A Voice For Animals


27 APRIL 2020 BLOG 3

Take a few days to absorb what you’ve just read. Can you visualize this theatrical performance in your mind? Can you imagine the music, the songs that were sung? I can. And I am excited to experience the creation of this theatrical production from beginning to end. Opening night. I sit in my seat, front and centre and there it is. Glowing! Of course, I’m also glowing with excitement! Wouldn’t you be also? 


Open your arms and free your heart.

Come in light and warm my soul.

Excited for life, excited to live,

I glow, I’ve come to know my own light.

Glowing glowing glowing,

Fades away my sorrow,

Sometimes captured somewhere I didn’t know,

I dared to open my heart for a hint of glow.

Glowing glowing glowing,

Pressed against my soul,

A hint of light,

A hint of light to water your heart.

Oh la la la la.

Grow in the glow of your own light.

Bless your shadow.

Grow in the glow of your own light.

Passion follows your heart.

Keep it simple.

It’s where love flows.

Let the light in to warm your soul.

Pave your own way,

With the touch of your finger you part the seas.

Crown your heart with love and glow,

Grow in the glow of your own light.

Oh la la la la.

Bless your shadow and forgive yourself.

It’s where the love flows.Suzanne Mondoux – Author