A Voice For Animals


27 APRIL 2020 BLOG 9

Like I said, I can’t sing a tune to save my life. However, when I sing at home, or when I sing karaoke, I sing with my heart. Otherwise, what’s the point? What’s the point in doing anything if you’re not totally into it? No passion, no drive, no anything! What a tragic way to live the days of your life.

            Many of us have done things that we want to do and many things we have to do to live on this earthly plane as a human being. Then, if that’s the case, why not give it your full attention and find the finest moments in these situations? Why not? Which of the two will make for a greater day?

            I confess. I’ve lived most of my life choosing miserable perspectives on many of things I had to do. Then, I intellectually learned that I had a choice, and then that there was another way of looking at so many situations. The intellectual learning was a very long journey, until I actually applied it. Words don’t teach. Experiences teach. Until you’ve actually tried to do something – you’ll never know. Until you actually do it, you don’t know.

            What a great sense of joy to give yourself permission to take action, guided by intuition, to show yourself what’s the next best decision for you, the Human Being that you are. Instead of jumping into something head first and smashing your skull against the concrete, take a moment to listen to what YOU – your inner and wiser self, is saying. Learn to listen. Know how to trust. It’s you, you are talking to yourself! Try to do this with what seem to be simple decisions in your life and see how this goes. But this is a trick…when you come to know YOURSELF and allow yourself to be YOU…every decision becomes a ‘simple’ decision. This changes only when you inject a story or project the future on this one decision…and that’s only a second away, and add drama to it.

            This doesn’t mean that you won’t experience a sea of emotions. Emotions are those ‘things’ you feel in your mind. You believe they are coming from your mind and that you have no control over them. That’s what I believed also. Then I came to learn through my own experiences, I get to decide what my emotions will be. And I feel every one of them. And yes, quite often they are close to my heart and are tightly wrapped around it. I feel at times that I’m unable to release the buckle and release the pressure that keeps me in such a dark place. Then I remember. I am the master of my thoughts. I decide where my awareness goes in my mind. I take my awareness on this little journey to a place where I want to be. This opens the gates to a clearer vision of what it is that I need to do…no matter the situation. It’s better than freaking out…inside or out, for everyone to witness you losing your shit. Sometimes, it’s good to lose your shit and it’s a must…just know when to do it!!!

            This life of ours is all very intriguing. We observe people living their life from our own perspective, either amazing lives or lives we thank God aren’t ours. The fact of wobbling in jealousy, envy, criticism, and opinions of others has proven to be of no value or benefit to me, and I’m fairly sure that it will be just as useless to you as well. So why is it so, especially when we see someone living a life that is in contrast with ours? Why do we allow ourselves to harbour such thoughts and feelings towards others, instead of feeling appreciation for them. We see what we want to see. That’s a fact we all know. So why not open up a bit more and see what they are wanting you to see? And how is that done you ask? Well…just send everyone that you encounter or experience in your life…LOVE. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Free yourself from the chains of CONDITIONAL this and that.


Tiptoe through my heart.

Please be gentle with my soul.

I’m only mortal, so flawed.

Is there beauty without flaw?

A crack in my soul,

Is that ugly to you?

You turn from me.

I walk the streets.

I eat with kings and queens.

My clothes are dirty.

My shoes always polished.

What part of me do you favour?

The knots in the fabric of my soul

Cripple me, where do I go?

Where do I belong?

You want to tell me so.

How can you know?

The answers to my soul.

I walk the streets.

It’s how I find my way from here to there.

I lose myself when you take me elsewhere.

You say I need to go,

Or I need to do,

For it pleases you so.

You hurt me, don’t you know?

I walk the streets.

I eat with kings and queens.

My clothes are dirty.

My shoes always polished.

What part of me do you favour?

What part of me do you favour?

My dirty clothes or polished shoes.