve come home, rethreading the energy around me
I allow my inner healing, I’m letting go of everything an anything that does not serve me
I answer the call, I connect with me
Keeping myself aligned to answer my true calling
Listening to my soul
Connect with myself
I’ve cleared up my space, my mind and my heart
Now there is room to love me, and to love you
I’m linked up to dream time, to my dream world
I’m connected to a place of love for me and you
Suzanne Mondoux
11 April 2020
12 April 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Intuitive Nature
Where am I going in this first part of my life
Intuitive nature moving through a deep and vast sea
Letting go of everything that no longer serves me
But deeper than that my transition torn down to my foundation
I rebuild through my intuitive nature
I’m burning away, preparing for what is coming
My intuitive self, I see clearly, my rebirth
Love and acceptance is the message
I’m prepare for this kind of love
I’m prepared for my next journey, my next steps, love of my life
Intuitive nature has brought me to this love
The love energy of a warrior, passionate, fire
I can sit back and let this energy flow through me
Flowing with this energy to propel to my next life
With some trepidation around me, I breath through it, and move with it
Intuitive nature of my heart
I see all risks, I take them, and feel through this, it doesn’t rule me
Intuitive nature is my good balance, emotional tranquility
Smoother emotional territory of my soul
Smooth waters in this deep and vast sea
My spirit works with fire setting a path for new growth
Intuitive nature to my renewal, foundation, and spiritual awakening
Suzanne Mondoux
12 April 2020
13 April 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Duplicity
I am painted into the corner
I can move through this
Betrayal until this wickedness is gone
I still have choices to ease through this horror
With this wickedness in the picture influencing others
Others letting themselves being influence due to their own fears
Duplicity of the fearful, all is black and white, backstabbing me
Words used as swords
I move into my new journey towards my spring and summer
I find my balance for me to give and share
Duplicity of my courage, all is colourful, I remove the knife from my back
I move into my new space of abundance
They are gone, I took them out of my duplicity
They are the ending of that chapter of my life, this final chapter
This final chapter of my doubt in me and fear of others
They were that lesson
Duplicity of my strength and love for me
I walked away from them, instead I chose my own emotional stability
I chose my future, a more fertile position
I feel the warmth of the sunshine around me
The wickedness does not follow me. I’m done with them.
The duplicity of their fear tries to cling to me
I’m done with them. My duplicity in the love for me wins.
My duplicity still shows me I have growth to do where I am
Dealing with the wicked was my lesson in this particular path of my life
I had to solve this puzzle
My duplicity for the love of me won
A soul promise to myself a long time ago, my soul contract
Duplicity for the love of me
My soul and spirit guide been with me for a very long time
Always attached to me, duplicity of my soul
His/Her energy is what’s moving things for me, with me and for me
Winds of change, this energy changed all of this, my duplicity of love of me
I know His/her is doing this
Full authority over all this
Duplicity in fun and laughter is what the soul guide orders
No stagnant energy can create
I’m grounded in my duplicity
I’m with my tribe, I move with them in my beautiful space
My duplicity follows my intuition, it unfolds
Duplicity for the love of me, my soul
Suzanne Mondoux
13 April 2020
14 April 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Choices
When there are lots of choices and more than one road ahead
Many forks at the end of the road that all lead to the same place, just a different route
A new partnership with life and my many choices
Nothing of worth from the past
I recognize only the good that returns from past roads
To rekindle with the old, I merge with the new choices
Nothing to confine me to influence my choice
Money does not confine me
Choices of information for me, leading me through any darkness
I hold my torch, I walk towards my celebration
A big dinner party is where I’m headed
Reconnecting with old friends and making new ones
A mutual partnership of choices
Some do not want to let me go, they’ve made their choice
They want me around just to keep me around
But I’m already on my way on whichever fork in the road I’ve chosen
