A Voice For Animals


27 APRIL 2020 BLOG 22

Marshmallow stretched her legs out even further and rested her head against Occi. “Mélina, I’ve had a long journey. It’s time for a nap before we continue our journey.”

“Marshmallow, what do you mean, on a journey? I’m in a dream? I’ll wake up soon. It’s a school day.”

“I’m not in a dream Mélina. I’m on a journey with you. You invited me.”

“I did?”

“Hmm Hmm.”

Mélina looked around and up at Occi. “Did I invite you as well Occi?”

Occi’s long tree branch tickled Mélina on the head. Mélina heard the strangest sound, Occi’s voice whisper “Of course you did”.

“Marshmallow and Occi, did I invite Orie as well?”

Orie heard the question and responded by knocking a couple branches against one another.

“That’s a yes from Orie.” said Marshmallow. “Have a  nice day at school, Mélina!”

“Thank you. Mrs. Opera gave us a school assignment.” Mélina talked her assignment ‘Who Am I?’. Marshmallow opened her eyes and listened closely, Occi lowered its branches around Mélina, and Orie bent westward to listen attentively.

Orie rustle its branches loud enough for everyone to hear.

“Orie is asking what you have discovered up until now?” asked Marshmallow.

“Mama and Papa always say to me. “Mélina, be yourself. Never be whatever anyone else wants you to be. Always follow your inner guidance, no one else’s. You are the only one who knows what is the best path and choice for you.”

“That’s very wise.” said Marshmallow. She bent her long neck forward and looked down at Mélina. “What does all of this mean to you?”

Mélina looked at herself, put her arms out and stretched her legs out. She arched her head back. Her long ginger hair hung down her back to his waist. “I’m the only person in Song village who is both a boy and a girl. I like to write songs and sing, and …”

Occi and Orie rustled their leaves with excitement and Marshmallow said: “You can write songs and sing? We would love to hear you sing Mélina! Can you sing us one of the songs you wrote?”

“Yes, that would be fun.” Mélina went up from sitting in the sand under the tree. She dusted the sand off her pajamas and stood in front of Marshmallow and Occi, but a little to the right so as to be a little closer to Orie. She cleared her throat.

Know thy self

For the first time I see

What grown-ups said I would see.

I became confused,

I didn’t know what was real and what was me.

Have your dream but know what’s real they said,

Then I remembered what my soul said.

Know thy self,

Know thy self.

My soul, my path, my choice.

My life, my vision,

My soul, my soul.

I’m a child today,

Tomorrow I’m gown-up.

My soul follows.

I’ll make mistakes I know.

Grown-ups aligned with their soul.

This helps show me the way.

Know thy self,

Know thy self.

My soul, my path, my choice.

My life, my vision,

My soul, my soul.

Today I play.

Will this go on?

The world I grow into,

Is the one I create.

How do I know?

My soul told me so.

Know thy self.

My life, my vision, my choice.

The world I grow into,

Is the one I create.

Moment to moment,

Day to day,

I create the world I grow into,

I create the world I grow into.

Mélina woke up to her mother sitting next to her on the bed “Mélina, wake up love.”

Mélina looked up at her mother. “Good morning Mama.”

“You were singing in your sleep darling.”

“Mama, I had the most wonderful dream.”

“I’m listening love.”