A Voice For Animals


27 APRIL 2020 BLOG 34

And being in such a position, I am able to witness the best and the worst of human choices. And yet, my guides counsel me to neither judge myself, my competence nor my choice of profession as I go about my daily work, for in truth, my very presence, that is NOT who I am – I am not the written dictates that outline my responsibilities, but MY very presence which brings light into this place. With light comes hope, and with hope comes spiritual evolution. And so, it truly doesn’t matter how much I am able to accomplish with my teams, it matters only that I believe in the goodness of my work and in the goodness of my team who is committed to it. As I am able to maintain this critical mass of spiritual grace in my workplace, I will be causing it to evolve; that isn’t only important just for the company that I work for, but it’s just as important for the people whose land and country it is. My work is one of goodness; my mission is one of Light. My guides wish for me to know this, and to know that the Archangel Michael is therefore and thus always with me.

And so, my true inner mission is to witness the magic and mastery of truly successful human-wildlife interactions, relationships and cooperation. It is to witness the unimaginable and to allow myself to record it, as field notes, to be brought together with all other such field notes (taken physically or mentally or even unconsciously!), in order to fire my imagination as I settle into creating stories and traditions about how to live in harmony and respect with non-human species on this planet.

And so, as a circle within a spiral, I am undertaking two simultaneous missions. Most assuredly, the first one is to bring together, in this lifetime, these nuggets and wonders of interspecies into a respectful harmony, which is a personal and deeply spiritual quest for me; a quest that I have had for many lifetimes, and on many planets. I am a wanderer in this regard. There is the other quest which is for humanity, and that is to hold the highlight of integrity while in feminine form, in a world that doesn’t respect the feminine. And so I see, I am in fact just like the creatures for whom I seek compassion and respect from other living beings: disrespected and considered unequal and inferior in every way by the patriarchs that surround me. I am indeed a circle within a spiral, and yet, this doesn’t wear on my heart, for it actually makes my soul laugh that others would actually think that they were born superior, while others are born inferior. I do not accept any premise that I might be inferior, and I balk at the suggestion that non-human species are, indeed, inferior. And so this equips me brilliantly for my circle within a spiral mission.

My guides wished to show me this perspective on my work in Mali, as well as in other places where I’ve worked in sites away from my people. My guides trust that I understand. Amen. 

I struggled with my ‘double mission’…now that I desire only to write stories in the form of books, songs, and plays. My struggle diminishes when I settle into understanding and accepting that I can be so much more than just one thing in life. I can do much more than just one thing in life. I also see how this journey of life has led me to this self-discovery. My innate ability to be with Animal Beings, to see and know that Animal Beings and Human Beings are equal. We have a soul, we have been created from the same source, and I get to know and experience the artistic part of me too, namely that the writer is a part of me as well.

But when I live in a place of fear, I question all from a place of fear as well, such as in this moment where I ask fear-based questions that are full of self-doubt. What’s worse is that this occurs after I have written and published a series of books and songs.