Some sorrow attached to letting go of old choices, deep sadness and sense of fear
It is definitely the ending of a journey
A milestone is reached, and I recognize the change and choices before me
I’ve moved past what went on within these choices
No one is in the wrong, I just want something different
Nothing is rushed, I’m in a very content place with so many choices before me
I held my tongue long enough, no matter the wrong done to me
No more sleepless nights, no more preparing for turmoil
Everything works itself out with one single choice
An ending to move me forward
Suzanne Mondoux
14 April 2020
15 April 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Stalemate
A stalemate going on
While it is upsetting it is bringing about change on all fronts
My emotions are swirling all around for the better
Yet I’m calm in the midst of the storm
A stalemate, I can only move when into check
With start and stop, how do I keep the momentum going
I’m moving in my own space from apprentice to journeywoman
Soon I’ll be a master
A stalemate between progress, I made my own war
I’m the master of my own thoughts, of my own life
The currents are changing towards me
I’m my own joy
I give my attention to my joy, my creation
Away from this club of oppression
It’s my breakthrough to this stalemate
Leap of faith, I’m free at this juncture
I let the universe carry me to the finish line with no ending
The wheels begin to turn, watching things grow
I’m part of this process
The stalemate has ceased
I’m growing, it is the catalyst for the harvest
The stalemate to change
The stalemate to success
Almost at the full turn of the wheel
Sunshine on my face and time to celebrate
The stalemate to balance, death followed by rebirth
Playing is my grounding to my serenity and peace
My stalemate to playtime
Suzanne Mondoux
15 April 2020
16 April 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Collaboration
A feeling of collaboration coming upon me
I’ve been sitting on this for far too long
It’s still in its infancy, keep on with the planning
Let it flow and force nothing
Let collaboration flow
Everything balance itself out, if I let it
Stop pushing and pulling, be still
Maintain my balance
It goes hand in hand with good self-collaboration
Let go and see what happens
Let myself be inspired, I pick and choose
Be inspired into collaboration
I may still want to keep everything close to my chest
Let go and see what happens in collaboration with my soul
Let it do it’s own thing, be free, at ease and kind with myself
Start slow to gain the momentum but allow it to start
Celebrating my homecoming to collaboration with self
There is a part of me that will cry out – why did I do this
But do not concentrate on this, it just need to flow now
It will do its own thing
Put all my energy into starting my momentum to collaboration with self
Expand myself, put everything into place and leave room for the expansion to happen
Collaboration with my heart
I may tend to lose myself in my healing, heal this and move on – collaborate
Collaborate towards my rebirth
Discover what I want from I expansion
There will be an expansion of energy for this collaboration
Put this energy in today and the forward of my life
Be in a place of rest to prepare for my future
Move forward to this collaboration
Trust that I am divinely guided by my heart and soul
Find that place where I am comfortable being me
Feel the power of creation within this collaboration
All will come from my firm footing
Well balanced, I blossom
Suzanne Mondoux
16 April 2020
17 April 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Shifting
I’m in an earthquake, time is changing, shifting
I’m at the start, I have authority over this
I’m in a play of life
I flow with this change
Intuition, I’m just transitioning
I’m at the end of this chapter
It’s time to wrap up and shift into the second act
I celebrate the ending of act one
Shifting my plans through creativity and passion
My spiritual awakening and new inspiration
All stems from a quiet place in my mind, heart and soul
I’ve taken my leap of faith, it was a smooth landing
No stepping into a box, the ground is shifting
It all comes together, this knowing leads me forward
My time of aloneness is for the inner work
This shifting gets me to the other side into an opening of process
All is lined up
Direction and redirection a shifting of the mind
New connections, I grow into this vastness
I’ve shifted into my sunshine space
A caterpillar to butterfly
My pilgrimage is over, I’m coming home
I’ve been in training for this for a long time
I’ve stood on my head to shift my perspective
Hangman shifted my view
Suzanne Mondoux
17 April 2020
