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27 APRIL 2020 BLOG 48 – Letters from Federica

He closed the diary and placed it on the game board. He put his hand in his shirt pocket and removed a piece of paper that had been folded into four. He began to unfold it gently. I wrote this for our Federica some years ago. Maybe one day you can sing it for me. He sipped his tea.

            “Close to the sun.” said George.

            You flew as close to the sun as anyone could.

Your wings spread wide to heaven of course.

On earth you played and laughed.

We heard it and felt it.

You flew as close to the sun as anyone could.

We remember you of course.

You were given to us as we are all given to each other.

Our lives touched with grace so gentle the touch.

My friend I remember you of course.

Our lives intertwine even when far apart.

You flew so close to the sun as anyone could.

I follow of course, why not.

Our life is meant to be lived as close to the sun as anyone could.

I see you sometimes from the corner of my eye.

I hear your songs and look ahead.

Because of you I’m flying close to the sun.

Where else would I go?

I feel you next to me.

I follow you as close to the sun as anyone can go.

I see your face here and there.

I smile back and look ahead at the sun.

The sun reached out for you.

That’s why it’s so bright.

Life remembers you.

George was a man of many hidden talents. He was mysterious.

“That’s beautiful.” I said. “She would have loved this ballad.” I poured us some more tea.

June 30, 2019 — I wrote and posted this Close to the Sun for Freddie Mercury.