A Voice For Animals


A fascinating and thought provoking autobiography!

I have read many of Suzanne Mondoux’s books through the years and have always been amazed by her obvious passion for the environment and animals, but I am also in awe of her ability to create the wonderful beings which are her characters. In reading this, her autobiography, I feel that I finally have the answers to these questions, explained in the words of this talented and deeply compassionate author.

As she says, “This is a book of songs. The journey of songwriter. What lies between each lyric is a soul of a woman ready to live the life she has grown into at her own will.” And what an interesting life she has, and is leading. She invites her readers not only to sing with passion the songs within the book, but also to, in reading her story, perhaps discover themselves.

Her talent for songwriting was awakened in May 2018 by a young man called Sasha, who although being a recent graduate of law, moved from Namibia to Germany to follow his passion, which is music. In doing so he inspired the author to write songs which come from her heart.

However, Suzanne’s journey through life began many years before. However as she says, life cannot be learnt it has to be experienced, and these experiences she has shared with her readers hoping to inspire them to look into themselves, examine their lives, and discover their true purpose.

It was in Vancouver in 2008 that she took her first acting class, and from that moment a deep love of acting was born, however like many of us, ‘common sense’ stepped in and she pursued a career using her Masters of Science in Environment and Management which she had just graduated with.

Throughout the years, as the reader discovers Suzanne has undergone soul searching times. Her thoughts, and revelations are extremely interesting, and thought provoking, and they lead us to examine our own life and circumstances. She has, through absorbing with interest the experiences and the teachings of great people discovered the secret of how to be true to herself, to achieve peace, and how necessary it is to follow her dreams. This, her autobiography, makes fascinating reading as she shares these things with her readers.

I encourage every reader to embrace the content of this book, and all it has to offer. Through the life lessons it contains, open your heart to the wise words written in the last few pages, then, take up the mantle of courage and go forth on your own journey of self-discovery! Susan Keefe