A Voice For Animals


27 APRIL 2020 BLOG 32

Mélina understood Suzanne’s passion for animals, and that she was a voice for them. Being a voice for animals was a decision Suzanne made when she came into this world in this human body as Suzanne Mondoux. Suzanne had wanted to experience many different things in this world.

Within each page of her books, Suzanne’s stories reveal her most intimate struggles for all that she loves doing. Yet, Suzanne sometimes gets confused about what she should do at times, and she often asks herself if she should continue to work in the environmental and biodiversity fields for mining companies, or live a new and different life as a writer, just like she has always dreamed about. A new dream.

Suzanne puts her adventures and experiences about working in Africa and all of the other wonderful and not-so-wonderful experiences of life into her stories. Mélina removed a folded pink paper from a folder, on the back cover. At the top of the first page, Mélina read: « This is a message from my guides. I asked a series of questions. This is what I’ve come to learn about myself. Who Am I? »

When I asked my guides a series of question about my life, it was only after the fact, now that I wrote the Book of Songs, I realize that I was focusing and asking about what I felt that I had done wrong in my life, my perceived mistakes, my failures, my focus was on what I didn’t have instead of being on what I did have; my awareness was on where I wanted to be instead of where I am – meaning that I had no appreciation of where I am, what I have in my life, nor my experiences. My questions to my guides are all fear based. I am terrified of not living the dream I feel in my heart.

This journey into my life’s major disappointment was short! Extremely f….g short!!! When will I learn to apply my own teachings and everything I have learned? This repeat experience, sorrow, doubting myself, and every other non ‘good’ feeling is exhausting!

Why did I launch myself into seeking money and recognition instead of what I love to do, what makes me feel good, what brings me joy? I can write a million books about such stories, illustrating how I deviated from my path of least resistance, away from my soul, taking myself out of alignment with my own self, my most precious possession…my soul.