A Voice For Animals


27 APRIL 2020 BLOG 1

What you are about to sing are lyrics that can only be sung with your heart. Sing these songs if you’re ready to rip open your chest and expose your heart for every fingertip to touch. This is the depth of vulnerability you must be prepared to experience to sing these songs. You must know your heart. 

I became a songwriter in May 2018. I wasn’t aware that I was a songwriter until I met this lovely young man, a recent graduate in law. Instead of practicing law, he was supported and encouraged to follow his passion. Music. So, he moved from Namibia to Germany to discover his heart. His name is Sasha. Without knowing it, Sasha opened my heart to what I didn’t know resided in it. Music. I can’t play a tune to save my life nor hold a tune, but I can write a song that speaks to my heart. 

As a young girl, I was a poet. As a grown-up, I became a fiction novel writer. As I grow some more, I’m a lyricist as well. Life’s journey is mysterious and fabulous. My other friend Freddie, whom I had the pleasure of meeting in December 2018, opened my heart to everything that can be, especially music. I later realized that I had already achieved this in my life. I just didn’t know or see it yet. Freddie showed me how to feel everything. He showed me what love was. He showed me what love felt like. 

In life, we have the most wonderful encounters with all sorts of people. Some encounters make you laugh, others make you cry, while others make you angry. But never mind…these encounters that you draw to yourself are for you and you alone. You decide what you make of them. You decide what emotion you experience. You decide. 

The songs that you are about to sing tell the story of many of life’s encounters. Both a rock singer and an opera singer can sing all of my songs. But you must know your heart first. This is not about practicing to sing the songs. Rather, it’s about allowing yourself to experience singing with your “heart”, and not your voice. 

This story has no chapters. The songs will carry you through the story. Even if you start at the end of the book, you’ll discover a story. Of course you will. It will be the story you experience. The experience will resonate with your own life. Thus, there are many stories. There are many versions of your own life.