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27 APRIL 2020 BLOG 27

At lunch time in the school library, Mélina dosed off into a wonderful sleep with her head nested in her arms folded on the table. She returned to Marshmallow waiting for her under Orie. Orie stood tall and vibrant on the eastern side of the beach. The sun was bright orange in the sky. It was like a big orange floating in the sky. A ring of sparkling pink, silver, and green surrounded the sun. Today, the sea was purple, and the sky was violet in colour. The air smelled of raspberries. The sand tickled her toes. She looked down at her feet. Her feet sunk in the silver sand.

Mélina called out to Marshmallow and Orie and waved her hand: “Hello, I’m back.”.

Marshmallow stretcher her long neck forward: “Welcome, we’ve been waiting for your return.”.

Orie raised his branches up towards the sky and waved them from left to right. All the leaves shimmered in unison. The shimmer hummed throughout the air. It was music to Mélina’s ears. She stood quiet with her eyes shut to listen. “Magical.” said Mélina.

When Mélina reached Marshmallow, silver sand sparkled from the tip of his toes to her hips.

“We are going for a walk today Mélina.” Marshmallow turned her neck and looked behind Orie. “We are going that way.”

“Wonderful. Where are we going?”

“On an adventure. It’s that way today. Another day it can be that way. Today, it’s that way.” Marshmallow scratched her long neck against Orie’s bark. “Thank you my friend. See you another day.”

Orie lowered his branches. The tip of his branches and leaves rustled around Marshmallow. Marshmallow listened to the whisper and said, “Thank you. It will be a great adventure no matter who or what we encounter.”

“I have my piano lesson after school.” said Mélina.

“You won’t miss your piano lesson.” said Marshmallow. “This way.”

Marshmallow lowered her body to the ground. “Jump on Mélina.”

Mélina dangled her legs on each side of Marshmallow’s back. “Thank you.”

“Are you comfortable?”

“Yes, I’m ready.”

Marshmallow walked northward in the direction opposite to the beach. After a few minutes of walking, Mélina looked back. She could no longer see the sea. Silver sand stretched all around them.

“Eyes forward Mélina.”

“Where are we going Marshmallow?”

“On an adventure.”

“But where?”


“Can you give me a clue?”

“Ahead, we are going ahead of where we were just a second ago.” Marshmallow looked up at the sky. “Mélina, did you answer the question Who Am I?”

“For today I did.”

“Tomorrow is a different day?”

“I’m only here right now. Tomorrow I cannot know.”

“Mélina, you speak of a great truth.”

“Marshmallow. Mama and Papa told me that I am one with the universe. I can know this when I am awakened to this knowledge of myself. Of me, it seems.”


“My consciousness, me, I suppose, flows through me like the air that flows in and out of my lungs, it seems as well.”


“And my consciousness is a part of this world, it flows through this world like a breeze drifting through the open windows of a house.”


“Mama and Papa asked me about my thoughts. My thoughts about the question Mrs. Opera asked us…Who Am I? Mama and Papa told me that my consciousness flows into my thoughts, and that when my consciousness flows through my thoughts, my consciousness inspires them. They learned this from their teachers…what were they called…oh yes, Gary Zukav and Ester Hicks, and other teachers. It seems we all learn from one another.”


“Mama and Papa also told me that my consciousness flows into what I do. Have you experienced this Marshmallow?


“And Mama and Papa say that when my consciousness flows into what I do, it also guides and empowers what I do.”

Marshmallow stopped walking. She lowered her body to the ground. “We have arrived. You may step down.”

Mélina slid off Marshmallow’s back. His feet landed on a carpet of green and yellow moss. “Oh, that feels nice.”

Mélina gazed at the field of moss stretching as far as the eye could see. The sky was different from where they had come from. The sky was orange, the colour of the sun white with a red and purple ring around it, and the air smelled of lemons.

“I didn’t see the transition from there to here Marshmallow.”

“Hmm.” She looked back. “Would you like a marshmallow?”

