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27 APRIL 2020 BLOG 23

Through the teachings of Dandapani, a Hindu priest, I learned that I am the master of my awareness. Each moment I choose where my awareness goes in my mind. My energy glows wherever my awareness goes. Having knowledge and a perception of myself gave me a greater appreciation of who I am this slowly unraveled this mysterious question – ‘Who Am I?’. The attention I learned to give to my own consciousness created a greater appreciation and recognition of ‘me’, ‘self’, ‘Suzanne’. 

            I had attempted to meditate as a way to get what I wanted in life. It did not work. I didn’t know how to meditate nor why I was meditating. From Ester’s and Dandapani’s teachings, I learned how to meditate and why I was doing so. 

            I learned that meditation was a way to keep my mind quiet and a means to connecting to my highest self, to ‘me’. When I started this new way of meditating, my day started better than I had ever experienced before, no matter the conditions, the situations around me, whatever came my way. 

            Now, my fifteen minutes of bliss, of this quiet moment, is a joy in my life that I look forward to every day when I wake up. Quieting my mind and connecting with myself opened the channels for me to tune myself to my vibration, my soul, and through this connection, I receive inspirational messages for all sorts of things in my life. These messages are clear. There is no bad connection, like a screechy phoneline sending a broken message. I had received every message throughout my whole life this way — in a flash. They came to me when I was sitting doing this or that — in a flash I would know what was being communicated to me — like a thought with a sound — a feeling of clarity – INSPIRATION – is the best word to describe each and every moment where my actions followed inspiration. Firstly, I align myself with whatever I am inspired to mold into the perfect action. Thank you Ester for this teaching. 

            Following these teachings allows me to choose a happier and more peaceful existence. In The Adventures of Anuk: The First Leap, the character Babirusa is a great philosopher — yes, learnings from Socrates – is infused throughout Anuk’s entire ecological quest to save the world. Babirusa became the teacher to the Helithian nation. Throughout her life and right up to her execution, she professed that a life unexamined was not a life worth living. She cultivated a nation that gave them the ability to choose a happier and more peaceful existence. The Helithians came to understand that they had been created to be an important part of this world. The coexistence with the Beings was the Helithians’ greatest victory. In this story, the term Beings refers to all Animal Beings and other Beings, such as Mermaids and other characters, and not necessary to Human Beings.

            To Be An Important Part of This World – WHAT IS YOUR GREATEST VICTORY? What do you want your greatest victory to be?

            I eventually found my way to being free to love and to be who I am, as my most important part in this world. My greatest victory would be living a life where I experience the joy of giving without reservation, of giving with purpose and joy and consciousness, being a person who forgives, and who is responsible for what I experience in my life, releasing any critical judgement of others and especially of myself, have a dancing heart, and live in love. I love knowing and experiencing that I am the only one who can create this happiness in my life. I love knowing that what I really want is joy…my only and most important experience is JOY…and that comes in many forms. Thank you Gary Zukav and Ester for these teachings.

            In this morning’s meditation I said…I Suzanne. Then, for the first time, I said Can you tell me about Suzanne?…meaning my soul…all of me. Today I am here as Suzanne. In a previous life I was here as someone else, and when Suzanne transitions back to her soul, my soul will continue to exist, that is yet to be known. With great humour my soul replied, I replied…never thought you would ask…For the first time, I heard my voice, the voice of my soul. In that precious moment my heart burst and filled with joy, with tenderness, as I replied…I’m sorry for never asking. This was a great awakening for me.

            The cost of an unexamined life and of not knowing that your most precious possession is your soul is too great a cost to pay. I want to grow and expand instead of arguing with my limitations until I am blue in the face, telling those stories I tell myself over and over again, and wanting everyone else to agree with me, and to understand why my suffering is justified. Thank you Ester for this teaching.