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27 APRIL 2020 BLOG 24

In The Adventures of Anuk: The First Leap, Anuk encounters all sorts of Beings on her quest. In the early part of her quest, she meets a Seahorse Being Parvus and her daughter Paruso. Anuk tells the Seahorse Beings, that she and her friends found their way to the sea by accident, with no intention of travelling to it. Anuk learns that the Seahorse Beings are being forced to live in these unwater caves.

The Seahorse Beings speak of everything before and other places are past. However not forgotten. Our time that lays ahead of us, appears open, it appears unshaped. We leave the passage of time with its mystery of what’s to come. It is freedom, and uncertainty. You stand in the shadow of wishes, of dreams, and nostalgia, you stand at the point in your life where you take a completely different direction to the one that has made you who you are to this day. From the standpoint of eternity, all that ever was and is no longer, holds its significance. You left something of yourself behind when you left your home, you choose to stay there even though you have come away, and there are things in you that you can find again only by going back there again. You travel to yourself when you go to such places. You have covered a stretch of your life, as you know it today as Anuk, no matter how brief. You confront your own self, your own lonely journey, and when you do so, you do it out of fear. Will you renounce all the things that you regret at the end of your life? What is your duty? Is it a resolution to why you are back here, was it written, dictated as a fact that you would return? You question your self-image. You have determined the idea you have made for yourself of what you have to accomplish and experience so you can approve of the life you have lived. Examine your life! Do you fear death? If so, you will not become who you planned to be. You create! You decide! If the certainty of fear befalls you it is certain that you will never achieve the wholeness, the full parts of a whole life!”

            “My guardian and friends and I are…” Anuk looked at Aye who has chosen to remain silent, “I…” not quite sure what to say, when obviously silence was the required response.

            “You persist, wise one!” said Paruso. “All Beings and even Humans have fallen victim to the Humans’ destructive nature. The full extent of the atrocities committed by the Poach regime against the Beings and other Humans for many seasons is yet unknown, but catastrophic. The horrific acts of violence committed during conflicts within the minds of the Humans and the stories they tell themselves have forced us to forgive the ills of the past committed against us and all Beings and Humans. Our only purpose is to remain alive and heal the souls of our executioners!” said Paruso.

Can the joy of writing books, fables, poems, and songs be the obvious simple answer to all those questions, my own question about the purpose of my life? Yes. To find such peace, serenity and joy in something you do is my greatest blessing in life. It is the greatest blessing I can give myself, even if no one ever reads anything I write. I write stories in the form of novels, poems, fables, and songs for me, for my soul.

Should I encounter countless people with my work and enrich their lives…Thank you Life for giving me this blessing. Should I feel how my writing and everything else I give to this world enriches and deepens my life but that of countless others…Thank you Life for giving me this blessing. Should I feel myself being an opening through which energy flows from the un-manifested source of all life through me for the benefit of all…Thank you Life for this blessing. Thank you Gary Zukav and all my other teachers for this teaching.