A Voice For Animals


27 APRIL 2020 BLOG 33

After talking with my guides, I learned this about myself.

All is well with me, all is well. While I am in other lands, my energetic frequency shifts, spins and expands, filling my senses and even my own spiritual pathways with thoughts and images of what could be, in a world that I have known in other galaxies. Yes Suzanne, I am in these foreign parts in order to awaken within me my own field parts that need to be relit and evolved so that I can live my dreams here on this planet, at this time and in this place.

This is another way of saying that the work that I’m doing is indeed my mission at this time, albeit a mission of rebirth, research and personal evolution. I am bringing bits and pieces of what fills my soul, and have done in many past lives (on this planet and on so many others) and pulling it all together into one personality experience at this time, for I love this planet so much that I seek to find ways to teach peace, compassion and harmony here, between species.

And so, while I work, my paid employment as I might say, concerns me since I am working with human beings, and my true mission is to bring human beings to a better comprehension of the gifts of magic and spiritual awakening that come from living in harmony with all living things. And so, my research brings me to lands where the creatures are unlike those of the land of my birth, physically unlike, but spiritually all from the same Source. I am piecing together my understanding of the commonality and of the holiness of all living creatures, and of the special gifts of certain species. In addition, I am able to witness the magical means and traditions, which the true (spiritually chosen) animal caretakers whose destiny it is to ensure that these creatures bring their gifts of light, compassion and integrity to a planet that is undergoing great turmoil. I am witnessing this, perhaps not taking physical notes, but I am picking it up, and much of it sparks distant memories. Other parts of it inspire and thrill me with undreamed possibilities of sharing the loving magic of what I witness with the youth of this world, particularly the youth of the industrialized, urbanized world which precludes direct experience with the magic that lives within nature.

And so it is. I toil by day, trying to bring grace and integrity into machines whose prime interest is to make money from the land of others, and who only tolerate me and my mission because it’s required of them to do so, and definitely not a choice. This means that my paid work in these areas will always have me at a disadvantage, me being the necessary evil that is required to keep the company honest, according to some minimal standards. And so, I am wise to know that this is not a career that will have me shooting to the top of the corporate ladder. I know that it’s a mission that demands that I have some other interest, some other deep and abiding reason for being there, so that I can tolerate working with businesses whose natural reflex is to resist anything that I may suggest or demand of them. And so it is.