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27 APRIL 2020 BLOG 35

Will I be a working writer in 2020? Meaning – will I make money as a writer and not have to keep another job to support my writing? Depending on the answer – if not, what must I do to achieve this? When will I be a working writer – making money from my writing and my published books?

I learned this about who I am…

Ah, and so it is important that I consider the perspective of my double mission when I ponder the answer to this question. For I am a writer at heart, and I will always be writing from my heart. My vision of sitting, day after day, writing and making money from this, with no other demands being placed on me, is what I wish for myself in this lifetime. I must be careful so as to not let it bore me beyond reason, because in reality, I would find that the flow of my creativity would slow down. I need to be juggling a few balls. I need very much to be where I am privileged to witness what I do regarding the magic of nature, even as I feel that the only true joy that I find in being myself when there are so many other demands being placed on me, is to “steal” time and set it aside to write, to daydream and to ponder, and to edit my stories until such time that I find my style evolving, as well as my maturity and my message. I will always be a writer, and one day, it will bring me money. It will bring me great riches and a living income.

My guides say that when I do decide to retire, that writing can take up to a third of my uncommitted time, but that it should never be my main focus. For that would be making a slave out of it, and my inspiration and flow would cease. It should always be for me a hidden pleasure, a secret joy to pull myself aside when I feel the inner urge to do so, to write and write until I am done with that particular flow, and then to balance that with other significant leisure activities. I am to remember that I always have to have balance, for I have to juggle many balls all at once. At this time, it’s the circle that I am juggling within the spiral. Later on, it will be separate balls and yet, there must always be a few things that happen simultaneously.

As for making money from my books, my guides have asked me to allow Creator to bring me the flow of abundance in a way that keeps me young, inspired and filled with the joy of an adventure. I must also accept that this money may come from several sources, every one being a surprise and a pleasure. And so it is with writing: write to write and it will flow with wit and purpose; write for money, and it will become as dry as dust, and I will be left wondering what happened. I must write for pleasure and allow this pleasure to provide me with an income, or not, as is my destiny. When it doesn’t bring me money, I must know that money will flow to me from other sources, from The Source itself. 

My message is needed. I will write for as long as I feel joy in doing so!