18 April 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Balance
I struggle with balance
I feel an absence of time
I cut back and cut down anything that is no longer serving me
Time to let it go
I’ll be in a place of rest
I’ll be on the flip side of such a life
In balance
I’m in a room with a view
A sense of community, my tribe
It lifts me up
It’s all new, I feel I’m in a delicate place
It’s all good
He did a lot of soul searching for me
We found our balance
A way is made
I’m at the right party
The cosmos aligned
A deep energy shift into balance
I’ve freed myself and changed my perspective
What do I need to learn
I’m striking a balance, I’m making things happen
I’m moved forward quickly
Lightning in a bottle leans me into balance
Suzanne Mondoux
18 April 2020
19 April 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Spirit centre
Spirit centre of everything
Love of my life is in the middle of all this
Starting and stopping, some movement, then stop
Not using our full potential moving forward
We must accept non-alignment
Spirit centre in my line of sight
Lots of shaking up in the tree of life
The spirit tree losing its leaves
Some healing is taking place
How am I talking to myself
How am I talking about myself
I stand in my healing journey with spirit centre
Mirror mirror on the wall mirror my image to be healed
Birthing process of all life, my creation, my creativity
I emotionally release all that I am
I emotionally release all my creations
I understand what’s going on in the space of spirit centre
The start of flowing energy, a soul in motion
In the centre of spirit
I see him well, love of my life, in spirit centre of it all
Relief when released
I release all resistance in my life
No more life to the stress sickness I’ve imposed on myself
Done with being defensive
I lean into the formula moving me along
The decision is made to lean into spirit centre
Temperance, I see through the eyes of the alchemist
My intentions are only on what I want
I put my commitment behind my decision
I trust my spirit centre into flow
Love of my life, I’m right here and I’m ready
Spirit centre, for love and honour of self
Suzanne Mondoux
19 April 2020
20 April 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Laugh
I can hear the laughter all the way to the sky
Laugh out loud with all your might
Feel your face cracking from your big smile
Its joy that you are feeling, even if strange and a new feeling
Let it in, let it flow through you
Laugh until you cry
Laugh until you can breath no more
Laugh just because it feels good
It’s so much fun to laugh for you and me
I see you smile when I smile
I laugh, you laugh
What fun we are having, ha ha ha ha ha
Giggle until it hurts
Laugh until everyone looks at you strangely
Smile at the crowd and make they laugh
Strike with joy, swallow the glow all around you
Laugh for you and me
Suzanne Mondoux
20 April 2020
21 April 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Chocolate
I love ya more than my chocolate
Now that’s true love
So yummy your kiss
I want to add a bit of chocolate to this kiss
I love ya more than my chocolate
And that’s not something I say every day
So smooth this love, it melts on my tongue
We can bathe in chocolate
How fun this is
Our chocolate love, so erotic, so sensual
Chocolate love is but once in a lifetime
How lucky we are, my chocolate love
Your kiss melts on my lips
I love ya more than my chocolate
Now that’s true love
Nothing else be added but one more kiss
I melt in your hands, and that’s a fine place to be
So fun this chocolate love between you and me
You are my one and only love
Forever my chocolate
Love and chocolate have never gone so well together
Suzanne Mondoux
21 April 2020
22 April 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Fun Love
So much fun to be had in this world
It’s but a chance to smile and love so easily
It’s all about fun love in all its glory just for the sake of loving
Together as one we can conceive of such a world of fun love
As much for self as towards others
No point in looking at what’s not good
See the beauty in the light of life
Fun love for all
Fun love for self
Fun love for just the sake of it
Be happy and smile as often as you can
What else do you desire for yourself
It’s one chance of this kind of life if you let it
Fun love all around, it’s free
Take it, take in as much as you want
Let it be, it’s not obscene to be so happy
It’s bliss that can be felt for more than just a moment
It can be a lifetime of fun love
See how time takes you from here to there
In shadows back into the light
Let fun love flow
Fun love for you and me, why not
It’s so easy to be made of fun love
How can you decide to be
