A Voice For Animals


27 APRIL 2020 BLOG 44

I wrote my first song on June 21st, 2019 as a tribute to Freddie Mercury. It was posted on Instagram to share with all.

Why such hunger for Freddie Mercury and overall Queen music NOW – such a revival after Bohemian Rhapsody? Honesty in the music- in the passion and humour of each song / the lyrics from One Year Of Love by Deacon to I’m in love with my car by Taylor to Love of my life and Somebody to Love by Freddie – laughter to tears / heartfelt songs – Rock & Roll and ballads – the vibration of each soul band members – Brian seducing that guitar – the voice of an Angel – our Freddie. How can we not have a hunger for such a band – its passion fills our hearts? A song for all of the Queen members with us today and for Freddie by a fan, Suzanne Mondoux, with great love and appreciation for Queen. Thank you!

I love the way you move around me and away from me.
Your lips move slowly when you sing.
I watch your smile and the way you say goodbye.
You strum your guitar with ease and love.
I watch your fingers glide over each string and the way you drum your soul into mine.
Together we dance to the rhythm of the base.
Alas we dance together on your way out.
The band is alive with your voice,
It sings together as one.
Your journey is over and goes on in another.
Such a wonder.
I love the way you move around me and away from me.
Your lips move slowly when you sing.
We look up and all around to see you smiling.
I love the way you move around me and away from me.
I love the way you move
Your lips move slowly when you sing.

On June 29, 2019 I wrote this for Freddie Mercury and Queen.

Feeling the love of the lost love,
a heart of gold.
An angel of souls.
We’ve come together.
With hope and joy, here we are together at last.
Today with each other for the first time,
Allowing our souls to meet one another.
Thank you for the love you bring, we bring together one single soul,
And love for all,
That you’d never knew could be done,
Ah la la la la la  – love is the single most precious word of all –
Together here we come as one –  A quest of soul of rock and roll /
Hallelujah- and Amen  and whatever else that unites us as one –
Thank you Queen – Thank you all, and our Freddie – we are one – momentous soul – with hope and joy here we are together at last,
Allowing our soul to meet as one another, together we are Queen with the people.
amen to all.
And all that unites us as one
La lalalla. Oh lalalalalala.

On July 6, 2019 I wrote this song in memory of Freddie Mercury.

A singer of songs, come and gone, as angels do, for our sake.

Here we are together as one to listen to what was sung, a place from heaven and for heaven.

What do we call these singers? Heaven of course!

A chance to listen and to be, and how do we listen,

to such a voice, no longer with us, that continues to revive us?

We see all that has been and done.

Come here and listen, I’m the brother of such a soul.

Come here, closer,

Closer, listen, 

To my heart, singer of songs,

lover of life as a friend said.