“Oh, yes please.” Mélina put the marshmallow in her mouth and sat in the moss.

Marshmallow sat next to her, eating several marshmallows, while Mélina chewed on the one she had.

“I know of the teachers your Mama and Papa speak, Mélina.”

“What did you learn?”

“When you sing Mélina or when you play the piano or when you listen to music, what do you feel?”

“I feel many different emotions. It’s like each one vibrates through my body.”

“Yes, vibration. I learned that whenever I am immersed in doing anything, like walking for example, walking across a silver beach, or a field of moss, I am in a vibrational frequency with the moment I am experiencing.”

“In vibration with the moment?”

“Even when I’m washing the dishes, I’m in a vibrational alignment with the acceptance of this precious moment of washing the dishes, I enjoy washing the dishes. I feel enthusiasm for washing the dishes because it’s a moment in my life. It’s all for me. So, I decide to be in a vibrational frequency that matches what I have in my life.”

“I see. I didn’t have that experience of vibrational alignment when Mama and Papa asked me to wash the dishes, dry them and put them away. It’s the same for all the other chores I have to do at home.”

“Have to do?” Marshmallow put another marshmallow in her mouth. “Would you like another?”

“Yes, please.” Mélina held the marshmallow in her hand. “I see. I have to do…that is not being in a vibrational alignment with acceptance, enjoyment, and enthusiasm. Mama and Papa told me this before. Feeling appreciative for all that is and what I have and all that I experience aligns me with acceptance, enjoyment, and enthusiasm.”


Mélina bit a tiny piece of marshmallow. “These marshmallows are so delicious. This one tastes like lemon.”


            “But Mama and Papa also told me that I can still have tears and feel sad at any moment, but that I can also feel differently when I decide as well.”


            “They said that if I see an animal that is hurt, I can cry or I can help the animal, and I can do both; what is best for me and what is best for the animal.”


            “They said it’s the same if I see a friend who is being bullied by the other kids at school. I don’t have to like what I see, but I can decide what I feel and I can decide how I respond.”

            “Yes Mélina, you can witness horrible acts that people do to one another that are not in vibrational alignment with acceptance, enjoyment, and enthusiasm. You are a witness to a situation, you are the decider of how this will be your experience.”

            “We are discussing many things today Marshmallow.”


            “Why?” Mélina ate the rest of his marshmallow.

            Mélina felt a hand on her shoulder and heard her name. “Mélina, wake up Mélina.”

            Mélina opened her eyes to see Mrs. Opera standing next to her. “It’s time for class Mélina.”

            Mélina sat up straight, stretch his arms and let out a big yawn.

            “Who is Marshmallow?” said Mrs. Opera.

            Mélina recited the dreams she had of Marshmallow to Mrs. Opera on the way to class.   

            When all the students were sitting at their desks and got settled, Mrs. Opera told them that the class assignment for today would be to write a song in their yellow journal about anything they wanted.

            Mélina opened her journal and wrote:

My moment

What I know about me today

Is different from what I’ll know about myself tomorrow.

This moment, my moment is all I know.

A moment to the next is just so,

No way of knowing the next,

No point is trying,

For you take yourself away from you,

Right here right now.

I know of the today,

No seeking tomorrow.

I find me here,

Nowhere else,

It does not exist.

La, la, la, la,

La, la, la, la,

La, la, la, la.

I feel the freedom of here and now.

I feel the fun and play of where I am.

I feel what is in being here.

For me, my moment is all I know.

There is nowhere else I want to be.

There is nowhere else I need to be.

All the joy for me is in my moment.

It’s where I live.

I know of the today.

No seeking tomorrow.

I find me here.

Nowhere else.

It does not exist.

La, la, la, la,

La, la, la, la,

La, la, la, la.

This is my moment, my moment is all I know.

There is no other place I need to be.

I know of today.

No seeking tomorrow.

My moment is where I live.

You find me here.

It’s all that exists.

This moment.

Hmm, Hmm, Hmm.

La, la, la, la.