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27 APRIL 2020 BLOG 15

With her nose pressed up against the mirror, Mélina looked deep into his eyes. “What say you, Carrot?” asked Mélina. “Can you repeat the question?” replied Mélina. “Who Am I?”

“I see through the eyes of my soul.” said Mélina. “The eyes of my soul. That’s seeing things from an interesting perspective, I’m sure. What’s required of one to observe one’s self?” Mélina stepped away from the mirror until she came into focus and said: “Now that’s better.”

He turned from the mirror and said: “I fear this question is becoming far too serious.”.

Mélina changed into her pajamas and got into bed with his cats. She closed her eyes, went to sleep and journeyed into the dream world.

The waves crashed against the beach. The air was warm. A huge bulbous sun was high up in the sky. The beach stretched as far as the eye could see. It looked like the desert. In the near distance, two trees stood tall, reaching up to the sky. She walked towards the trees. When he got closer to the trees, she looked up and down at the bright orange vertical stripes that were about the width of her hand, lining the tree trunks. In between the bright orange vertical stripes were bright yellow stripes that had the same width as the orange ones.

The trunks had been bare of branches until they almost reached the top of the trees. The branches dangled down all the way to the ground. Each branch had an even 20 leaves of 20 different colours. Not one branch had the same coloured leaves.

Mélina walked around each tree. The trees’ diameters were very large. She counted one thousand steps around each tree. One thousand steps was also the distance between each tree. But it didn’t feel like he had been walking the distance it would take to walk one thousand steps.

After examining her environment, her eyes scanned the space all around him. The sky was of a different blue than what he had ever seen. The purple colour of the sea turned pink when it reached the shore, and the air smelled like peaches and strawberries.

As the sun began to set behind her, he saw a boat heading for the shore. Mélina waited on the beach with her feet in the water. When the boat reached the shore, a giraffe appeared from behind a large violet sail.

“Hello Carrot!” said Giraffe.

“Hello Giraffe!” said Mélina.

Giraffe stepped off the boat into the water and said: “My real name is Marshmallow.” Marshmallow extended her front right hoof: “Pleasure to meet you Carrot.”.

They shook hand and hoof.

“Marshmallow, why is your name Marshmallow?

“Why not, I like Marshmallows and I decided, well, that’s a great name for a Giraffe.”

“A Giraffe like you. How do you mean?” With her neck arched up at the sky, Mélina was about to open her mouth with another question, when Marshmallow replaced her words with a pink strawberry-flavoured marshmallow.

“Hmmm, delicious!” She chewed with her mouth open. It was a big marshmallow, almost twice the size of his little mouth.

Marshmallow walked out of the water onto the beach. Mélina followed him while still chewing on her marshmallow. It took as long as it took Marshmallow to walk to the trees and around both trees for Mélina to finish eating her marshmallow.

Marshmallow removed another marshmallow from her shoulder bag. “Would you like another one?”

Mélina smiled and wiped her mouth with the sleeve of her pajama top. “No thank you. That was delicious!”

Marshmallow sat under the tree on the west side of the beach. She invited Mélina to come and sit next to her.

Mélina looked at the sand all around her. It began to change colour, just like the light all around them. Under the west tree, the light and sand turned silver and gold, and around the east tree, the light and sand turned white and blue.

“Marshmallow, have you been here before?”

“Yes, many times. Don’t you remember?”

“No.” Mélina looked around. “I don’t recall ever being here before. It’s the first time I dream this dream, as far as I can remember, that is.” He leaned back and looked up at Marshmallow. “Have we met before?”

Marshmallow stretched out her long legs and leaned her back against the tree trunk. The tree branches shimmered and the leaves rustled. “Good to see you again Occi.” said Marshmallow. “I’ll visit with Orie later.”

“The trees have names, Marshmallow?”

“Of course. Occi, it’s my pleasure to introduce you again to Mélina. Mélina, this is Occi.”

“Pleasure to meet you Occi.” Mélina rubbed her hand against the tree’s trunk. The branches shimmered and the leaves rustled in response.

Marshmallow turned her long neck towards the east tree and shot her voice across the beach, “Orie, it’s my pleasure to introduce you to Mélina again. Mélina, over there is Orie. We’ll visit with Orie later.”

Mélina turned towards Orie and threw her little voice across the beach, “Pleasure to meet you Orie.” He giggled. “Again.”