A Voice For Animals


27 APRIL 2020 BLOG 36

When I discovered my passion for acting, my life turned upside down. Again, I lived in a place of fear instead of doing what I loved. I believed in all of the horrible stories that were told to me about the life of an actor, instead of believing in my own heart. Here’s another fear-based question that I experienced.

I’ve resumed my acting lessons because I’d like to return to acting as well in 2020. Will I be a working actress in 2020, where I can make a great living – reaching the financial security that I desire as an actress?

My guides were pleased to hear that I wished to resume acting for, in truth, this is a wonderful venue for me, and it stretches my imagination, often in ways that I’ve never dreamed of. This « stretching » of my heart and mind that I am going through when I write is a wonderful accompaniment in and of itself. The same goes for the work that occupies me on a daily basis. 

My guides were very clear with me, for I have asked for just such clarity. My fear-based stories told me that I will not be sitting in one place gaining a secure income from creative means. This is a fond wish of mine, but it is rather superfluous to my rather specific personality. It’s up to me to keep looking, to keep striving to stretch myself and grow, to find what’s out there and, frankly, the more I am motivated to earn a living, the more I will stretch and grow. I feared that living my dream would result in living as a destitute, suffering financially, and being alone my entire life.

I could’ve chosen to believe this fear-based story, but instead, I chose to believe in myself, in my soul, and in my own life. Yes, I believe that it is my destiny to decide what it is that I have always wanted, and in some way, it’s also a form of diverse economic imperative for me to stretch myself beyond my comfort zone. This is what makes my soul feel alive. This stretching, going where I wouldn’t normally choose to go, where I’m living off the fat of the land!

My guides also showed me that my attitude towards my work will shift, allowing me to feel more comfortable within the present terms and conditions of my contract and working arrangements. This is exactly what just happened.

Learning about myself helped to melt my current resistance towards my situation, as I accept the nature of my mission and destiny, as well as this « circle within a spiral » type of adventure that I have embarked on. I relaxed and realized just how wonderful it all is, my being there with the opportunity to witness and experience what I do, despite the experiences that I find rather unpleasant. It’s as if I have become accustomed to distasteful situations, where I can tell myself that I cannot change the world, and that it’s not my mission to do so. I don’t even have to like what I am witnessing, yet I keep my attention focused upon my true soul’s purpose, mission and destiny.

For, in truth, I am very well placed, and there is much that is wonderful, not only for my destiny but also to me, personally and intimately. All is well. My guides asked me to begin calling upon Archangel Michael every night prior to falling asleep, and to ask him to imbue me with his light, love and protection, and to allow myself to feel his energy uplifting me and clearing away from me all that is ready to be released. In this way, my light grows, and as my light grows, my experiences in life become more joyful!