A Voice For Animals


27 APRIL 2020 BLOG 43

Over the course of the school year, Mélina filled the pages of her journal with adjectives, verbs, and nouns, all illustrating ‘Who Am I’. She knew that she could never answer this question in one sentence, let alone one lifetime. “There’s just too much life to be lived.” thought Mélina.

            He spent many nights with Marshmallow, exploring a new world, writing songs and composing music. It was through her music that Mélina addressed the question: “Are you a girl, or are you a boy?”, when asked by her friends and strangers.

            Mélina never did say if she was a girl or a boy. Mélina was Mélina. To come to know Mélina, one was first required to know one’s self.

            Mélina recalled reading in Suzanne’s book Let Go and Let God…And Then What

Before you begin your quest for this great inner peace you seek by reading this book, be assured that reading this book will not bring you to that great place of enlightenment that many of you are seeking. When that great place of enlightenment is presented to you, I am one hundred percent certain (and also speaking from experience) that most of you have responded by ignoring it and poo-pooing over it. I am not telling you anything new or shocking. When enlightenment lands on your lap, it gets poo-pooed all over with questions, suppositions, assumptions, and whatever else you do to it when it’s right under your nose. So please stop right here and forget what you think you hope to learn from reading this book. Your search for God and enlightenment is not hidden in these pages, I promise. The purpose of writing this book is to tell you a story and that is it. Nothing more and nothing less.

Within its pages, Mélina discovers how Suzanne manages to combine self-help and inner healing, to be motivational and inspirational. Through the sharing of personal experiences with her readers, and the incorporation of a fictitious story about a cat called Delilah, her surroundings, and life, Mélina felt encouraged to open her eyes to their world, to look forward with a positive attitude, and to embark on a journey of self-discovery.

Mélina learned how to unburden Mélina of the concepts and restraints of others, and to truly become who Mélina wanted to be.

On this journey, Mélina learned that Suzanne, at a very young age, knew that she had a strong affinity with the spirit world and animals, just as Mélina knew that there was something unique about her as well.

The purpose of this book is achieved through the telling of her story, and through talking about poignant moments in her life, which opened Mélina’s eyes to her true self.

However, Mélina understands that, as Suzanne is keen to point out, her journey doesn’t end here, because life is a continual adventure, and the quest to discover Who Am I…and all new things about Mélina is constantly evolving each and every day.

While she wrote in her journal or sat still in the garden, Mélina discovered that through stillness she received many messages from her guides. Even Marshmallow visited her in these moments of stillness.


Stillness is a time to reflect,

To enjoy,

To embrace and,

See what lies ahead.

A path to follow,

A time to see,

A moment of joy.

What comes and what follows,

God only knows.

Hmm, Hmm, Hmm.

Be still my friend.

Love brings hope.

Your faith unfolds.

I see you there in the light,

And Remember – what we think we know

Is always what we’re going to discover.

La, La, La, La.

What comes and what follows,

God only knows.

Hmm, Hmm, Hmm.

La, La, La.

I know you’re there standing near,

You’re in my body and my soul.

At last we meet.

Along this walk,

Where two souls meet,

Take my hand,

When time agrees.

A journey ends,

A new one unfolds.

Let life explain

What must be known.

Whoa, La, La.

Stillness, let yourself be still.

Your time is near,

Your writing is clear.

Allow this path,

To fill your dreams.

I once saw you,

In my dream and

What I was meant to know

Was for tomorrow.

Hmm, La, La, La.

Whoa, La, La, La.

You dance with your shadow,

You laugh with your soul,

You run with hope and

You write with love.

What else can be said?

When love is still

Other than knowing that stillness

Is where the moment begins.