So pretty the life you dream
So simple it can seem to believe it can never be
See it as so simple to choose the free love experience of your life
Simple free love
From sunrise to sunset and all night long, so much free love
Ecstasy of free love, why not
Together as one we can conceive of such a world of fun love
Fun love, don’t stop me now, it’s for you and me
Suzanne Mondoux
22 April 2020
23 April 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Disco
Lets go out and dance and never return home
Stay out all day and night and dance your life away
Move to the tune of the disco muse
Shake that body and swirl yourself around
Disco tunes all around, there’s no where else to be
Dance until you can stand no more
It’s the only way to be
Disco king and queen in your living room
That’s how it should be
Show off your sexy groovy moves
Ya, woooh hooo
It’s the only way to feel
Disco mood all day and night
Open your doors to the party of the year
This is your destiny to disco forever
Crank up that radio and open your windows
See the flock gather round to dance and rejoice
Disco ya, wooo hooo
The joy of disco and disco dancing
Is there anything else
Some may say yes, but that’s ok
We still love our disco
Stay tuned into the groove of disco
It’s the breath and bread of all life
So much fun, so why not
Disco, the heart of music
A groovy soul
Suzanne Mondoux
23 April 2020
24 April 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Danger Zone
It was the night I saw it all
The stars where bright and moon no where to be seen
It was not how I had imagined it
I was in the danger zone, in the heart of the storm
It was exquisite
So slow my thoughts
My heart stop beating and my breath frozen
I was in the deep end of the most tragic part of my life
I was in the danger zone of my own storm
So close I came to missing it
So close I came to never knowing I could be in the danger zone
To have missed such an exquisite moment
That would have been a tragedy
I fell on my knees and thank God for this moment
I was all but absent of my own life
There was no point in crying
It was but a moment of bliss
A moment of awakening
So graceful this pitfall into the danger zone
I could not turn away
Instead I sought the silver lining
In that moment before me I saw my own dress rehearsal
It was a glorious moment into the danger zone
I sing my own praise
Such a fine stage
I stepped out of my grave into the light
There I was in the danger zone showing me the way
Beautiful and tender I found my way
So exquisite this momentous occasion to fall so deep in the danger zone
Suzanne Mondoux
24 April 2020
25 April 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Quarantine
On this blue planet called Earth something happened, again
The human race was asked to unite as one
Mother nature begged humans for compliance for coexistence with all beings
It was nothing short of a shock to the human race that it would be asked to unite
For more than just one day, each soul was quarantined against its will
Quarantine was divine for some and lonely for many
For some quarantine was just what was needed to free the soul
It was a rhythm from the blues to rock n roll
One by one the human race took a step forward and raised above itself
In unison the human race held hand and walked as one around this blue planet
So sweet the many moments of grace witnessed by many
Could this be repeated without mother nature begging the human race
Quarantine of the human race may have saved the souls called people
Don’t be like animals they say
Animal beings take offence but are forgiving
COVID-19 taken from its habitat, consumed by the human race
Transmitted without its will, quarantined into the human body
Intention was not to kill, but to survive as any other living entity
Quarantine of the human mind locking down an entire race
But yet in the beauty of the human soul quarantine brought out the best of each man, woman and child
Together breathing in the rhythm of soul music kept this blue planet on its axis
This quarantine, this fear, this sickness, as with everything – this too shall pass
Though in this passing lets remember to keep the best of us in quarantine
We are all here but in a moment in time
Let this be our best time
We have seen the best in all of us
Quarantine for the sake of the human race and all living beings on this blue planet
Suzanne Mondoux
25 April 2020
24 April 2020 Arjun Raghu (Musician/Band – guitarist) from India messaged me on Instagram (a_rj_u_nr) – “Your words are beautiful. I’m a musician from India. Planning to make some quarantine music. So…you interested in writing lyrics for that?”

I texted Arjun and accepted to write the lyrics.
