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27 APRIL 2020 BLOG 49 – Letters from Federica

“No thank you Sophia, I’ll read it.” I said. I sipped more wine. I took a deep breath and relaxed into Sophia’s arms. The song reads:

Is this the same life?

Is this our life?

Taken as a prisoner.

You can’t escape her.

Open the window.

Look at the sea and find me.

I’m a woman losing her heart, I need your love.

Because I’m just a heartbreak away, a heartbreak away.

A little laughter, a little sorrow.

The tide of our life drifts in and out, its highs and lows.

My love, our life had just begun,

But now I must let go.

My love, must let you go.

I know how much you’ll cry.

Forgive me for bringing you much sorrow.

Promise me you’ll carry on, give your heart to another as if that’s all you know.

I must let you go before it’s too late.

She sends shock waves through my heart.

I can breathe no more.

Can’t stay much longer, goodbye my love.

Must free you from my capture.

My love, oh my love – highs and low of the tide.

I don’t want to leave you.

I want her to be gone instead, my capture.

Thought, I am of her.

Can you hear the plucking of the harp strings?

It’s musical sound of its twang,

Twang twang twang the stings of my heart.

Killing me, killing us with each pluck of the strings.

But I’m of her.

I spare our life and hers’.

No way out of this, tides are high and low.

She will not let me go.

She will not let you go.

She will never let you go.

She will see you dead before I go.

See you dead is what she wants for me before I go.

For me she will kill.

My love, oh my love, forgive me.

Forgive me.

There’s no escaping to save my life.

To love me is to let me die.

To love you is to let you live.

Oh my love, my love.

Forgive the tides of our lives,

Forgive I am of her.

Oh my love, my love, my heart.

George had given his leave as soon as the coffee was over and he looked forward to going to bed.