A Voice For Animals


27 APRIL 2020 BLOG 37

My fear-based life hadn’t completely subsided. Evidence of this fear-based life is obvious in the way that I formulated this question.

I would like to have the courage necessary to leave this current work – to not work in these jobs anymore and to devote my time to writing and acting. Is this a wise move – is it a wise move to pursue my writing and acting careers without having a job like this? I’m sure you know what I mean. Is it the right time to go for it now? I could use some guidance and clear answers, as well as clear actions for going forward. 

My guides have already answered these questions. But I asked again. A job like this is exactly where my soul loves for me to be. On the other hand, my requests to move away from it in order to fulfill my fantasy of writing full time and/or acting and being well paid for these creative endeavours. This is also a symptom of my need to enjoy my life. This brings me on the brink of a burnout. As they say, all work and no play makes me feel awful, yearning to go play. Therefore, my guides once more counselled me to relax by practicing various activities for the sheer joy of it, yes writing and acting are joyful as well, and yet they challenge me to undertake other activities that have me laughing great belly laughs, even while posted away from home. Likewise, it’s wise for me to schedule regular vacations, holidays, trips away, in order to refresh my joy factor. I am a creature that requires joy. Joy fires the spirit of these, the children of the creative light, as I am. It keeps my heart young so that I may continue to witness and be inspired and excited by the blissful spirituality of everyday life, especially as I witness the interactions among humans and non-human creatures.

My guides trust that they are clear with me. My work is a blessing to others and indeed to myself. They are showing me the beauty of my own heart and spirit as I go about my truly pure and sweet quest to shine light on the magic of creatures and their irreplaceable contribution to the harmony and joy of life on this planet. I am well placed, and while it’s perfectly natural for me to be elsewhere from time to time, my guides asked me to consider my larger mission and to therefore take the means and steps to balance joy and recreation with my daily existence, whether I am on assignment out of the country or living back in my own home. 

My guides also wish for me to understand that, as I release my resistance and replace it with trust and a good dose of humour, as I await what comes to me to take its place, that I will feel more alive and joyful than I have felt in so many years.