A Voice For Animals


27 APRIL 2020 BLOG 29

When you write your own life story, there’s no room for interpretation. There is no room for anyone else to try and interpret who you are. And yes…it’s much more interesting when you write your own story. You become a more interesting person as well. You become more interested in yourself, mainly. You come to like who you are, and you come to love yourself…just you.

When you give someone else permission to write your life story, you tend to adopt opinions of yourself and those of others. When you realize that you are the captain of your ship, you find yourself examining your very own life, the personal changes that are required for you to make in order to become who you want to be – your true self, and you are faced with transforming your radical opinions of yourself and those of others. How amazing is that? By surrendering yourself to your soul, your most precious possession, you align yourself with your journey home.

I’ve also read that there are many types of autobiographies. It seems that the author must decide what purpose he or she has for writing about his or her life, and he or she can choose the format that would best tell his or her story. Most of these types share common goals it seems. The goal can be to help the author face an issue by writing it down, to help others overcome similar events, or simply to tell their own story.

I invite you to read between the lines here. There are many types of autobiographies because there are many types of people, many types of souls wandering this earth. So, what is your purpose for writing your own life story? Writing my own life story equals JOY. Joy is the experience I want in my life. The universe provides me with an abundance of opportunities to experience joy. It is I who decides, each time, what experience I choose to have.

This autobiography is not a confession of any sort, nor a spiritual or religious experience for you to embrace with me, nor is it about overcoming adversity. Joy is my primary experience for living in this body as Suzanne Mondoux. Unfortunately, many people, including myself, did not and do not have happy lives. Terrible events are common in people’s lives. Sharing one’s own story can inspire others while the person expresses deep emotions that need to heal.

Thanks to all my teachers, I have come to learn that what I do in the present moment is all up to me. I can choose to decide what experience I want, from every happy and not-so-happy event in my life. First and foremost, it is essential that you be gentle, kind and loving with yourself. I can choose to change my vibration to anything I want on my emotional scale in order to keep myself aligned with my best self, so that I can ‘look after myself’, and so that I can be there for myself and then for someone else, when the other person desires and asks for my love and support. Remember…you can only give what you have.