Suzanne Mondoux
Lyricist, Author, Poet
26 April 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Inhale
From deep in my belly I inhale
All the dust expelled in my exhale
I sit quietly in the a moment of this day
To find life in me, in my single inhale
My lungs were heavy, the pain excruciating
I’m alive even with this foreign entity in my body
To live together, to inhale together
Life is one with all beings
Inhale to exhale, life with death
Simple this life, what makes it not so
Have I turned into stone
I Inhale to feel the music flow through my veins
The journey of my breath from the stars to my body
My inhale is far reaching
It doesn’t start or end with me
I inhale for the moment
I get on my bike and ride with the wind
With the wind in my hair, I inhale all life
I’m wild and free
So there’s a bump in the road, I inhale
Deep in my belly I find life
Deep in my belly I am calm
Inhale, go to this place
Inhale, stay in this place
Suzanne Mondoux
26 April 2020
27 April 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Pink Rose
I saw you standing there
All alone by the sea
Your bare feet in the water
So lovely you were all alone in the sunset
It was cold and your cheeks were pink rose
So beautiful you were in that moment
A pink rose in the sand by the sea
Each pedal tells me about a day in your life
I watched you from a distance
I dare not disturb such a serene moment
A pink rose in the sunset of her life
Silver your reflection in the glow the sea
Each line on your face tells me who you are
A pink rose in the garden of all life
You noticed me and smiled
My cane dug deep in the sand
I was but a moment away from the most beautiful pink rose
I chased you down this same beach fifty years ago
My pink rose of my life
I loved you then and love you more now than ever
Time waits for no one at the beginning of our life
Time waits for no one as we near the end of a such a fine play
No rehearsal in this life
I had the perfect pink rose in my garden of life
So sweet, so tender, so vivacious
You were strong
Throughout all storms the pink rose garden never lost a flower
Pink rose love of my life
I’m right behind you
Suzanne Mondoux
27 April 2020

28 April 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Purple Snow
I keep a close watch out for the first snowfall
I wait for it all year long and soon it comes along
It’s like a dream to see those first snowflakes
Even though I see it every year its as though I see purple snow
Purple snow is the dream of all dreams
The possible of what’s told to be impossible
I dream to dream and dream of my purple snow
From here to there is anywhere it’s where I find my purple snow
I can play in this snow
Make my snow angel
Build my snowman
It’s my purple snow
It’s my dream to dream
Making snowballs that glow purple in the sunlight
It’s alright to dream of purple snow
It’s your dream
Because one day you’ll believe no more in purple snow
That will be a sad day
Always believe in the purple snow
Make it so to see the purple snow
Dig it up, pile it up and jump in it
It will make you feel so fine
Shovel it here and there
It’s your dreamy world to move around
Do what you want with it
You can do whatever you want with your purple snow
Make a your purple igloo
Make your purple snow cake
Pack it tight and make your purple ice rink
Watch it glitter in the stars
Purple snow is purple snow
It’s whatever you believe it to be
It can be,
Don’t let anyone tell you there’s no such thing as purple snow
Suzanne Mondoux
28 April 2020

29 April 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Mango
Mango baby, so sweet your lips
Come dance with me under this mango tree
Your orange dress flows in the wind
I like the way you walk
Your skin shines so bright in this sunlight
Mango baby, I love the way you move
It’s all but a moment I can see you next
It’s all but a moment I can soon kiss your lips
I’m not worried of anything when I’m with you
Our love is so sweet mango baby
You take my breath away
Your hand in my hand is the best place to be
You’re spicy and warm
You’re my ultimate contrast to another life
The air is warm and mangos fall at your feet
Your long black hair flows gracefully over your shoulders
I love it when your mango lips smile at me
You’re beautiful under this mango tree
I would do and say anything for you
For a slice of mango I would give you my soul
This orchard is made of you and me
Together we created this harvest
I know how much you love this place
You chose to stay to keep this family warm
It’s the way it’s suppose to be
Because you know I love you
Suzanne Mondoux
29 April 2020

30 April 2020 Song/Poem of the Day – Tranquil
When we fell out of love it was all but peaceful
I felt our love linger away and never did we say anything
We fell into this tranquility of one another
Never to know differently of anything new
Tranquil was our heart and mind, knowing this was the end
It was all but freeing and something really wanted
Our tranquility killed us
Our tranquil manner left us in pain
So silent our voice for one another and to each other
Nothing was at it seemed in the end and now we know in the beginning
Where did we go in these last days away from each other
We were so tranquil that it killed us both
Tranquility of our soul was never meant to be
All life was removed with a single breath
I feared this for us
I feared tranquility in this love, in this relationship
I can never go to sleep again in such tranquility
I can never live again in tranquility
Tranquility back to life, is this ever possible
Are we happy with our situation
Our mind is in chaos in such tranquility
My heart dies when tranquil, it beats only for you
I fall in love all over again
That’s what I want is to fall in love with you all over again
Can we leave this tranquil comfortable us
Can we find us again
Oh my love, I beg you to scream your angry words at me
They are the true loving words I’ve been waiting to hear my whole life
Oh my love, I beg you to abandon this tranquil existence
I beg you to scream your loving words and I’ll do the same
Tranquility to our death, death to us, so barbarous
Suzanne Mondoux
30 April 2020