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27 April 2020 Blog 2 – Let Go and Let God…And Then What? Chapter 1 …and then nothing

And then nothing … that is correct. You are reading this just as it is written. Or you can decide to read this and acknowledge your first gut feeling. What was it? Do you know? Or did you decide to skip over your initial feeling and dismiss it? There is no right or wrong answer. It’s just a question and it’s you who is asking it. Before you begin your quest for this great inner peace you seek by reading this book, be assured that reading this book will not bring you to that great place of enlightenment that many of you are seeking. When that great place of enlightenment is presented to you, I am one hundred percent certain (and also speaking from experience) that most of you have responded by ignoring it and poo-pooing it. I am not telling you anything new or shocking. When enlightenment lands on your lap, it gets poo-pooed all over with questions, suppositions, assumptions, and whatever else you do to it when it’s right under your nose. So please stop right here and forget what you think you hope to learn from reading this book. Your search for God and enlightenment is not hidden in these pages, I promise. The purpose of writing this book is to tell you a story and that is it. Nothing more and nothing less. The story goes like this.

Once upon a time there lived a small cat. Delilah was a calico. She loved roaming the rose field. The rose field stretched far and wide on the edge of her tiny village of Farr. Farr had a population of four people and seventeen cats plus Delilah. That was it. No one else and no other animals lived in Farr. Each human lived in his or her own house. Each cat lived in his or her own house. Delilah lived in the yellow house at the end of Only Street. It was the only street in Farr.

Now let’s get back to let go and let God—and then what? And then nothing.

Did Delilah and her tiny village of Farr capture your curiosity? Are you intrigued by this story? Do you want to know more from this story? It’s a short and simple beginning. You only now just read it, and have you never heard of Delilah and her village before? I am equally intrigued and curious as to what comes next. Maybe the story will reveal itself to us as we take this journey together of letting go and letting God, and then what?

Let us begin with what you know. The cat’s name is Delilah. We know this because the creator of this story told us her name. You also know the cat lives in the tiny village of Farr. You know this the same way you came to know the cat’s name. And you know the cat lives in the yellow house at the end of Only Street.

As I was saying, and then what? Ask yourself this question. What drew you to this book? Why are you determined to read it to the end? What do you believe you will read in these pages that you don’t already know, except for what happens next with Delilah?

I too wondered a great deal about this question of And then what? I often heard the expression let go and let God. I had moments in my life when I felt I knew what it meant and actually did let go and let God. And then many wonderful things happened in my life. I got what I asked for. Then I let go and let god again. And then I didn’t get what I asked for. Then comes the question—and then what? Or the question of And then what? popped up in my head before letting go and letting God.

When I didn’t get what I wanted I assumed it was because it wasn’t meant to be. It wasn’t the right timing. It wasn’t happening for many different reasons I had come up with in my own mind. It was a very sensible and rational justification for my disappointment. But did I ever ask myself the question—was I ready to receive it?

Was I ready to let go and let God and allow myself to receive it? Or did I block it from coming? Or did I not even see it? Those questions had never crossed my mind until very recently. Actually, they were not part of my thinking to myself until a few weeks before I started creating this book. It was very much an aha moment; an awakening that now seems obvious. Of course—why had I never thought of this before? Instead, I went from excuses to justifications for why I didn’t get what I wanted when I wanted it. It sounds all too obvious now to consider the one and only thing that it was I who had blocked what I had asked for. How well-prepared was I to receiving anything and everything I had asked for? Did I truly know what I wanted in the first place? And how well-prepared was I to even know the difference?

I had never really questioned my role or my participation in all of this in the creation of my own life—my own reality. But what I did know for sure was that God helps those who help themselves. Again, until not long ago I held very different beliefs of what that meant as well. But my beliefs did serve me well and I did and could see how God helped me. I could see it and experience it in all the little things that happened in my life. Even when I thought I really wanted something, like a job, for example, and I didn’t get it. This no doubt landed in my mind as a disappointed. I can say with absolute joy now for those jobs I didn’t get—thank you! I said to God, thank you for having my back when I thought I knew better.