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27 April 2020 Blog 6 – Let Go and Let God…And Then What? continue Chapter 1 …and then nothing – END CHAPTER 1

I invite you to read as many books as you can on the law of attraction, and the likes, and all that stuff. Figure it out! Go for it, head first. Zero hesitation, because either you want your life to change or you don’t. And before you start scrambling around in your head for all of those excuses, stop! I am certain they are all wonderful and amazing stories. How are they working for you?

And for all of you who made the decision to be parents, whether it was planned or not, we know you love your children and you would do anything for them. We know you would even throw yourself on the sword for them. Sacrifice your life. Sacrifice your dreams and all that. You can stop right there as well! Stop using your children to justify the decisions you made. Don’t throw them into this mess of self-indulgence of story telling. They don’t make for good bedtime stories, and they make for even less of a good daytime story.

Imagine you are sitting with your children during story time. You gather them in front of you. Next to your reading chair, you pull out from your stack of children books Mommy or Daddy and their sad stories. Why I feel sorry for myself and why the world owes me … Something like that as a title. You get the picture. Now … would you allow anyone to read this book to your children during reading time at home or at school? I don’t think so! So, please cut this out and pay attention to how you think, get back into that gut feeling of yours and be aware of your thoughts – before you open your mouth.

Let Go and Let God … and then what? and then nothing other than being who you are … Attract in your life who you are – your BEING, instead of What you want. Can you feel the difference? Say this out loud to yourself … Feel it. FEEL it come to you by aligning yourself, YOUR FEELINGS to your vision, your desire, to you! Let it flow and set the course for … ALLOWING IT TO FLOW TO YOU.

We have all heard this saying – Get out of your own way. All that negative thinking about yourself … I’m too old, I have no money, Being an actor is a tough business – I won’t make it – I won’t make a living at this, I won’t make a living at being a painter, a singer, an artist of any form, I don’t have the education, I’m not smart enough, I have children, I’m too old to change my career, I’m still in trauma from my childhood abuse, on and on and on. They are all great stories. Great excuses. I promise you that the moment you make the decision to make the change in your life that you want, that you desire, that you know is bringing you back to your true self … it will happen fast, at the speed of light, with ease and with joy. You will set the wheels in motion for a never-ending story of what is to come and will keep flowing in your life. Or you can continue believing your current story … and then nothing.

 … and then what? BEING! We have all heard: If you want respect – then be respect. If you want love, then be love. If you want. … whatever, be … BE first what you want to attract in your life. I wanted kindness so I became kindness. I am kindness. I am being kindness. It still takes practice, but I am DOING IT. I am BEING IT – even when I stumble and fall. I pick myself back up and start all over again.

You get the picture. … and then what? is only in the now. You will not and will never go back and change all that stuff that brings you to a place of blame, fault and anger from your past life experiences. It’s only right here and now where the … and then what? is activated in your immediate sphere. Where you stand in the present moment. Even five minutes ago is no longer in your sphere. But what propels that sphere of here and now, is the here and now. Your decision to be ‘real’, ‘truthful’ and ‘accountable’ for your right here and right now.

I would love to meet those who can change the past and those who can predict the failures of their future. The illusion of focusing on what was and what will be because of your past is just that. An illusion! Your future is only in the here and now. You either hesitate on the edge of the rose field or you look at the beautiful sparkling pond in the middle of the field and head in its direction.

While Delilah roamed along the edge of the rose field, a small red caterpillar crawled out onto a rose bush branch. Delilah stopped in her tracks. She had never seen anything like it before. She had never seen anything other than the four humans and the other seventeen cats in Farr.

The caterpillar crawled out further along the rose bush branch, until it reached the tip of that branch. Delilah watched closely. Her ears stood straight up. Her eyes looked straight ahead, big and wide. The caterpillar crawled along the branch, paying no attention to Delilah. It continued to crawl around the tip of the branch until it tipped over. The caterpillar dangled upside down from the underside of the branch. Delilah rushed towards the caterpillar. She put her nose beneath the caterpillar to stop it from falling to the ground. The caterpillar fell onto the tip of Delilah’s nose. Delilah’s eyes moved towards one another. Cross-eyed, she now saw two caterpillars. The closer the caterpillar crawled up along her nose towards her eyes, the more difficult it became for Delilah to see it. She slowly rubbed her nose up against the rose bush. She rubbed her nose from left to right along the branch, until the caterpillar found its way back onto the branch. Delilah stepped aside when the caterpillar was safely on the branch.

Delilah watched the caterpillar crawl around the rose bush branch. After showing no sign of falling off the branch again Delilah meowed quietly in the hopes of getting the caterpillar’s attention. She meowed a few times. The caterpillar continued doing what a caterpillar does, focusing ahead along the branch. But Delilah had no idea what she was looking at or what a caterpillar usually does. She tried again and again to get the caterpillar to pay attention to her. She walked to the other side of the rose bush. Her nose nudged the branch causing it to shake. The caterpillar stopped crawling and remained still.

Delilah was running out of ideas on how to get the caterpillar to pay attention to her. She had so many questions for this fuzzy, worm-like insect that continued to crawl and go about its business, while paying zero attention to her. Delilah jumped up and down. She ran around the rose bush. Discouraged, she stretched on the grass and gave up her futile attempt at getting any attention from this mysterious creature.

Delilah stretched out on her belly. She turned over onto her back with her legs up in the air. She stared up at the branch. She studied the caterpillar wiggle around the branch.

The morning dew evaporated from the grass. The sun rose a little higher in the sky. Delilah was thinking about what she would have for lunch later on. She rolled onto her side and yawned a few times. Her eyes closed and opened and closed again. Just as she was about to fall asleep, the caterpillar dropped down onto her nose.

CHAPTER 1  … and then nothing CHAPTER 1 ACTIVITY PAGES

  1. Write your Delilah story. What do you see happening from here? What does Farr look like to you? Create your own story.
  • Write what Let go and let God … and then what means to you before reading any further. I invite you to learn as much about yourself from the few pages you have read up to this point.